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Game #3446
V.G. Max   (a.k.a. Variable Geo Max)
Action   Beat em-up

Rating: 8 (206 votes)

V.G. Max box cover

V.G. Max screenshot
V.G. Max (a.k.a. Variable Geo Max) is a superior sequel to V.G. Fighter, a fighting game based on a Japanese anime series called Variable Geo. Similar to Metal & Lace and V.G. Fighter, V.G. Max is a Hentai (i.e. adult/nudity) fighting game, although the action is actually good enough this time to attract fighting game fans (and not just Hentai addicts). In contrast to the drab 16-color VGA palette of the first game, V.G. Max uses the full 256-color palette, with much smoother character animations and more intuitive controls. As the player progresses throughout the game, various Hentai scenes of their opponents are shown, so if you are offended by this kind of games, stay away from this one. The true purpose of the game, however, is still to get your character to the V.G. hall of fame - where, after winning the fighting tournament, will advance in a big way with their cash reward.

The gameplay of V.G. Max is better than average, with well-drawn characters and some interesting special attacks (many of which are difficult to pull off). If you are a fan of anime or fighting games or both, V.G. Max is well worth a look despite containing questionable Hentai scenes. Well, at least some of those aren't so tasteless and they are few and far between ;) Recommended, but be warned of the adult content.

Reviewed by: Underdogs
Designer: Unknown
Developer: Ton Tan Nerw
Publisher: Ton Tan Nerw
Year: 1997
Software Copyright: Ton Tan Nerw
Theme: Anime, Licensed
System Requirements: Windows XP
Where to get it:
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