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Game #5358
Corrypt   (a.k.a. Corrypt) Collection: Indie Underdogs
Action   Brainteaser

Rating: 0 (0 votes)

Corrypt box cover

Corrypt screenshot
Michael "Brog" Brough has an artistic vision unique enough and an oeuvre wide enough even amongst the most maverick of indie devs to have successfully passed on his sordid DNA, befathering a genre so robust as to have inspired a game jam in its honor. The "broughlike" genre. His games feature screwy pixelated graphics, a less-is-more type of philosophy in mechanics, replayability, small one-screen gridded play pens, and other quaint fixtures listed on the aforelinked page. Corrypt is a smoothie from similar ingredients, high on vitamins, fiber, protein... and drugs.

The basic loop goes like this: you (a freak and a ghoul) waddle around exploring a moist, moldering dungeon (that's the crypt, let's imagine) running errands for the other nondescript heebie-jeezers who'd like to go to town but can't risk it, all the while negotiating puzzles primarily entailing pushing around storage crates. So far we have a trippier version of Sokoban. But it's also a stickier version of it, since whenever you try and move away from any adjacent crate, it happily follows you in the same direction. As does the entire gaggle of crate brothers and sisters placed in a line directly behind it. That's not entirely intuitive! Where does that leave us? It's like Sokoban, only 1) trippier, 2) stickier, and 3) trickier, though overall quite manageable as puzzlers go.

That's only half of this "Tale from the Corrypt", though. As you go about your duties of decreasing the local entropy through painstaking honest labor, you're eventually blindsided by something to help you reverse the trend again. Your first hit will clear an impasse in the now and promise great things in the future. But there's a mark-up for each subsequent injection and you soon won't even believe what you've done to your fast unravelling mind. I think it's a drug abuse metaphor. Well, that's certainly in the air here, like a bongcloud. I won't spoil what any of this is about but it's beautiful to watch and fun to muse over.

You'll notice the game keeps score. The first and foremost means of increasing it is the dedicated score gems. Let's just think of those as all the good trips you've had... After that it's your untapped drugs. Past that it's a few of the other items you can collect. So if you're an optimizer, the game will acknowledge that and afford a few extra playthroughs by that virtue, while gracefully anchoring you at a save point at the exact time playthroughs will start to meaningfully diverge.

It's drugs, kids. They won't do themselves! Two thumbs up, waaaayyyy up high maaaaannnnn....

Reviewed by: LotBlind
Designer: Michael Brough
Developer: Michael Brough
Publisher: Michael Brough
Year: 0
Software Copyright: Michael Brough
Theme: Unique
None that we know of
System Requirements:  
Where to get it:   itch.io
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