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  • Default Directory

    Joan O Arc
    Registered User
    Posts: 801
    (12/30/00 8:41:36 am)

    As stated in the RAZORCD.NFO, it must be unARJed to \Z directory, with all the subdirectories intact.


  • Floppy Installation

    Registered User
    Posts: 14
    (8/10/01 4:07:34 pm)
    • Extract each of the included .ZIPs to it's own clean 1.44MB floppy (4 disks total). Insert the first disk into the A: (or B:) drive.

    • Run the install on the first disk, insert the second disk when prompted. This installs Missions 1-4. Be sure to note the location that you put in the 'Install to' box.

    • Insert the third disk, run the install, and select the same location you used in the first installer. This adds missions 5-8. Run the game from the directory you selected.


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