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  1. Take A Break! Pinball
  2. Take No Prisoners
  3. Terminator: Future Shock
  4. Terminator Skynet
  5. Terminator Rampage
  6. Theatre of The Imagination
  7. Theme Hospital
  8. Third Reich
  9. Typing Of The Dead


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    posts: 1654
    (4/18/01 9:01:52 pm)
    1. Create a temporary directory (or folder) on your C: drive to unzip the download into. Let's call it pintemp.

    2. Unzip the download into the pintemp directory. You should have 2 .zips ( and Now unzip these 2 .zips into the pintemp directory and you should have 4 more files- Pinball.arj, Pinball.a01, Dnx.exe and Dynamix.nfo.

    3. The two Pinball files are .ARJs. This is a compression format similiar to .ZIP, and you'll need to use a decompression program that can handle .ARJ file types to unpack them.
      (The DYNAMIX.NFO says you can use the dnx.exe file to unpack the ARJ archive, but unfortunately it won't work because the ARJ.EXE file is missing from the .zip.)
      So you need to unpack PINBALL.ARJ and PINBALL.A01 into the pintemp directory yourself. If you're unfamiliar with this, you can download a free copy of ARJ.EXE here-
      Put a copy of the ARJ.EXE file in the pintemp directory, and at the MS-DOS prompt type:

      arj x -v -y pinball.arj c:\pintemp 
      This will unpack both of the Pinball ARJs into the pintemp directory for you.

    4. Now that the files are all unpacked, you have to do the Windows setup / installation of the game, just as if you had purchased it on CD or floppys.
      Run the SETUP.EXE file that is in the pintemp directory. The standard Sierra installation program will begin. Just follow the prompts to complete setup.

    5. If you're running Windows 95, the installation program will put shortcuts to the game off of your Start button; if you're running Windows 3.1 look for the new group/icons in Program Manager.

    Although the game was written for Windows 3.1, it ran with no problems for me in Windows 95.

    Have fun! :)



  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    posts: 1655
    (4/18/01 9:15:57 pm)

    [EDIT update: I've uploaded a repacked version of this archive with a self-executing file, so none steps noted below are needed to unpack the archive. See the Read_Me.txt file in the new archive for more information -Deb].

    Hi again
    Downloaded the game and it runs fine. As mentioned on The FAQ page, those .NFO files are text files that can be read with notepad. One of them, RAZOR.NFO has the instructions for installation & running the game, but the part about UNRARing may be alittle vague to the uninitiated. You need a program that unzips .RAR files. Check the FAQ page and you'll find a link to download WINRAR. Download it and install it.

    1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. The download has 22 .zips inside it ( through Unzip the 22 .zips into the same temporary directory and you'll get 22 more files- takenop.001 through takenop.022. These are the RAR files.

    2. Run WINRAR and select the folder you have the takenop.001-takenop.022 files in. Highlight the takenop.001 file and then click on the "Extract to" Icon. A window will pop up-- all you have to do is type in a directory name where you want the game to be created in (I used c:\takeno) and then click OK. All the takenop files will be unrared into place.

    3. You need to run SETUP.EXE for the Registry keys to be created.
      (Only have to do this ONCE). It's quick and takes care of itself.

    4. Then run TNP.EXE to start the game.

    That's it. Oh-The screen goes black for a second, but it does come up in a bit.
    In the opening Options screen, use your arrow keys and spacebar to config the game, but during gameplay the mouse works.

    Have fun :)



  • Change Path in INSTALL.DAT

    Jefe Picaro� 
    Registered User
    Posts: 554
    (8/28/01 1:11:05 am)

    You only have to modify the INSTALL.DAT. Change the paths there fot that where you installed the game. Check this:


    if you decompressed the game into d:\games\tfs then you should do those changes:

    sourcepath=d:\games\tfs (*here*)
    shock_installpath=d:\games\tfs (*here*)
    dagger_installpath=d:\games\tfs (*here*)
    xcar_installpath=d:\games\tfs (*here*)


  • Change Path in INSTALL.OPT

    Registered User
    Posts: 2579
    (7/9/01 9:31:40 pm)

    To get SkyNET working, edit the install.dat file with a text editor. You should see something like this:

    installpath=d:\ games\skynet
    sourcepath=d:\ games\skynet

    Change the "installpath" and "sourcepath" to the directory where you extracted the game to. For example:

    installpath=c:\ skynet
    sourcepath=c:\ skynet
    This should allow you to run the game.

  • Control Problem

    Registered User
    Posts: 2579
    (7/9/01 9:31:40 pm)

    This is a control problem. You may notice by the default control setting that by pressing the up arrow key will both make you look up(as it is intended to do), and to strafe to the left. The same effect happens by pressing the down arrow key.

    This is because the program recognises both Left Shift and the up/down arrow keys as similar keys. To prevent this, make sure you do not use the left shift key for anything. Like many culinary delicacies, revenge is a dish best savoured slowly, after long and delicate preparation.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Registered User
    posts: 20
    (12/29/00 8:56:55 pm)
    1. unzip it then use WinAce or arj to extract the multi-volume ARJ archive because WinRAR will mess up do to the read only attribute on some files...

    2. put the extracted files in any folder you want and run INSTALL.EXE

    3. goto C:\RAMDATA and copy RAMPAGE.BAT to your Terminator Rampage game directory. You may delete the folder C:\RAMDATA afterwards.

    4. edit RAMPAGE.BAT to make it look like this:

      @rampage -Ssbdig.adv -Mgenmidi.adv

      (skip the -Ssbdig.adv -Mgenmidi.adv part if you have trouble with your sound. You won't have any sound then, though. @ only means 'echo off')

    5. Go to and download the Terminator Rampage crack from PTG, or download it from here: termramp.rar.

    6. Go to and get their Terminator Rampage pentium reboot fix patch. The patch also changes the copy protection from CD check to manual based, or download it from here: ramfix01.rar.

    7. Put the files from the downloaded crack and patch unzipped into your Terminator: Rampage directory.

    8. Rename the new G.EXE from the patch to RAMPAGE.EXE

    9. Delete the r atribute of all your files in the game directory (in Windows Explorer, select all the files, right click, select "Properties" and uncheck the "Read-Only" check box where it says "Attributes". Alternatively, use the attrib command in DOS.)

    10. Run the previously edited RAMPAGE.BAT to play the game.

    11. When prompted for the copy protection answer just hit enter.


    "Must be played from CD"
    you forgot to update g.exe from the patch...
    "Could not be loaded..."
    you forgot to rename g.exe to rampage.exe
    "You failed copy protection"
    you launched the game with the .EXE file instead of the .COM file from the crack.
    no sound
    launch the game with that BAT file that was edited as described above to have sound...
    Black screen
    you didn't change the read-only attribute
    Sound error message
    delete "-Ssbdig.adv -Mgenmidi.adv" from rampage.bat


  • Step by Step Installation

    Tech Guru
    (10/06/02 21:09 pm)

    I got this to work!

    Yah! Hurrah!

    It's something of a Kludge.

    Boo! Hiss!

    So if you can't wait for a more *elegant* solution (Go John Doe!).......

    1. Install the game as directed in the readme.txt file.
    2. Create a folder called c:\movies
    3. Copy 01file.txt (and *ONLY* 01file.txt) to c:\movies

    Now you are going to need some software:

    • A virtual drive program (Daemon Tools is free and very good: and you'll probably want one of the front-ends as well.
    • An .ISO creation program (I used the Fireburner 1.06 -- -- "file system builer" option for this, but Nero/Cdrwin would probably work as well (if you use Fireburner you want v1.06 *NOT* v2.17 -it's a trial version, but it's worth the money to register IMHO).
    1. .a. Start up Fireburner (FB) and go to the "file system builer" option, "drag and drop" the c:\movies folder onto the FB screen and then "Build data track". Follow the prompts and name/place the iso file where you want it.
    2. .b. You can now delete the c:\movies folder.
    3. Install Daemon tools (read the install instructions! I don't remember, but you may need to reboot your computer after installing).
    4. Start up Daemon tools and "mount" the ISO file that you created above. (The drive letter I have assigned to DTools is above my regular CD drives. -It might make a difference)
    5. DblClick on theatre.exe
    6. Game should start.

    Good Luck!



    You can skip all the stuff up above about the .iso *IF* you have a second partition (or -probably- a second hard drive).

    For example: if you have the game installed to drive C: and you have a partition drive D: create a folder called d:\movies and copy 01file.txt (and *only* 01file.txt) there.

    The game should now run.


    Update from I Pharaoh:

    2 others: just to make it clear: you can put the game in any drive and the MOVIES folder (containing *only* 01file.txt) to the root directory of any drive except C:

    So you can have everything on one drive as well, unless it is C:


  • Modify the install file

    Magnificent Linnard 
    Registered User
    posts: 502
    (3/13/01 3:38:02 am)

    As for a solution...

    Edit your HOSPITAL.CFG. Set the first line to the directory you unzipped to, complete with trailing backslash.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    posts: 1656
    (4/18/01 9:33:43 pm)

    [Edit - there is a new file in the Documentations/Extras field on the review page that upgrades the game to version 1.38. Thanks to bill22 for finding the patch and uploading it.]

    FakeCD is not needed for the copy here. I suspect you may have used the wrong crack file.
    Game runs just fine for me in Windows 95. Here's what I did:

    1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. You should have 7 .zips ( through Unzip these 7 into the same temporary directory. Note that these .zips have a bunch of hacker signature files that are not needed. All you really need to install the game is 3rdreich.arj and 3rdreich.a0 through 3rdreich.a06. Now you need to unpack these:

    2. These files are .ARJ files. ARJs use a compression file format similar to .zip files. You'll need an extraction program that can handle this file format. I use Winzip with arj.exe plugged in as a "helper", but you can just use ARJ.EXE at the DOS prompt very easily too. You can download a free copy of ARJ.EXE here-
      If using this stand alone ARJ.EXE, put a copy of the ARJ.EXE file in the temporary directory with the ARJs, and at the DOS prompt (MS-DOS prompt in Win9.x is fine) type:

      and then type:
      arj x -v -y 3rdreich.arj c:\ 
      This will unpack all 7 of the ARJs for you into a directory called \Reich.

    3. Now you need to apply the upgrade patch. NOTE the Technical Notes section on the Third Reich review page advises you to use the separate patch file, *not* the crack included in the download.
      So you will need to download the Version 1.38 Patch file that is on the review page under Documentation/Extras. It's another .zip file called It contains a new version of 3R2.EXE. Put a copy of this 3R2.EXE file into the \Reich directory. You will overwrite the one that is already there-- that's normal.

      NOTE: You can download the Version 1.38 Patch also from here: treich-fix.rar

    4. All the game files are now in the \Reich directory, Ready for you to play. :) But first you should run the SETUP.EXE file to configure your sound card. Use the "Test" options after you've done the configurations to be sure you've got it right.

    5. Start the game with 3r.bat.

    Game ran in Win95 for me with no problems.

  • Saving Games

    Joan O Arc 
    posts: 1656
    (4/18/01 9:33:43 pm)

    Note that you can only save the game when all the different "phases" are complete. The program will ask if you want to save the game at different intervals during game play; you have to wait until then to save the game. There is no option to save on your own. :\

    The program will ask if you want to save the game at different intervals during game play; you have to wait until then to save the game. There is no option to save on your own. :/

    IMPORTANT information on saving games in Third Reich:
    Apparently the game will not display a listing of saved games unless there are a minimum of two games already saved. So you need to play through a round of all the phases and save your game when the program asks. Your saved game will be created in the \Reich directory as 3rsave00.3rg.
    But you need two saved game files before the game will allow use of the Load option.
    There are 2 ways to fix this.

    1. You could play through the phases again and save a second game. (Ugh, don't like that one)

      Or better way--

    2. Put a copy of the 3rsave00.3rg into another directory and rename it to 3rsave01.3rg. Then move it back into the \Reich directory.
      Run 3r.bat and select Load. You'll see both games there (by the same name you saved under). Pick one and change history. Please!



  • Error: Kernel 32 stack overflow error (ATI video fix)

    Yorkshire Terrier

    I recently grabbed "Typing of the Dead" from HOTU & was all set to learn how to type correctly (instead of the 4 fingers & 2 thumb hunt-&-peck method), but alas whence I started the game I got a really unexpected...

    Kernel 32 stack overflow error

    (which of course meant nothing to me except I knew it wasn't going to run)

    I did a little bit of hunting around & found out that there was a Patch released for the game around 2001 for ATI Rage Mobility cards. I'm using an ATI Radeon 9200, but since it's an offshoot of the Rage chipset family I decided to give it a shot anyway.

    It now works fine.

    The ATI Rage Mobility Patch (already cracked) can be found at

    Go To>Game Fixes>PC Games>T>Page 6>Typing of the Dead>Game Fixes>
    The Typing of the Deadv1.1 [Myth Team] - cracked update.

    or here's the direct URL (you'll have to suffer 3 pages of banner ads though)

    NOTE: here is a direct link to HOTU:

    And ALT+F4 seems to be the only way to exit the game!

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