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Note: This page is designed as a summary of what Home of the Underdogs is, and what it aims to be. For more information on its history, please go to the site history page.

Home of the Underdogs is a non-profit site dedicated to the preservation and promotion of underrated PC games (and a few non-PC games) of all ages: good games that deserve a second chance after dismal sales or critical reviews that we feel are unwarranted. By nature, our criteria for choosing games to be honored here are subjective. However, we believe that our collective experience (many of us started gaming in late 1970s) allows us to be confident of our choices: we've played many of the best and worst games ever made. Therefore, we believe that our "Top Dog" tag signifies a truly remarkable classic, while at the other end of the spectrum our "Real Dog" tag signifies marginal underdogs we think you really should avoid (most of them are here only because a number of visitors pleaded us for them, anyway).

Although the site is non-profit in that we will never charge anyone for access to the site's content, we do need to keep the lights on. To that end, we have established a Patreon through which you can donate to keep Home of the Underdogs alive. Thank you for your support!

Home of the Underdogs, while not an abandonware site per se (since our aim is to pay tribute to all underdogs, both new and old), has always supported the abandonware idea. We believe that providing detailed information and reviews about games that have been abandoned by their publishers is a valuable service to the gaming community because these games are in danger of disappearing into obscurity. We no longer offer games for download, but we still want you to find and play these games for the same reasons we always have - because every game in this collection deserves to be remembered and enjoyed. Today, we provide you with detailed information about each game in the collection so that you can make confident decisions about what underdog to enjoy next - and hopefully, give you some hints as to where you can find it.

For more information on our stance on abandonware, please read this section of our FAQ.

One of the larger goals behind Home of the Underdogs is to make it a friendly and dynamic community of classic game collectors, oldies lovers, game designers, and anyone else interested in the history of PC computer games; to be a place for sharing nostalgia, ideas, and information on underrated games. To this end, everyone is welcome to interact with the site via Discord . You can get involved, find a 'new' game to play, suggest new underdogs to add to the collection, or just reminisce about the good old days of PC games with other old-school gamers.

We also belong to the group of "die-hard" gamers who long for the golden days of PC gaming, when games were more original and fun to play than today's hordes of mundane, "me-too" titles marketed by businessmen who abhor risking the corporate purse strings on innovative but unproven titles. We long for the days when designers were treated as "artistes" of their medium, entrepreneurial pioneers who worked without the fears of not meeting a Christmas deadline or making games that aren't compatible with 3D cards. We hope that games featured on this site will help inspire a new generation of game designers to reach back into the past and rediscover what great games are truly made of. To that end, we are honored to host the Scratchware Manifesto, a statement of purpose written by several designers who are dismayed with the state of today's gaming industry. We encourage everyone to read it and spread the word around :)

Home of The Underdogs, as with most other websites, is always under construction-- there are enough underdogs for us to honor to distract us from our day jobs for quite some time, not to mention exciting features we haven't yet implemented. Visit often :)

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