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Game #3579
Cyberswine    View all Real Dogs in this genre
Adventure   Multimedia novel

Rating: 4.57 (19 votes)

Cyberswine box cover

Cyberswine screenshot
Okay, first off, I must prepare myself with the consoling fact that Cyberswine is not a bad movie. Instead, it is a rather bad game.

The reason I say that is this: Cyberswine is a movie-game, a visual "Choose Your Own Adventure" I could say. It is also a complete and utter waste of time, undeserving of your attention, and unfortunately undeserving of mine. I've 'played' it many times, and each time, I've gotten the same result: Cyberswine dies, plunging the world into chaos.

Now, I know that doesn't too bad, but really - one of the points of Choose Your Own Adventure books is reading them again, and getting a different result. In Cyberswine, I've tried again and again only to get the same result as the last 'game.'

The gameplay is dull.. no, *DULL*, mundane, and every other similar word. Basically, you get yes or no choices through the 'adventure' (these can be skipped though) and these are sometimes after the yes/no thing has popped up, meaning you have a split-second to decide, sometimes more, sometimes less. Bad, I say, bad.

The plot is needlessly cliched, to the point of deja vu. You control the actions of Cyberswine, a cybernetic pig who is on a quest to save CyberCity from a deadly virus. The only interesting thing about the plot is the character 'Draino', who is remarkably interesting compared to the rest of the cliches (though he is remarkably similar to Phong from Reboot. But since that's about as obscure as these get, Draino gets the most credit).

The graphics are good. Probably the game's only redeeming value is the eye candy. everything looks as it should, and the graphics were totally remarkable at the time, although they are merely decent by today's standards.

So overall, I give it a 2/10. Totally a waste of time, though I would recommend the developer freeware CYOA movies made after this disaster.

Reviewed by: Sakura
Designer: Unknown
Developer: Brilliant Digital Entertainment
Publisher: Brilliant Digital Entertainment
Year: 1997
Software Copyright: Brilliant Digital Entertainment
Theme: Science Fiction
None that we know of
System Requirements: Windows XP
Where to get it:   from CrazyApe.com
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