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Game #319
Hall of Belated Fame Inductee  Dominus    View all Top Dogs in this genre
Strategy   Empire management

Rating: 7.51 (317 votes)

Dominus box cover

Dominus screenshot
One of those true classics that broke the mould and furnished subsequent clones a staple building block, Dominus gives you control over a small kingdom just before hordes of lethal creatures begin to invade. Your kingdom consists of acres of land, ranging from your castle, through stages of populated areas, down to the wilderness, all packed full of tasty looking resources.

Under your control are your four generals and their armies of your own diverse and just as lethal creatures. You can choose to command your generals to perform various tasks or take direct control of any of the tasks possible. For example, one of the biggest features of Dominus is the ability to make a myriad of different traps, you can either assign one army to spend time creating traps for you while you go about other tasks or you can make the blueprints yourself, linking a trigger with an effect (one of my all time favorites is the Chest-Thing trap).

Magic is also available and can be used to do all sorts of unfriendly things to your enemies. You begin equipped with a vast spell list and a few components to mix them. Spells range from "Disintegrate" to "Polymorph" and all have a different use: "Net", for example, can be used to snare enemies and allow you to drag them back to your dungeon where they can be interrogated and put to use in your own armies. You could then polymorph them into various different creatures, my favourite being the Draconians who can be polymorphed into fierce fire breathing dragons.

Creatures can be used for very specific purposes and fight well against certain types of enemies. Most combinations are fairly obvious, such as Water Elementals being stronger against fire-based enemies. When you have a large selection of creatures, up to six can be magically merged to form a large hero creature, and there are numerous combinations and effects.

I commonly refer to this game as the original Dungeon Keeper, only packed with many more types of monsters and slightly more pixelated graphics. This game has definitely found its way into my favourite list, and is still replayable to this day.

Reviewed by: Turnip
Designer: Unknown
Developer: Virtual Concepts Entertainment
Publisher: US Gold
Year: 1994
Software Copyright: US Gold
Theme: Fantasy
None that we know of
System Requirements: DOS
Where to get it:
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