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  1. Ultimate Soccer Manager 98-99
  2. Unnatural Selection


  • Mega Update 2000-2001

    Registered User
    Posts: 255
    (7/20/01 1:57:47 am)
    Ultimate Soccer Manager 98

    I have noticed a couple of people having trouble with the MEGAUPDATE patch that is recommended on the USM page, the first time I used it it made no difference to anything.

    For the patch to work you must unzip the files into the Data01 folder as this is where the player data is stored.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc
    Registered User
    (9/28/00 1:45:12 am)

    Game runs just fine when you remove the Read-Only attribute from all the game files and select a sound card.

    • Extract the .zip with all the directories intact.

    • Remove the Read-Only attribute from ALL the files:
      In DOS type:

      attrib *.* -r 
      while in each directory/subdirectory of the game.


      In Windows, highlight (select) all the files in a directory and right-click on one of them. Click on Properties in the pop-up menu > Uncheck the box next to Read-only > Click Apply. Do this in each directory of the game.

    • Run SETUP.BAT and select a sound card. When I tried selecting no sound, the game wouldn't run. SoundBlaster worked fine for me, and will for most others since the majority of soundcards out today can emulate the SoundBlaster family of cards.

    • Run UNS.EXE to start the game, *not* uns_bat.exe. Suggest you run it in DOS. I got it to start in Windows, but it froze not long into the game.
      Ran in DOS fine, tho, with no problems, no hangs.

    Played for a while and this game looks interesting and *hard*.
    Think I'll go download the manual.


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