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Game #4892
Hall of Belated Fame Inductee  Evil Dice    View all Top Dogs in this genreCollection: Fanmade Remakes
Puzzle   Reflex-oriented

Rating: 8.33 (6 votes)

Evil Dice box cover

Evil Dice screenshot
Evil Dice is a decent PC adaptation of Devil Dice, a great puzzle game on Playstation that was never released for PC. Similar to great reflex-based puzzlers, Evil Dice has simple rules: score as many points as you can in 3 minutes by matching up dice with the same number by rolling and pushing them around. Although this may sound simple, the result is an adrenaline-filled gameplay that you will quickly get addicted to.

The game is very easy to pick up. Matching die is done by moving your character around on top of the die: if he is on top of a die, he will roll it in whatever direction you tell him, or move on to whatever die is there. If the die you stand on sinks, you will end up on the ground. You can only push dice around when you are on the ground, so you must use rising and falling dice as "stepping ladders" to climb up or down. From official rules, "the number of points you score equals the number of dice you match, times the number on the dice, times the number of chains (each time you add a die to an already sinking set, that is another chain). For example, matching up 5 threes earns you 15 points (5 x 3 = 15). If you now add another three, that is 6 threes in your second chain, so you score 36 points (6 x 3 x 2 = 36). Ones are an exception: if you place a one next to a block which is dropping (having been matched), then all the ones on the board will drop earning a number of points equal to the number of ones on the board. The trick to racking up a lot of points is to make numerous matches on sinking die. For instance, if you have 6 fives to go, you get 30 points (6 x 5) if you join them all. But if you join only 5, and then add the other 5, you get 25 points (5 x 5) for the first set, and THEN 30 points (6 x 5) for the second set - giving you a total of 55 points. It does require faster movement, but it is not impossible - a good hand-eye co-ordination is key to winning this game.

Although Evil Dice only has the 3-minute time trial mode of Devil Dice (without the fun Standard mode, two-player mode, or a huge set of "set-piece" puzzles), the game is almost as addictive as the Playstation original. If you like reflex-oriented puzzle games, check out this great underdog that is ideal for coffee breaks. Two thumbs up, and big thanks to KNTain for telling me about this PC version :)

Reviewed by: Underdogs
Designer: Lewey Geselowitz
Developer: Freeware
Publisher: Freeware
Year: 2004
Software Copyright: Lewey Geselowitz
Theme: Unique
None that we know of
System Requirements: Windows XP
Where to get it:
Related Links: http://plaza.ufl.edu/lewey/download/EvilDice.html">Official site
If you like this game, try: SeptFox, Wetrix, Zuma Deluxe

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