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Monday, August 26, 2002

I'm still working in that partitioning tutorial. While I finish it, I've uploaded the patches and checked the links from letter "A" to "P". Only one link is still broken: MOK's crack for Innocent Until Caught (

Thanks to Revliskli who checked the pages and searched and sent the patches he found to me. :o)

And as you probably would have noticed, now the main page is named index.html. This will be easier to remember and write, so the complete url is:

I won't update the mirror site anymore.. almost sure.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

This is the 2002 year's update ;o). I'm sorry. I've been overhelmed with my exams (that, btw, aren't going very well :o( ), and I haven't had time to update the site. I have one last exam, but I wanted you to know that I'm still around here.

In this update I've just made an html code revision. Tech Site's appearance was a bit crappy before, and had several code errors. Now it looks nicer, IMO, thanks to Al Noah's help with css style sheets, a spanish friend of mine. And I've also updated the HOTU addresses to the new one (thanks to Eric in Dayton, who pointed me that :o) ): Check the main site to know the reason of the change :o)

I've also a lot of e-mails with tech questions unanswered. Sorry. :o) From now, put your doubts in the Technical Help Forum (, till I have free time again.

In future updates, just after my last exam on June 30th, I'll make a deeper revision of the html code (I feel some things are still wrong), and I hope to finish once and for all that tutorial I've promised so many times about partitioning and installing DOS 6.22, Windows 95 and Windows 3.11 with your current O.S. I hope it'll be useful for many of you, fellow gamers :o). And another thing in my to-do list is to make a revision of the links of updates, patches and so on in The Tech Site, cause I know many of them are right now broken (not my fault, cause they are extern links), and upload patches from games that my friend Revliscki has compiled for the Tech Site, due to my lack of time (BIG THANKS :o) ).

Soooo see you in the next update :o) ... and may the light side of the Force be with you...

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

I've made a pair of modifications in the FAQ and added some info on how to run cd-emulators and the SUBST command. I've also added a Step by Step on how to make a Floppy Install for those games which require it.

I've also corrected some HTML mistakes in the FAQ... big ones that make me feel like if you really didn't read the FAQ... of course, just a feeling... or maybe you think I bite? Who knows...

Finally, I've changed the e-mail contact address. My old account has been down for some weeks. So if you didn't got a reply, this is probably the reason ;-b.

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