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Game #1918
Adventure   Multi-genre adventure

Rating: 8.12 (89 votes)

Inca box cover

Inca screenshot
One of the weirdest adventure games ever -- but perhaps not so strange given Coktel Vision's reputation-- Inca is a pseudo-historical adventure game that is best described as Jules Verne meets Aztec culture. The plot is as strange as any other Coktel release: you are El Dorado, mere mortal who is destined to find the hidden Inca treasure and fulfill an ancient prophecy of re-establishing the Inca empire-- in space. The spirit of Huayna Capac, the last grand Inca, will guide you through the journey to space and time and beyond.

In contrast to most other Coktel games, Inca offers several modes of gameplay. You will spend most of your time piloting the Incan spacecraft (yes, spacecraft) called "Tumi" both through space and time to discover the planets. This is done from a first-person perspective like most flight sims, and you will need good reflexes to be able to navigate through asteroid fields and survive some very frustrating combat sequences. Adventure game fans will likely be frustrated by the difficulty of these sequences, while action fans will find them too simplistic and repetitive.

Where Inca really shines, though, is in Coktel's hallmark: the traditional adventure game. In adventure screens, the game will shift to a first-person perspective where you interact with people and objects, and try to find solutions to puzzles by using items in your inventory. As with most Coktel games, the puzzles are tough but logical, and Huayna Capac can give clues when you are stuck. The plot also goes through several neat twists and turns, and the ending is well worth the trouble. Filmed characters are decent, although voice-acting is below average. Oh, and by the way, this game has MAZES. Several of them, in fact. Unfortunately the game was made during the "maze is great" period that seems to be what every adventure game designer was thinking at the time. So, make sure you have pen and paper ready to do some scribbling (the mazes, in all fairness, are not THAT bad, especially if you're patient enough).

Overall, Inca is close to Top Dog material, but not quite. I feel that its weirdly compelling storyline and adventure game puzzles make up for the downsides, but the awful maze sequences and way too many difficult combat sequences really hurt the fun. If you absolutely hate action sequences, steer clear of Inca. Adventure game fans who persevere, though, will be rewarded with a unique and fun adventure.

Reviewed by: Underdogs
Designer: Unknown
Developer: Coktel Vision
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Year: 1993
Software Copyright: Coktel Vision
Theme: Unique, Myth & Legend
None that we know of
System Requirements: DOS
Where to get it:
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