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Quarterly update (Q4 2020)

Hope you're not greatly suffering from vicious ailments, dear reader! Yours truly has finally exhausted every safe harbor and cashed in all his seedy favors, much like Disney Han Solo, cause I'm stricken by some kinda flu-typ-a-thing. It's not the dread Chinese plague, however, so no excuses about posting this update today. I've got for you another very underdog underdog: The Adventures of Clive McMulligan on Planet Zeta Four. Clive is a gravity-defying stuntman in a space suit that protects him against hardly anything but the maleficent atmosphere. Thankfully lives (and subsequently deaths) are unlimited. It's not the first game of its kind, but still a very solid effort that could use a little more love. Would you adopt this puppy this Christmas?

Quarterly update (Q3 2020)

Another quarter has whooshed past like that time when you were still pretty, Ma'm. Much to no-one's surprise, another game is getting introduced to the collection today. It's a shooty one with vertiginous verticality and va-voominous variability. This kind of random number generated fare often makes for fluctuating quality of gameplay, that or tends to grow old pretty quickly, but my 70 hours don't lie: 1001st Hyper Tower is a keeper!

Quarterly update (Q2 2020)

It's known to be very difficult to sell games of a more obscure strain. People tend to look for games of specific kinds they know they like, according to this GDC talk at least. Anything that falls in-between, regardless of its inherent quality, may struggle to win buyers over. I believe this is something of the story of today's inductee as well. Please give a warm welcome to Memody: Sindrel Song!

Quarterly update (Q1 2020)

Yet another game finds its way onto pastures greener with Endless Forms Most Beautiful, something that's novel in a very quaint kind of way. If you don't generally have interest or time to try out the games being quarterly-induced, this one won't take too much on your part to test out... until you're hopelessly trapped in its compelling gameplay. We also have our first guest author in a while who agreed to lend us his words lest we tread trodden grounds. Until next season!

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