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  1. Vikings: Strategy of Ultimate Conquest


  • The Dual Problem

    Posts: 1250
    (7/21/01 9:43:03 am)

    I almost gave up on this, but....

    The Dual problem:

    In the c:\vikings(or whatever)\spr subfolder are 4 files that contain the animation files for the dual sequence, one each for the 4 weapons that you can choose.


    These are the problem.

    • Rename them to something else. (i.e. change celtswrd.spr to cceltswrd.spr)

    • Also in that folder is a file called front.spr
      Copy front.spr someplace, then rename it celtswrd.spr and copy it back to the \spr subfolder.

    • Repeat this for the other 3 files.

    The file sizes are different so something may be missing at some point, but this seems to work, it got the guy facing in the right direction anyways.

    PS. Make sure the NumLock key is off when you dual. (It took me 20 minutes to figure that out). -No smirking please.

    *I didn't notice this but there has been a report that the person you are fighting in the duel is now backwards, Don't worry he can still hurt you. It just looks strange.

    *Note: you will always have to fight with the sword. That is what the front.spr file uses, and I didn't see anything like that file for the other weapon types. Any weapon type that you try will bring up the guy with the sword.

  • Missing Graphics Files (SAXON11K.pcx,...)

    Posts: 1250
    (7/21/01 9:43:03 am)

    I didn't come across any problem with this. It's possible that they are in some obscure corner of the map.

    But that shouldn't be too hard to fix. The game just sends a call to load in a .pcx file and it doesn't really care which one it is. So just make a note of what file the game is trying to load and then look through (view with a graphics viewer) the .pcx's that are there and find the one that it uses for a city that you have already been to and copy/rename/copy it back.

    Posts: 1627
    (8/31/01 7:44:29 am) 

    If when you attempt to attack "certain" cities (Dunnaverty, SW tip of Scotland for example), you get this error message on your screen:

    cannot find file:.\pic\cb\SAXON11K.pcx

    The game is right, it's not there. But we can work around that. Copy \gamedir\pic\cb\Saxon1sk.pcx someplace and rename it to...


    (I don't know if the capital S vs small s made any difference, but I kept it. And those are ones not L's). and then copy it back. It should now run fine.

    Good Luck!

  • General tips

    Posts: 1250
    (7/21/01 9:43:03 am)

    Vikings may not run properly unless your System is configured for a 640x480 display. Vikings must be run in 256 color mode. To run the game properly, you'll need virtual memory running. Your MIDI must be set to either base or extended. The Numlock key must be off during hand-to-hand combat.

    If your ship is sailing very slowly and unevenly, do an Alt/Tab to go to Program Manager, and then Alt/Tab back to Windows.

    Good Luck!

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