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Creative Commons License

Welcome to Home of the Underdogs Chatroom! This is a place for the site's visitors to voice their opinions and requests, as well as share a healthy dose of oldies nostalgia and other relation information. It is a *chatroom*, not a files depository, so please don't request for files that are already on the site. Please read channel rules before entering the channel-- all channel operators (ops) reserve a right to kick or ban visitors who do not comply with them. The rules are here only to make the channel an enjoyable experience for everyone, and adhere to the "no warez" principle of this site.

If you're unfamiliar with the Internet Relay Chat (IRC), please read a brief introduction below. For those familiar with IRC, this channel is #Underdogs on EFNet, so we recommend accessing it with standard IRC programs such as mIRC or Xircon because java chatroom is naturally much more limiting.

If you have problem accessing the chatroom, you could try our WWW Chatroom. The text is in German, but you should be able to learn basic commands quite quickly :)

Although I (Underdogs, webmaster of this site) will unfortunately be too busy to visit the chatroom on a regular basis, there are *many* other ops in the HoTU team, as well as regulars, who are my friends and fans of the site visiting at all hours of the day, especially around nighttime in Europe, so feel free to visit at your leisure :)


  1. NO request for, or distribution or posting of, serial numbers of still-sold titles or "warez," i.e.newly released games that are obviously sold everywhere. If you've been looking for a relatively new CD-ROM game and couldn't find it anywhere, please check the on-line stores listed on our Links page before asking in the channel.
  2. Any question / comment that is *already* covered in the FAQ will be ignored. This includes things like "Game X link is broken!" and "Please send me game x."
  3. NO XDCC, FTP, or FServes will be offered or accepted. (For beginners: these are just different ways to transfer files in IRC). This is a *chatroom*, not a file depository. Besides, you can already download files from the website itself.
  4. Please observe common netiquette and courtesy as you would in the "real world." Prejudiced remarks, especially those pertaining to sex and race, as well as juvenile comments (such as "hey check out this porn site xxx") will NOT be tolerated.

Beginners' Introduction to IRC Chat:

  • 1) Just type a nickname you want to use, and click on "Login" to enter the IRC channel #Underdogs. You should not need to use "Advanced" mode because we require no passwords.
  • 2) People will @ in front of their names are channel operators. They have a right to kick or ban people from the channel if rules above are not observed. Some names with @ in front of them are not real people, but bots-- scripts written to do something (in this case, mostly keeping the channel ours :))
  • 3) Double-click on someone's name to open a private chat window with that person. You can switch back to #Underdogs by clicking on it on the top menu bar.
  • 4) Although this Perl/CGI chatroom is fully functional, it is naturally a lot more limiting than IRC programs (you can't, for example, join other IRC channels or send someone a file). I recommend getting mIRC or Xircon to visit the chatroom. Just connect to any EFNet server and join #Underdogs.
  • 5) Then, just type away :) There are also many other channels about oldies on IRC: #Abandonware, #PColdies, and #Classicgames, -- all on EFNet-- to name but a few.

Now, just click here to enter the chatroom. Enjoy your stay!

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Portions are copyrighted by their respective owners. All rights reserved. Please read our privacy policy.