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  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc´┐Ż 
    Posts: 2269
    (7/31/01 1:02:55 am)

    I was able to generate a couple of DOS/4GW errors in Windows.

    The first one had to do with not unpacking the game completely, the second one had to do with the Save/Load game option.

    If I tried to load a saved game after I had re-run the SETUP prog, the game would generate the error and crash back to desktop. So if you want to play this game in Windows, you should run SETUP to configure sound just once before you begin playing. Then save the game. The saved game should load up no problem as long as you don't run SETUP again, KingJosh.

    I should note that these problems don't seem to occur in pure DOS. Also, check to be sure you have unpacked everything ok--

    1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. You should have 10 .zips ( through Unzip these 10 into the same temporary directory. Note that these .zips have a bunch of hacker signature files that are not needed. All you really need are the ward.arj and ward.a01 through ward.a09 files. These are a multi-archive set of ARJ files.

    2. ARJs use a compression file format similar to .zip files. You'll need an extraction program that can handle this file format. I use Winzip with arj.exe plugged in as a "helper", but you can just use ARJ.EXE at the DOS prompt very easily too.
      You can download ARJ.EXE here: It's a small download and free. Download it and install it to it's own directory. It will come in handy for other archives here.

      If using this stand alone ARJ.EXE, put a copy of the ARJ.EXE file in the temporary directory with the ARJs, and at the MS-DOS prompt type:

      cd \WhateverTheNameOfYourTemporaryDirectoryIs (enter)
      and then type:
      arj x -v -y ward.arj c:\ (enter)
      This will unpack the ARJs to the default directory of \games\wardiary on your c: drive. The Wardiary directory is where the game files are and you should have 5 subdirectories off of it:

    3. Run SETUP.EXE to configure your sound card. NOTE that if you run it again after saving a game, the saved game may not load up and generate errors. If you forget and do this, you'll have to start over and re-save your game.

    4. Run GAME.EXE to start the game.

    It ran just fine for me in Windows95 with both sounds and music. As always, if you still encounter problems, you should try running the game in pure DOS- the enviroment it was written for.

    Hope this helps :)


  • Step by Step Installation

    Registered User
    Posts: 1304
    (7/27/01 2:09:58 am)

    [Edit update: A new self-extracting version of this archive was repacked and uploaded by Binni, so the unpacking procedure described below no longer applies. The repack includes bill22's tweak and is pre-patched to version 1.20. See the readme included in the new download for more information.]

    1. You have 1 big .zip file (
      Extract it using your unzip program of choice to a temporary directory.
    2. You now have 31 new .zip files.
      Extract them using your unzip program of choice to a temporary directory.
    3. You should now have warwind.arj and warwind.a01 thru warwind.a30, and a bunch of .nfo files in that folder. (These are .arj files, and Arj files tend to be a bit "Picky"). A program called PowerArchiver really doesn't like them, don't use that program with this archive).
      I recommend that you go to the faq page and download a copy of ARJ from ARJSoft. Extract this and place a copy of arj.exe into the same directory as warwind.arj
    4. Open a DOS box at the directory where warwind.arj is located and type
      ARJ x -v -y *.arj 

      This will create a new file (it just has the same name as the file you started with) called in a sub directory of your temporary directory called c:\tempdir\release
    5. Extract this new file using your unzip program of choice. This is the final extraction, so make sure that it ends up where you want it.
    6. DblClick on ww.exe to start the game.

    Good Luck!


  • Step by Step Installation

    Registered User
    Posts: 1134
    (7/9/01 1:19:50 am)

    [Edit Update: bill22 has uploaded a new version that has the Campaign Disk pre-installed, is patched to version 1.4, and includes his tweak outlined below. Thankee, bill! See the read1st.txt file included in this new copy for more information.]

    I did this all in Windows98

    (If you have an ongoing game you may want to make a copy of your all the original files in case things go wrong. You may also want to just start fresh and install to a new directory.)

    Game Install:

    A snip of a JOA snip...

    1. I unzipped the contents of the - files to a directory called \Rifles. This gave me SHADSEEK.ARJ and 10 other .arj volumes called shadseek.a01 - shadseek.a10. UnARJ SHADSEEK.ARJ it should auto-unpack the other 10 volumes. When it asks if you want to unpack a volume just answer "Y" for yes until all 10 are done.

    2. Then I extracted the RIFLES.EXE file from the into the \Rifles directory, overwriting the RIFLES.EXE file that was already there. This is the crack for the game.

      [You also need to run sound.exe and set it up for your sound card. If you are in Windows you may need to open a DOS box and run it from there (It took me 20 minutes to figure that out). Also autodetect may not work, if that is the case try the manual configuration option]

    3. Run RIFLES.BAT to start the game. You will get a error telling you your CD drive isn't ready. Just press the "F" key, then the Enter key and the game will load right up. So, to answer your question, No: you do not need fakecd with this game.

    end snip of JOA snip.

    Run the game and make sure that it is working

    For our purposes here make sure that the game is installed to c:\rifles

    The Add-ons:
    1. Place and and in a temp directory and unzip them. This will give you aor-exp.rar and aor-exp.r00 and aor-exp.r01 and some "stuff".

    2. Unrar aor-exp.rar (the other 2 should follow automatically). This will give you install.exe and a couple of .arj files.

    3. Run install.exe and select the AOR Champaign Disk (and make sure that it installs to c:\rifles). This replaces rifles.exe with a new one, ver 1.3 of the game, and does whatever else it does.

    4. Dblclick on rifles.exe (you should get the CD check and pressing the "F" key doesn't help you.

    If you were to make some changes...

    The Tweak:

    These instructions are for "Advanced Hex Editor" from Kahei Co. which you can download from here,,000RZO,.html (it's ver 2.0) or you can use your own.

    "File" and "Open" the rifles.exe file

    using the "edit" and then the "find" commands, search for

    fc ff 66 85 c0 75 3e e8
    and under "type" select "raw hex bytes" and hit OK (the 0's are Zero's)

    change the 75 to eb (so that it looks like this)...

    fc ff 66 85 c0 eb 3e e8

    and then save.

    DblClick on rifles.exe or rifles.bat and the game will ask for the CD and (hopefully) the "F" key will get you on to the game.

    Good Luck!

    If you now want to install the version 1.4 patch (you have to install ver 1.3 first), the above tweak will work with that as well.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    Registered User
    posts: 767
    (12/22/00 12:49:01 pm)

    On request, here's a step-by-step on installation. The RAZORCD.NFO file that is in the download has the abbreviated instructions on this: you can view it with Notepad.

    1. Create a temporary new folder for this- let's call it wartemp. Unzip the download to the wartemp directory.
      The download should have 20 .zips inside it ( through Unzip these 20 into the wartemp directory. Please note that these zips have a bunch of hacker signature files in them that aren't needed to install the game. The files you need are: INSTALL.EXE, ARJ.EXE, and the War.001 through War.020 files.

    2. Run the INSTALL.EXE program. The install menu appears- note the destination directory at the top of the menu. Just leave it at the default and select Install Game. The install prog will unARJ the War.001-War.020 files for you.

    3. Now that the files are unpacked, you have to do the Windows installation/setup of the game, just as if you had purchased it on CD or floppies. The raw files are in a folder off of the wartemp directory called War. Open the War folder and run the SETUP.EXE program. Let the setup program install the game to the default directory- this is where the *real* game files will be.
      NOTE that the RAZORCD.NFO file says you MUST choose Minimum Installation! Some of the animations have been ripped out of this version and the files are not there for max. installation. So be sure you choose Minimum. The setup program will install the game into the default directory (Program Files\Shadow of the Horned Rat.)

    4. The setup program puts a shortcut to run the game on your Start BUTTON, so click Start > Programs > Warhammer > Shadow of the Horned Rat to play. If you're running Win. 3.1, look for the new group in Program Manager click on the game icon.
      The program will warn you that it requires a 256 color display, so you should change your display before playing. After starting the game, it takes a minute or two to load up. After the screen goes black and the sword cursor appears, you may have to click your mouse button.. I had to do this the first time I loaded it and then game screen popped right up. After that, it seemed to load on it's own, just took a while. When I exited the game, my display was alittle funky- a mouse click brought it back to normal.

    The game ran fine for me with no probs or hangs, but I just downloaded it and so haven't played that far into it. Once you have it up and running, you may safely delete the wartemp and War folders and all the files in them.

    I should also say that this game requires Direct X (and offers to install it if you don't have it.). So if your graphics card isn't up to it, you won't be able to play it.

    Happy Holidays, you guys.


  • How to run it under windows 2000 / XP

    Fri Jun 06, 2003 2:06 pm
    1. Create a shorcut to the DLR 'executable' (the "Warlords DLR" program itself)
      • You can use the shortcut created by the game (already on your desktop... skip to next step) or...
      • Create a shortcut by right clicking on the 'EXECUTABLE FILE' and choosing "Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut)"
      • The 'EXECUTABLE FILE' is (usually) located somewhere like: C:\Program Files\Red Orb Entertainment\Darklords Rising\Darklords.exe
    2. Add the -WINCURSOR runtime flag to the shortcut
      • Right-Click on the shortcut and select the PROPERTIES option (at bottom usually)
      • If not automatically there, click on the SHORTCUT tab (at the top of the PROPERTIES page that pops up)
      • Modify the TARGET of the shortcut:
        o Make certain that the current target is surrounded by DOUBLE QUOTES (aka: QUOTATION MARKS)
        + NO -> C:\DLR\Darklords.exe
        + YES -> "C:\DLR\Darklords.exe"
        o At the end of this line (after last quote) add a space and -WINCURSOR
        + eg: "C:\DLR\Darklords.exe" -WINCURSOR
      • * Click APPLY at bottom of page... but STAY IN THE PROPERTIES PAGE (do NOT click OK yet)
    3. Change the Compatibility Mode to Windows 98/ME
      In PROPERTIES page, upper right tab should be COMPATIBLILTY... click on this tab (and skip down to "Check the box...")
      Users of Windows 2000 - don't have this tab? Bummer... OK, you will have to do some work (below):
      • First, search your CPU for "SLAYERUI.DLL"... If you have it ( are running SP2) skip next part, otherwise...
      • Either install "Service Pack 2 (or greater) for Windows 2000" or...
      • GOOGLE the 'net for "SLAYERUI.DLL" and install it into your System32 directory (just install SP2... better overall)
      • REGISTER this .DLL as follows:
        + Open a MS-DOS prompt (aka: Command Prompt) session
      • Close DOS prompt when it finishes. Close and re-open the PROPERTIES for the shortcut. There SHOULD be a new tab!
    4. Check the box labelled "Run in compatibility mode"
    5. Choose "Windows 98/ME" (XP) or "Windows 98 Compatibility Layer" (2000)
    6. Click APPLY at bottom of PROPERTIES and close the PROPERTIES page by clicking OK


    o The game starts to run, but hangs eventually

    + This might be a HARDWARE ACCELERATION issue with your video card...

    # Reduce your card's HARDWARE ACCELERATION (see video card manual to do this) (...sorry if this is too vague, but I haven't had this issue and am reporting it 2nd hand)

    o Last ditch, all out, I-AM-RUNNING-OUT-OF-IDEAS to try to make it run

    + Add -NOSOUND after -WINCURSOR in the shortcut (with a space between these runtime flags)

    This got W3DLR running on my system under Windows XP, but save often.


  • Running The Game

    Tech Guru

    1. This game is playable from Windows98 if you can free up enough Conv. Memory, about 590k or so (at least it starts up with that, it might crash later though). The game also requires 512 +/- of Expanded memory if you want sound and to play in the "3/4" view.

    Since, I can't meet those requirements with my default setup, off I went to my UD DOS bootdisk. (Available from the faq page:

    2. The more serious problem...

    There are 3 files that you can use to start the game, but they all have problems.

    wgh3.exe is the main game file, but if you try to use that (even with the right switches) the Copy Protection ogre will get you.

    wgh3_h.exe is the neverlock .exe, this will get you passed the CP, but if you don't have the right command line arguements you will get your "Error: Sample driver not set to Default" message.
    If you use it with the right cmd line arguements it will work. But what are the right ones? (-BTW they're in the wgh3.bat file mentioned below).

    wgh3.bat is almost there, but has some problems with the way that it is set up. Since it would be tedious to have to type in a long cmd line arguement every time you play, let's see if we can fix it.


    Let's Open wgh3.bat up in Notepad.

    This is what it looks like "out of the box".

    wgh3_k sblaster_pro irq:10 io:220 dma:3 manual_aim

    Since this file is already in the game's directory the first 2 lines completely confuse it. Delete them.

    That leaves us with...
    wgh3_k sblaster_pro irq:10 io:220 dma:3 manual_aim

    The wgh3_k part is calling the Neverlock .exe to get past the CP, it then initailizes the game for your sound card (I have no idea what "manual_aim" does, some sort of a game option I'd assume).

    The rest of the values need to match those for your system.

    If you open a command prompt at the games directory and type in...
    wgh3 silent

    you will get a nice message back saying "sorry you can't do that, here are the valid args" which are: pc_speaker, adlib, sblaster, sblaster_pro, roland, sound_canvas, io:, irq:, dma: (and a couple others that don't apply for this).

    This is where the sblaster_pro, io:, irq:, dma: come from.

    Now if you look in your c:\autoexec.bat file there is probably a "set blaster" line. The values on that line are probably the numbers you need.

    My sound card emulates the SoundBlaster Pro at irq:5 io:220 dma:3 (your's may, of course, vary).

    So I changed the .bat file to read...
    wgh3_k sblaster_pro irq:5 io:220 dma:3 manual_aim

    and then saved it.

    3. I have a vague recollection from my DOS days that a .bat file took priority over an .exe file. Either I'm wrong, or Windows DOS 7 changes that around. If you are at the DOS prompt and type in wgh3 and it doesn't process the .bat file.

    So after you make the changes, rename wgh3.bat to wg.bat (or whatever you like).

    If you have the sound values right the game should start.

    At least it did for me.


  • Method of Installation 1

    Captain Video
    Yorkshire Terrier  
    Joined: 28 Jan 2002  

    Hopefully this will save others alot of trouble:

    Getting the Williams Game Pack to work required several special steps:

    1. Download the files, there will be 6 or 7 individual folders
    2. Open individual folders with WinZip
    3. DON'T TRY TO EXTRACT THE .RAR FILES AT THIS POINT. Instead drag the Acarde.rar file out of each folder and place them all in one folder. Put the fold directly on the C drive to make it easy to link to.
    4. Set your computer such that the folder is identified as your floppy (the FAQ on HOTU gives the DOS command)
    5. Download the .rar file extractor, the WinRAR program that is referenced in the FAQ works best.
    6. When you extract the first Arcade.rar file, it starts extracting from the others, but I had to go through and do each one individually to get all the files.
    7. Once extracted, there should now be a file called install this will install the game.

  • Method of Installation 2

    Yorkshire Terrier  
    Joined: 25 Jan 2002  

    FWIW, I just d/l'ed it and tried it myself and I didn't have to go through all that. It might be different for different versions of Windows. I'm running Win98.

    FWIW, here's all I had to do.

    1. Unzip the d/l file. That gives you 7 smaller ZIP files. Unzip each of those. You can unzip them to the same directory. There are some duplicate file names, but nothing that will affect the installation. You can let the unzip program overwrite them, or don't extract the duplicated files, or rename them if you prefer. They're not part of the game. FWIW, most of the files with duplicated file names are identical and the rest are almost identical.
    2. The game is in ARCADE.RAR and ARCADE.R00 - ARCADE.R05 .
      The other files (ending in .nfo, .diz and .wrz) contain info from the people that cracked the game, but they aren't part of the game. They're all plain text files, so you can look at them with Notepad or whatever, if you want.
      Get ARCADE.RAR and ARCADE.R00 - ARCADE.R05 in the same directory, then use whatever to extract their contents. I used PowerArchiver. On my system RAR files are associated with PA, so I just double-clicked on ARCADE.RAR and PA started up. I selected extract and it extracted the files to a directory called ARCADE and that was all I had to do. I didn't have to run PA on the other parts of the RAR file (R00 - R05).
    3. ARCADE.EXE is the DOS version and ARCADE95.EXE is the Win version. I can just double-click on either one to run that version. I didn't have to run INSTALL.EXE.
    4. FWIW, if you read the PRESTIGE.NFO file that's included in the ZIP files, it says to run AUTOPLAY.EXE to run the Windows version, but I didn't have to do that. AUTOPLAY will check if DirectX is installed, and install an old version that's included in the ZIP files if it's not, so I guess you might want to run it if you didn't already have DirectX installed. Otherwise, you should just be able to run ARCADE.EXE or ARCADE95.EXE.



  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc  
    Registered User
    posts: 807
    (12/30/00 10:24:57 am)

    Jefe- you're right, this one is a floppy install.

    You just unzip the download to a temporary directory- you should have 8 zips total in the temp directory. Get out 8 blank floppys and number them 1-8:

    • through (A readme in tells you it's a floppy install) so unzip onto floppy #1, onto floppy #2, etc until all 6 of the Armada-1 though Armada-6 zips are unzipped to floppys.

    • (the readme tells you it is an Add-on, "Proving Grounds") Unzip it onto floppy #7 and write Add-on or something on it so you'll know what it is.

    • (the readme says it is a upgrade joystick calibration program for WCA) unzip it to floppy #8. I did not have to use this upgrade on my computer.

    To install, it's best if you are in pure DOS. (Running DOS in a Window will not do.) Either boot straight into DOS at powerup or use a DOS bootdisk. Just as Jefe said, you need to have EMM386 loaded or you won't have enough memory for this hog.

    • Insert Disk #1 and run INSTALL.EXE. Accept the defaults for installation- you can setup your soundcard later- if you try to do it before the game is installed to your hard drive it won't work. Follow the prompts, inserting disks until installation is complete.

    • Change to the newly created directory \Armada on your hard drive and run the INSTALL.EXE program that is there. Set up your sound card for music and effects.

    • To play you MUST be in pure DOS. Run ARMADA.EXE to start the game. The first time you play, you are prompted to calibrate your joystick. Follow the prompts.

    • Use your keyboard to make selections in the opening menus- the first letter of the option you want. After these initial selections, the actual flight sim begins.

    • Fly around shooting bad guys to your heart's content.

    As I said, I did not use the joystick patch. If you encounter problems when the flight sim starts, them I suggest you run the patch prog. I did not install the Add-On, I'm not a big Flight sim fan. But if you want to give it a try, by all means do so.

    Now, go kill the bad guys and make the galaxy safe for all mankind.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Raging Daemon
    Registered User
    Posts: 233
    (2/15/01 9:21:28 pm)
    1. Extract any .ARJ and .00X file from the zips contained in the file.

    2. Unzip all the ARJ files, THEN FIND AN OLD COPY OF ARJ

    3. Make a folder called saga then in the same folder run this command

      arj x -v -y kilrathi.arj saga
      where saga is the folder name, you will need to use a command prompt

      Download ARJ from

    4. Then run the REG file.

    5. After this make a "streams" folder under the WC 1 & WC 2 carpet.

    BTW, WC 2 is already patched.


  • Joystick Problems

    Registered User
    Posts: 978
    (6/22/01 6:54:31 am)

    I found this someplace on the Web that I don't remember any more (I was looking for something totally different and just did a quick cut and paste).


    (From: Reed Derleth)
    When you first install the game, you may have trouble setting up your joystick. If so, try creating a file called JOYB.DAT with 3 X's in it (i.e. "XXX" without the quotes).

    It's been reported back that it actually works!

    Good Luck!

  • Speech Pack

    Registered User
    Posts: 143
    (7/3/01 2:05:06 pm)

    [Edit Update: The speech pack is now available in the Documentations / Extras section on the review page. The link below kindly provided by Deckard no longer works but I leave it up anyway as a thanks to Deckard and Jofri, and as a quiet remembrance of our dear Kryanni. -Deb]

    Contrary to what HOTU says, there is NO speech pack included in hotu download of Privateer. However, you can download it here:

    Thanks to Kryanni and Jofri for emailing me the files.



  • Step by Step Installation

    posts: 1834
    (11/3/01 3:38:41 am)

    I managed to get the "DATA\mouse.shp" error. My guess is that it is not an actual file, but a pointer to a location in one of the files that are there.

    This game does not appear to like Windows. (I would advise that you both install and play in Real DOS mode only).

    From the top:

    1. Extract the game from the .zip file.
    2. In DOS, w/ expanded memory enabled (boot with the UD bootdisk if neccessary). Assuming that your cd-rom is drive e: and you extracted to c:\game\wog type...
      subst f: c:\game\wog  
    3. now switch to drive f: by typing...

      now type...

      Setup your sound and install location (ie c:\wings).
    4. When you are finished with the install, you will find yourself at c:\wings and then type...
    5. wg to start the game.

    The game then runs fine (for me anyways).

    When you next go to play the game (after installing/rebooting).... Boot w/ the boot disk.

    subst f: c:\game\wog
    cd wings

    If you continue to have problems, check the wg.cfg file and make sure that the locations in it are right.

    Good Luck!

    Kalman Farago
    Registered User
    Posts: 925
    (10/17/01 4:28:24 am) 

    ....with some additional info.

    What do you know, toying around with the config file entries did the trick! And I also discovered something: Once you have installed the game, you don't need to use subst ever again. Just copy the preinstall files in any directory on your hard drive, and have the config file point to that directory for the .tre files, and it wil run fine.

    PDY: first, you have to install it using subst - by all accounts you should be able to do it in Windows. So, install into, let's say D:\WINGS. When done, place all the preinstall files - that is, the files which came in the zip you downloaded frmo HOTU - into another directory, say, D:\WINGS\CD (but it could be anything.

    Now open wg.cfg, and look for the bit on bottom which goes something like this:

    #Each treefile must appear on a line with an = sign

    Now, all these whatever.tre files are in the directory which contains the preinstall files, so you edit the entries so that the paths point to the correct directory (in our example, D:\WINGS\CD).

    Than you start up in DOS and start the game with wg.exe.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    posts: 1657
    (4/18/01 9:44:24 pm)

    Welcome to HOTU. :-) Please read the FAQ page, it has lots of helpful info on installing/running the oldies here.

    1. To install Wonderland, you have to use the floppy disk method. Get out 3 blank floppys and write 1-2 on the first one, 3-4 on the second one, and 1-5 on the third.

    2. Unzip the download, making sure to leave the all the directories intact. You should have these directories-


    3. Copy the files from each directory onto the corresponding floppy disk (i.e., put the files from C:\Wonder\disk1_2 onto the floppy you labeled 1-2.)

    4. Insert Disk 1-2 and run the INSTALL.EXE file. (*not* the install.bat)
      You be asked a series of questions about your keyboard and soundcard. When configuration is complete, you will receive an error "Not ready reading drive D" Simply press the "F" key twice. Then be sure to select "install to drive C"

    5. Installation will begin and ask you to insert disk 1. Just leave it in the drive and hit enter.
      When prompted to insert disk 2, hit the enter key again.
      When asked for disk 3 insert the disk labeled 3-4, and hit enter.
      At "insert disk 4", enter again.
      After disk 4 has been copied, you're asked to insert disk 1. Insert the disk label 1-5 and hit enter. Finish up the installation and (you guessed it) when asked for disk 5, hit enter.

    6. Change to the directory you installed the game in (the default is C:\games\wonderla) and run GAME.EXE to start the game.

    Game ran just fine for me in Windows 95. This is the desktop version of Wonderland. You can access all kinds of options using the menus at the top of the screen. The Accessories menu can be used to turn on graphics, inventory and other windows.

    Have fun :-)



  • ID number (copy protection)

    Joan O Arc
    Tech Goddess
    (16 Mar 2002 18:13)

    This one keeps coming up so here you go...

    Hi SgtBash200
    If you look in the download you'll see the file TYRANNY.NFO. As mentioned on the FAQ page, files with the .NFO extension are text files that can be viewed with notepad. Sometimes they are just the hacker's signature file, othertimes they provide important information. This one has just what you need:

    S/N: 942-010-397 

    Please read thru the FAQ page at HOTU, it'll help you get oriented to the Museum and has lots of helpful info on installing/running the oldies here.

    Welcome to Home of the Underdogs!


  • Step by Step Installation

    Registered User
    Posts: 879
    (6/7/01 10:01:02 am)
    1. Unzip the .zip with the unarchiver of your choice.

    2. This creates 2 subdirectories called 1 and 2

    3. You need to install with floppy disks. But you can't keep the files in the 1 and 2 folders.

    4. Copy everything from folder 1 onto a floppy, but don't keep the files in the subfolder, put them in the root directory. (Disk 1)

    5. Copy everything from folder 2 onto a second floppy, but don't keep the files in the subfolder, put them in the root directory. (Disk 2)

      Put Disk 1 in the a: drive and double click on install.exe and follow the prompts. Don't forget to use R-WW2BOS.COM before you start to play.

    This one also looks like it needs to be slowed down.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!

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