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Game #2213
Hall of Belated Fame Inductee  Ugh!    View all Top Dogs in this genre
Puzzle   Reflex-oriented

Rating: 8.5 (108 votes)

Ugh! box cover

Ugh! screenshot
Good conversion of the Amiga game. Ugh! is a neat clone of Space Taxi, a great Commodore 64/Amiga classic that was never made for the PC. Instead of a future scenario, Ugh! is set in the direct opposite time period: prehistoric era.

As in Space Taxi, Ugh! is all about flying around in various single screen 2D landscapes, picking up people and flying them to wherever they want to go. Each single-screen level contains a number of platforms which you can land on. When you start playing, some small people will appear on the platforms, waving at you. If you land near them, they will board your prehistoric taxi and tell you which platform they want you to fly them to. You will get extra bonus points for getting passengers to their destination before time runs out.

What makes Ugh! a lot of fun is the devious layout of levels, all of which are filled with various traps, switches, doors and other things which will either hinder or help your progress. Some levels feature strange physics that affect your control of the taxi, while others contains magnetic fields and wind. In addition to all this, you've got to watch your fuel reserves. Each level has a refuelling platform, but fuel costs points. For every unit of fuel you get, you'll pay with a point from your score.

Ugh! requires both reflexes and careful planning to succeed. The levels will start off very easy, but once you begin to get used to the controls, you will be presented with much harder challenges. Space Taxi fans will find Ugh! incredibly addictive, both as a solo- and multi-player game. Two thumbs up, way up!

Reviewed by: Rob

Designer: Thomas Klinger
Developer: EGOSOFT
Publisher: Blue Byte
Year: 1992
Software Copyright: Blue Byte
Theme: Humorous
None that we know of
System Requirements: DOS
Where to get it:
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