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Game #2628
Cobra Mission  
RPG   Console-style

Rating: 8.3 (576 votes)

Cobra Mission box cover

Cobra Mission screenshot
Cobra Mission is the first game from MegaTech, featuring fun RPG gameplay sprinkled with adult scenes. In this anime-style adult RPG, you play a private investigator called by an old friend to save Cobra City from five local gang bosses. Along the way, you have to save the lives of various pretty girls (who, naturally, show their gratitude in "Hentai" (i.e. adult) scenes). Your ultimate goal is to defeat the evil mastermind, General Kaiser.

Similar to most other Hentai titles, the game's appeal lies mostly in the Hentai scenes, the designers deserve credit for trying to make Cobra Mission more of a game than a non-interactive slideshow for adults. The RPG gameplay is quite entertaining in ways that are comparable to console RPGs. You walk around town, conversing with different characters, buying items and weapons in shops, hang out with locals in a bar, and pick up quite a few subplots that will net you extra equipment and cash. Combat is a bit too simplistic: most of the time, you just select a weapon and watch what happens-although the final fight with Kaiser is appropriately lengthy, with some great anime graphics. Hentai scenes, not surprisingly, offer more choices than normal conversations with NPCs, as you can choose what you want to do ("use your hand," "use your lips," etc.) when you are alone with the grateful maiden.

Overall, I find Cobra Mission an enjoyable Hentai game that does offer some solid gameplay. Suffice it to say that anyone who simply wants to get to the adult scenes as quickly as possible will be disappointed, as the game does require some thought and planning. If you enjoy console RPGs and don't mind a few adult scenes now and then, Cobra Mission is worth a look. Although it doesn't set new standards in the genre, the game is much better at least than the better-known successor Knights of Xentar.

Note: Here's an interesting trivia from MobyGames: "Cobra Mission was the first and only game released by MegaTech under a NR-18 rating only. [The company's subsequent] games were available on NR-18 or NR-13 versions, (with the option to upgrade the latter to a complete NR-18 version)."

Reviewed by: Underdogs
Designer: Kenny Wu
Developer: MegaTech Software
Publisher: MegaTech Software
Year: 1992
Software Copyright: MegaTech Software
Theme: Science Fiction, Anime, Organized Forces
None that we know of
System Requirements: DOS
Where to get it:
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