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  7. Seven Kingdoms 2
  8. Shadow Caster
  9. Shadow Of The Comet
  10. Shadow President
  11. Shannara
  12. Sherlock Holmes: Case Of The Rose Tatoo
  13. Sid & Al's Incredible Toons
  14. Space Bucks
  15. Spoiler
  16. Star Control 3
  17. Star General
  18. Star Trek: A Final Unity
  19. Star Trek Screensaver
  20. Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance
  21. Strife
  22. Strike Commander
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  24. Super Solvers: Gizmos & Gadgets
  25. Sword Of Honour
  26. System Shock
  27. System Shock 2


  • Run-time Error '430': Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface.

    Tech Guru

    If you recieve this error:

    Run-time Error '430': Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface.

    You may need to install Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 98 from here:

    -If you want to try this with another version of Windows make sure that you get the correct version of Windows Script, the link above is only for win98/98se.

    .....And as discovered by..........

    The Premier
    Resident Revolutionary
    Joined: 05 Nov 2001

    On a related note it seems that the game has a couple of files that are badly named. Once it's downloaded, you must manually rename Aqueduct.bmp to Aquaduct.bmp and Poor House.bmp to Poorhouse.bmp in the Images\Small directory, or the game will lock up when it can't find them. Other bmp files might also need to be renamed, but I didn't find them yet.

    PS: Same goes for Aqueduct.bmp and Poor House.bmp in the Images\Large directory.


  • Running it under WinXP

    Tech Guru
    (22 Jul 2002 01:58)

    From the Top.............


    • You have 1 big .zip: Extract with unzipper of choice.
    • You have 3 new .zips: Extract with unzipper of choice.
      If it asks if you want to overwrite files, say yes.
    • Cut and Paste all of the extracted files to c:\
    • Open a Command prompt at c:\ and type in: install c: to c:
      This will install the game to c:\seal
    • Close the Command Window (you can delete the files you just put at c:\ , but you will probably want to copy the docs that were in someplace else).

    Playing the game:

    The good news is that VDMSound ( ) works perfectly for this (make sure that you also get the Beta Front end. It makes it a lot easier to work with. There is also an Update 1 on SourceForge that you can get that adds in a couple of things).

    After installing the VDMSound programs (I assume that you are using the Front end).

    1. RClick on setm.exe and select the run with VDMS option (without the icon), select general midi and then port 330
    2. RClick on setd.exe and select the run with VDMS option (without the icon), select soundblast Pro/Pro2 and compatible and then port 220 and irq 7
    3. RClick on ST.exe and select the run with VDMS option (But this time use the one with the little icon next to it)
    4. Select the "Use Default" and "remember my settings" options.
    5. The game should start up fine (at least it does for me).
    It does take 10 seconds or so for the game to start up and I LClicked the mouse a couple of times (which probably has nothing to do with anything).

    The next time you play just LClick on the "VDMS Shortcut file" that was created in the games directory.

    Good Luck!


  • Running it in Windos XP

    Yorkshire Terrier

    I did this on WinXP, Gforce 5600. I had "No SuperVGA card error" and this fixed it.

    Get DOSBox 0.61 or something. Run uvconfig.exe from the DOSBox (you can read how to mount the game directory first in DOSBox itself). It will create 2 files, univbe and uvconfig. Exit DOSbox. Copy those 2 files somewhere else for safe keeping cos the game deletes them on each exit. Run the DOSDRV\setsound.exe if you want to set sound ingame. I set up Sound Blaster default setting and no MIDI sound and it worked. Get NOLFB.exe and put it in the same dir as Sentient.exe. MAKE SURE that those 2 files are in the same directory. In command console in the game directory Type "nolfb" press enter, type "sentient" (to run sentient.exe) press enter, hopefully enjoy.

    You can read about where you can find DOSbox and NOLFB.exe in the FAQs on the site.


  • Good Glide Wrapper for GeForce

    Registered user
    Posts: 1
    (8/16/01 1:01:53 am)

    Short: Try eVoodoo v1.4a.

    I've been trying to get the Glide version of "Sentinel Returns" to work properly for over a year and I finally found a wrapper that does the job. eVoodoo v1.4a works almost perfectly with the game (Geforce DDR, DirectX 8, Win98SE). eVoodoo 1.5 sucks, bizarrely

    Download from

    NOTE: You can also download it from here: evoodoo1_4a.rar


  • Map Editor Crashes on Save

    Posts: 1491
    (8/15/01 5:23:53 am)

    You've been up all night creating just the *perfect* map and you go to save and.... Ack!

    You're back at the desktop. No save in sight. It's all gone! Noooooooo!

    Try this...
    Create a subdirectory under your game directory called... worlds

    Good Luck!


  • Sound Problems/Some Keys

    Joan O Arc 
    Registered User
    posts: 797
    (12/29/00 10:28:29 am)

    You can try command line switches for 7 cities.
    The sound for Seven Cities can be set with a 7 cog switch.
    Available switches are:

    7cities <-s> <-a> <-in> <-pnnn>
    (where n=an appropriate number)
    p=io port address
    ? or h=help....shows the above list of switches.

    For example, typing the following line

    7cities -s -i5 -p220 (enter)
    will set Seven Cities to use a Sound Blaster card with an IRQ of 5 and the 220 IO port.

    I can confirm there is sound, if you can just set the right card up. You can put the command line in a batch file so you don't have to type it in each time, too. And as Tommy said, you can try setting it as Adlib if the Sound Blaster option doesn't work for you.

    The keystrokes are a little different for this game:
    If using the keyboard to play, use the arrow keys to change / highlight menu items and for movement during game play. Use CTRL key to select.
    Pressing the CTRL key during the game will also bring up the option menus.
    Press ESC for the main Game Menu.

    I love this oldie! Have fun.



  • Installation: Windows Registry File

    Posts: 1402
    (8/7/01 9:18:59 am)

    [Edit update: A new self-extracting version of this game was uploaded by Binni that is already pre-patched to version 1.2 and includes bill22's "tweak" below. See the readme file included with the new download for more information]

    Installing the game (I used the default install directory, but that probably doesn't matter):

    • Unzip the .zip

    • DblClick on install.exe

    • select default install directory

    • "Merge" the .reg file (Either DblClick on it or RClick on the file and select "Merge")

    • Patching to ver 1.20

      Posts: 1402
      (8/7/01 9:18:59 am)

      [Edit update: A new self-extracting version of this game was uploaded by Binni that is already pre-patched to version 1.2 and includes bill22's "tweak" below. See the readme file included with the new download for more information]

      The version of Seven kingdoms 2 currently available is ver 1.01. As far as I can tell, there were about half-a-dozen copies of this sent out (reviewers, contest winners, etc.). The "gold" version was 1.10. There was a patch to update 1.01 to 1.10, but it no longer seems to exist (at least I couldn't find it).

      That is the reason that the version 1.12 and 1.16 patches would not apply by running the self installing .exe file. (However, they can be extracted with Winzip and installed manually, but not with Winrar, PowerArchiver or WinAce). The 1.20 patch does not have that problem. It is a simple .zip file.

      Since the 1.01 to 1.10 patch has not been applied, there may be problems if that patch updated something that the 1.20 patch does not. (It seems to work OK though, and the 1.12, 1.16, and 1.20 patches all have the same file structure).

      • Download the version 1.20 patch(Eng) from the patches scroll:
        NOTE: You can download it also from here: 7k2e120.rar

      • Place the file in c:\king2

      • Extract the patch from the .zip (make sure that you keep the directory structure intact). This gives you a new 7k2.exe, a new c:\king2\resource\t_firm.res file and a .txt patch changes file. (You may want to back up the originals of these files in case things go wrong).

      • DblClick on 7k2.exe and game runs.... Except you will notice that, no matter what you do, only multiplayer mode is available. Let's fix that.

      • Now go to Go to their "PC Game Index" page. Go to their "Seven Kingdoms 2" page. Find the section on "Seven Kingdoms 2 v1.20 [ENGLISH] No-CD 06-08-2000". LClick on the Little disk icon to the left of "kPN Patch Executable [16 KB] - For D3D Version". Download the file- [kpn]_seven_kingdoms_2_v1.20_nocd.exe from one of the mirror sites.

      • Place the file in the c:\king2 directory. DblClick on it. The "tweak" should update the .exe file.

      • DblClick on 7k2.exe to start the game (It should say version 1.20 in the upper right hand corner.

      • In the Game:
        Click on "Player Register" and either DblClick on the name that is there or Click on "New Player" and follow the prompts.
        The Single player mode is now available.
        Despite previous reports, Campaign, New game, and Scenario Modes all seem to work fine.

        Good Luck!


      • Step by Step Installation

        Joan O Arc  
        posts: 1647
        (4/18/01 7:43:04 pm)

        This game does work, but you have to do a few picky things. Read carefully:

        1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. There are 6 zips in the download. ( and through Unzip all 6 of them into the same temporary directory- first the and then the other zips in number order:
          You'll find that the last .zip, contains a file named shadow.001 and the zip program will ask if you want to overwrite a file by the same name, but smaller. Click YES.

        2. Now run INSTALL.EXE. The installation program will come up- select "Install Shadow Caster". DO NOT select configure sound at this time or you will get an error. The installation program will ask you what directory to put the game in. The default is \shadow.

        3. After installation is complete, you're brought back to the install menu. Select "EXIT"

        4. Now change to the directory you installed the game into.
          Run the INSTALL.EXE program that is in this directory and select "Configure Sound" to configure your card. There are both music and sound effects for this game, but I was only able to get them to work in DOS. To run it in Win95 I had to disable sound.

        5. Run SHADOW.BAT to start the game.

        Hope this helps you



      • Running CD version on any windows

        Yorkshire Terrier
        (14 Oct 2002 16:15)

        The CD release of this game won't work normally on most systems, but I finally have a way to make it run. You need to run it from the (agh!) winbloze explorer, or something that can create and run PIFs. Create a .PIF for Shadow.exe, check the option to prevent the program from detecting Windows, check the option to run it in full screen, and uncheck the option that refers to switching to MS-DOS mode if needed (I'm not using an English version of Win98, but that's what those options mean). Run the game by executing the PIF, and it should work fine.

        You can even run it under (yuk!) Windows XP, using a free Sound Blaster emulator: VDMS.

        Notes: the game may sometimes crash for no reason; thank Micro$oft's memory management for that. Additionally, when you force shut the game's window Windows may crash or sound may suddenly stutter. To prevent it, use an external process manager such as ProcExp to shut down WinOA386.mod, not the "SotC" window.


      • Step by Step Installation

        Joan O Arc
        posts: 1649
        (4/18/01 8:16:55 pm)

        [Edit Update: A new self-extracting, pre-cracked, patched to version 1.0b copy was uploaded by err.. I *think* it was either Raithun or bill22 (sorry guys didn't make a note). See the Read1st.txt included in the download for instructions. So most all of what follows below no longer applies to the current copy on HOTU -Deb].

        I can confirm that the copy of Shadow President on HOTU is intact. Runs fine (on my computer, atleast) in Windows 95.

        1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. You should have 3 zips (, and Unzip each of these 3 zips to the temporary directory.

        2. Now run INSTALL.EXE. The installation program will ask what directory you want to install the game in. The default is \shadow. If you choose to install to a different directory, I suggest you keep the directory length 8 characters long or less.

        3. Put a copy the CRACK.COM file that's in the temporary directory into the directory you installed the game in.

        4. Change to the game directory and run CRACK.COM.
          Then run SNDSETUP.EXE to configure the game for sound.

        5. Start the game with SHADOW.EXE.

        It does run in Win95 for me, but if it balks at running in Windows on your hardware you can try it in DOS.

        Hope this helps you



      • Step by Step Installation

        Joan O Arc
        Tech Goddess
        Joined: 05 Nov 2001
        Location: USA
        Posted: 16 Mar 2002 16:59 


        There is full sound/voices with the copy of Shannara here. Ben did a very nice job on this one and after downloading it I sat bleary-eyed playing it for hours/days until I finished it.

        It ran in Windows 95 on my system no problem.

        This one is quite the memory hog, requiring both XMS and EMS so unless you have your bootfiles setup for this, you may need to use a DOS bootdisk if you're unfamiliar with DOS memory managers and such.

        1. Unzip the file to an empty directory on the hard drive, but DO NOT unzip the that is inside the file. It is needed by mp3setup to be in .zip format. If you manually unzip it then mp3setup will fail.
        2. Then run SETUP.BAT to finish unpacking/converting the game files. This is a *very* lengthy process and will take quite a while. Be patient.
          The game will unpack to around 201 megs on your hard drive.
        3. When all the files have been unpacked/converted to your hard drive the setup.bat will delete some of the files that were used to install the game that are no longer needed. Although this installation is long it should work in both DOS or Windows 95. If you encounter problems with the unpacking, you may need to defrag your hard drive.
        4. Next the sound configuration program will auto-start. Select your sound card from the list. If the configuration program is unable to auto-detect your sound card settings try selecting the settings yourself. If you still have no luck you can always try selecting different cards on the list from the Sound Blaster family and see if they'll work. This is an older game so the default drivers for various cards will sometimes work newer cards.
          If you need to reconfigure your sound card later, run SETSOUND.EXE.
        5. Run SHANNARA.EXE to start the game.

        You can click on the disk icon in the top-right of the screen to open the Game Options Menu.

        It's really is a neat game and worth spending time to get it to run on your system. Don't give up!

        Hope that helps. Let us know how you fair.


      • Step by Step Installation

        Registered User
        posts: 19
        (12/29/00 8:40:13 pm)

        Freediskspace is now myspace. If you change the freediskspace-bit in the download-URL to myspace, the download will be a "bit" more reliable - but still the cat's a r s e.

        If you get a file-not-found error log in again (you probably won't be able to log out). If it asks you to terminate the previous connection say "yes". All the files are there, just use GetRight or similar to download. The URL changes each time you log in again so use the "import broken download" feature if you have to. I managed to download 2 files max. DON'T use their java-based browser - it's utter crap.

        On to the installation as the original docs have a couple of mistakes in them. Assuming the contens of the INSTLD.RAR is in C:\HOLMES2 and the rest of the stuff residing in C:\SHERCD was substed to drive X: (type "subst x: c:\shercd" in the windows dos-box) then make the HOMES2.BAT in C:\HOLMES2 look as follows (right click in Explorer and select "Edit"):

        @Echo Off
        cd X:\SHERCD\HOLMES2
        holmes2 C:\HOLMES2\MYTHOS.CFG %1 %2 %3
        cd C:\HOLMES2

        Save it, then run SETSOUND.EXE in C:\HOLMES2 (choose Sound Blaster 16 if you have a Sound Blaster Live! card) and off you go.


      • Getting it to run

        Joan O Arc  
        Posts: 2065
        (7/1/01 9:44:37 pm)


        I just checked Sid & Al's.
        (Just unzip the download to an empty directory.)

        You need to run first to crack the game. Then you can start the game with Toons.exe. At the copy protection screen, just click anything.

        You can run Install.exe to configure your sound card.

        Hope this helps.



      • Step by Step Installation

        Tech Guru
        ( 03 Oct 2002 23:57)

        (The paths that I use are just examples, you should be able to install anywhere. Just make sure that everything matches up at the end).

        The way this is set up you will need to keep both the original archive and the game install. It's possible that you could copy all the files that are not present at the install location from the archive location and then subst/change .ini to just the game location. But I didn't test that).

        Note: This game does not appear to like WinXP (I get a gpf in module unknown. Compatibility modes don't seem to make any difference), YMMV.


        1. Extract the archive to.... c:\games\install\spacebux
          (note: the unarchiver should add the spacebux part itself):
          *And don't delete this afterwards*
        2. Open a DOS prompt. Type in... subst I: c:\games\install\spacebux
        3. Go to drive I:\ in Windows explorer and run setup.exe (the hardware tests may crash, so you may have to skip them). Install the game to your location of choice.
        4. Go to where ever you installed it and.... Open spacebuc.ini with notepad and change/make sure that it reads....
        5. DblClick on spacebuc.exe to start the game (you may have to manually set video mode/resolution to 256 colors at 640x480 prior to starting the game).

        Note: The subst command will disapear everytime you reboot so you will have to redo that everytime you want to play.

        *Special bonus info...
        There is a patch to ver 1.02 which you can find here: Installing it fixes a few things and doesn't seem to break anything else.

        Note: you can download the patch from here also: sbuck102.rar.

        Good Luck!


      • Possible Story Line Bug

        Magnificent Linnard
        Registered User
        posts: 571
        (5/2/01 2:39:09 pm)

        This may be an bug with the game itself. In the Ordinary Outpost, it is possible to be captured after finding Saul in the Processing Area. The issue is not, however, with escaping, but rather with getting back in. If you press M (for the Map), you are -permitted- to leave the cell, and go anywhere. However, if you return to the Ordinary Outpost, the Big Red Button will be down, and the door to the Mood Controller Room will be closed and inactive. In essence, you are stuck--you cannot return to the Blue Cell, nor can you progress in the alternate storyline. (If anyone knows otherwise, well, then tell me, cuz I'm stuck. Not only can I not get out of the Blue Cell, I can't get back IN...)


      • Sound Problems

        Registered User
        Posts: 878
        (6/7/01 9:52:34 am)

        Sound problems?

        Try this...

        DblClick on setsound.exe and select "no digital audio" and then select "no midi music" Make sure that the config options actually change and then select "done"

        DblClick on sc3.exe

        If the game runs go back to setsound and enable midi music.

        If the game runs, cheer. That's as far as you can go, because the digital audio file is not present.

        You can also try this...

        Download a copy of the demo, extract the file star001.voc and then copy it to your game directory.

        This allowed me to run the game with digital sounds enabled. I didn't hear any sounds though, (the demo only contains the hypermelee portion of the game so if there are sounds to be heard it will only be there, and I didn't check that).

        Good Luck!


      • Step by Step Installation and Patching to version 1.1

        Posts: 1851
        (11/5/01 8:02:54 am)

        Someone asked about this a while ago, and I finally got to it.

        (Ah, a day off. It's been quite a while since I've had a day off.)

        (If you already have the game installed you can skip down a bit, however the patch changes a lot of files which may make saved games "twitchy". You might want to have a second install in case things go horribly wrong).

        (These directions are for my extraction program, PowerArchiver 7.02, but should work with Winzip/others as well). If you are interested you can download it from It's fast, Shareware, and pretty good, IMHO -(except for multi- spanning .arj files). And no, I don't own stock in the company.)

        1. You have 1 big .zip ( file. DblClick on it, and select Extract.
        2. You now have 20 new .zip files. DblClick on each of these and extract them. (there are faster ways, but I'm trying to keep this simple). You should now have stargen.rar, stargen.r00 thru stargen.r18, and a bunch of .nfo files. (These are .rar archives, so if you have an unrar program you can just use that.
        3. DblClick on stargen.rar, and select Extract
        4. Now... Go to the directory that you have been extracting to and DblClick on Setup.exe. Select the directory where you want the game installed to and say "no" when it asks to install directx 3.
        5. DblClick on Stargen.exe to start the game. Actually, that's not going to work. (Copy protection problems).
        6. Go back to the very first step and find the file called When you extract it you will see a new and "improved" stargen.exe file.
        7. Depending on what you want to do, there are 2 paths you can follow.
          1. Playing Version 1.0 of the game.
            Copy the "improved" stargen.exe file to the game directory (overwriting the old one). DblClick on Stargen.exe to start the game.
          2. Installing and using the Version 1.1 patch.
            • DON'T do any thing with the file! Instead download the 1.0 to 1.1 Win95 patch (it's available from the Patches Scrolls at ).

              NOTE: You can download it from here also: sgw10_11.rar

            • Extract the patch into the game's directory. DblClick on patch.exe (This updates a bunch of game files, including stargen.exe) If you DblClick on Stargen.exe now nothing happens. (Copy protection problems).
            • **You can try playing the game with the's stargen.exe, but that is still the 1.0 version and I don't recommend it.
              The 1.1 .exe is looking for a file... A file called sinfo14.smk, ...And it's picky about where it needs to be...

              So... Create a folder off of drive c:\ called sinfo. ie. c:\sinfo (or d:\sinfo if you have the game installed to drive d:)
            • Now go to c:\sinfo and... Rclick in Explorer, select "new" and then "txt file", type in sinfo14.smk, then save it, and then click yes when it asks if you want to change file extensions.
              That gives you the right file in almost the right place. But the game still thinks it should be looking for that file on a CD-rom Drive
            • Perhaps if you made a change... These instructions are for "Advanced Hex Editor" from Kahei Co. which you can download from here: http:// or you can use your own.
              Open the stargen.exe file using the "edit" and then the "find" commands, search for...
              83 f8 05 0f 85 0a 00 00 00 

              and under "type" select "raw hex bytes" and hit OK (the 0's are Zero's)
            • change the the above so that it looks like this...
              83 f8 03 0f 85 0a 00 00 00 

              and then save.
            • DblClick on stargen.exe and the game will (hopefully) run perfectly.

        Good Luck!


      • Step by Step Installation

        Registered User
        Posts: 823
        (6/2/01 3:06:33 am)

        This seems to take care of the problem...

        1. Create a temp directory (ie. c:\stss)

        2. Place the downloaded .zip there and extract it (this creates 2 new .zips)

        3. Create 2 new subdirectories under c:\stss called disk1 and disk2 (ie. c:\stss\disk1 and c:\stss\disk2)

        4. Place in c:\stss\disk1 and place in c:\stss\disk2

        5. Extract them to those subdirectories

        6. Run setup.exe

        7. Remember to look at serial.txt

        Good Luck!


      • Step by Step Installation

        Registered User
        Posts: 913
        (6/15/01 10:16:11 am)

        This is a 2 part problem.

        1. Getting the setup program to run.
        2. Getting the game to run.

        1. Getting the Setup program working

          • Preparation:

            • Extract the files normally to where you want the game to be.

            • Make sure that the file is still present in that directory.

            • Place a copy of fakecd.exe in that directory

          • The rest must be done in Real Dos Mode

            • Reboot to DOS with a boot floppy or with the F8 key

            • cd to your game directory type...

              fakecd c:\games\st /L:f
              This assumes that c:\games\st is your game directory.
              The fakecd drive letter you use (ie. f) must be after your actual cd-rom drive letter.

            • Type setup and (if I haven't missed something) the setup program should execute.

        2. Getting the game to run.

          For some unknown reason (which I didn't really look into) the game wouldn't for me in DOS. Video problem probably. The reason I didn't pursue it is because I'd already gotten the game working in Windows(98). To do that.

          • RClick on sttng.exe and select "properties"

          • go to "program" and check the "close on exit" box. Continue on to "advanced" and check the box that says "Prevent MS dos programs from detecting windows"

          • Go to "screen" and check "full screen"

          • Go to "misc" and uncheck the "allow screensaver" box and put the "idle sensitivity" slider down towards low.

        That setup works great for me.

        If you have problems playing in Windows...

        ...Play in DOS!


        If you continue to have problems...

        Part of the setup program is video setup. It lets you try out the various video modes to run the game in, play around with them. Another option is to use VESA mode, try that as well. I would also select no sound until you get the video stuff sorted out. (Mok is right, I played around with it a bit and never heard anything). There is also some info in the readme file concerning video problems, it may turn out that you need to load/find a VESA driver for your specific video card. (This VESA stuff might also explain the mouse problems the Win2000 guys were having).

        Good Luck!


      • Garbled Text (ATI fix)

        Yorkshire Terrier

        The letters in the game, during flight, are garbled and unreadable.

        I had this same problem with my Radeon... try enabling 'alternate pixel center' or something similar (if it's an option). For my card, it was located under the compatability settings under 'direct 3d' (in the display settings - advanced area)

        Once i set this one, everything was PERFECT!

      • Garbled Text (NVIDIA fix)

        Jefe Picaro
        HOTU Tech Expert

        Modern NVIDIA cards won't show the text correctly (TNT I cards show if fine), no matter what drivers you have. Nor has the "alternate pixel" option. The solution was to create a new fonts file for the game.

        There are three available solutions:

        Of course, this is not an NVIDIA exclusive fix, as it replaces the original font files. ATI users should try first the ATI fix before trying this one. And don't forget to backup your font files.


      • Step by Step Installation

        Joan O Arc 
        posts: 1650
        (4/18/01 8:28:03 pm)

        [Edit Update- I've uploaded a new copy of Strife that is repacked so that you no longer have to go through the tedious steps to unpack the game listed below. It's a self-extracting archive now; just unzip the download to a directory on your hard drive and run STRIFE.EXE to unpack it. See the Read_Me.txt file in this new archive -Deb].

        1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. You should have LL-ST01.ZIP through LL-ST08.ZIP. Unzip these 8 .zips into the same temporary directory. Note that the only files you really need are strife.arj and strife.a01 through strife.a07. These are files compressed in the ARJ format.
          You'll need a decompression program that can handle this file type.

        2. You need to unpack the ARJs leaving the subdirectories intact. The LIFELESS.NFO file has the command line switches listed to use ARJ.EXE. If you want to use this method and don't have ARJ.EXE, you can get a copy of it here: It's a small download and free. :-) Download it and install it into it's own directory.
          Put a copy of the ARJ.EXE file in the directory with the Strife ARJs and at the DOS command prompt (MS-DOS prompt in Windows is fine) type:

          To change to the game directory. Then type:
          arj x -va -y *.arj 
          To unpack the game files.

        3. The archive unpacks the game to a directory called \strife. You'll find it off of your temporary directory. You can safely move the \strife directory and drop it on your C:\ drive icon if you wish.

        4. Start the game with STRIFE.BAT.

        Game runs fine for me in Windows 95 with no problems. You can run SETUP.EXE to configure your sound card and input device. (the default is Soundblaster and keyboard+mouse.)

        Hope this helps :-)



      • Step by Step Installation

        Unregistered User
        (9/26/00 5:18:19 am)

        Do as Knight say

        1. Unzip the big files

        2. Extract the Strcom_?.zip files to 8 floppies

        3. Install the game from the floppies

        4. Extract the three files named Scsd_?.zip to other 3 floppies.

        5. Install the Sound & speech Pack over the previous installation.

        6. Finally, Extract the files name SCTO-?.zip to another 3 floppies. Install the Tactical Operations from those last floppies. Get a code for this installation from the UD manual.

        Bye, Boyz, Bye

      • Step by Step Installation 2

        Registered User
        Posts: 17
        (6/14/01 7:12:11 pm)

        You really don't need 8 floppies to install the game. Here's how it goes :

        1. UNZIP ALL THE STR_COM* ZIP FILES TO A DIRECTORY eg. c:\sv (Unzip their contents)


        3. GO TO A: (UR FLOPPY DRIVE)

        4. TYPE IN INSTALL


      STRIKER '95

      • Step by Step Installation

        Joan O Arc 
        Registered User
        posts: 832
        (1/2/01 11:48:17 am)

        [Edit Update- I've uploaded a new preinstalled, self-extracting version of this game so it is no longer necessary to go through the unpacking steps below. See the Read_Me.txt file included in the download for more details -Deb].

        Hi meighlough
        The subst command (AKA Hartmann's Multi-Purpose Multi-Disk Suggestion (tm)) won't work with this one, so you will have to use the floppy method.
        HOWEVER- so many hackers have put their signature files in this one that you can't fit the 4 .zips on floppies as they are.
        But not to worry...

        Get out 4 blank floppys and number them 1-4. Then just put the files you need on the floppies as follows:
        On Disk #1: put INSTALL.EXE and STK1.EXE that you'll find in the STRIKER1.ZIP
        On Disk #2: put STK2.EXE that you'll find in the STRIKER2.ZIP
        On Disk #3: put STK3.EXE that's in the STRIKER3.ZIP
        You see where this is going, eh? Well, may as well finish it up:
        On Disk #4: put STK4.EXE that's in the STRIKER4.ZIP

        Then you can insert Disk #1 and run the INSTALL.EXE with no problems. The installation program will have you configure your soundcard and input device. If you find you need to reconfigure them later, just run the CONFIG.EXE program.
        Start the game with STRIKER.BAT

        It ran just fine with all the music and sound effects in Windows 95 for me; but as always- some may have to run it in DOS due to varying hardware/OS compatibilities.

        Hope this gets you going



      • Step by Step Installation

        Joan O Arc 
        Registered User
        posts: 473
        (11/8/00 1:30:51 am)

        [EDIT update- I've uploaded a pre-installed version of this game, so it is no longer necessary to use the subst command to get a working copy. See the Read_1st.txt in the new archive for more information.]

        To install this one you'll need to use the subst command that is mentioned on the FAQ page. (Otherwise known around here as "Hartmann's Multi-Purpose Multi-Disk Suggestion (tm)"

        1. Unzip the download to a directory of your choice, but it's best if the directory name is no longer than 8 characters.

        2. Go to the DOS prompt (MS-DOS prompt in Windows is fine) and type:

          subst a: c:\WhateverDirectoryYouUnzippedTheFilesIn 

        3. Change to the directory you have the game files in by typing:

          and run INSTALL.EXE
          Don't try to use the setup.exe, it will not find the files.

        4. After installation is complete, be sure to remove the drive substitution by typing:

          subst a: /d 

        5. The installation creates a directory called c:\Tlc\ssg and puts all the the files you need in it. Run SSG.BAT to start the game.

        Have fun! :)

      • Sound problems

        Joan O Arc  
        Posts: 1984
        (6/21/01 11:47:25 pm)

        If you follow the step-by-step and you don't have sound, first check to see if your speakers are turned on. ;-)

        See if sound is enabled-- start the game and enter a building. Click on the "Options" menu at the top of the game window and then click on Sound & Music.

        If you still have no sound, there are a couple of command line perimeters you can try.
        Quit the game and go to the DOS prompt (MS-DOS in Windows is fine) and change to the game directory by typing:

        cd \tlc\ssg (enter)
        While in the directory you can try these different switches:
        • si for the PC Speaker
        • sb for Sound Blaster
        • sm for Microsoft Sound System
        • sn for sound off

        For example, to try with Sound Blaster, you'd type:

        ssg -sb (enter)

        I'm not sure which one is the default, so give both the Sound Blaster & Microsoft Sound a try. Hopefully, your soundcard will emulate one of them.



      • Runtime 200 error. Slowdown CPU

        Joan O Arc 
        posts: 1653
        (4/18/01 8:51:28 pm)

        This game generates to Runtime 200 error for most everyone. Moslo corrects the error nicely. You'll find a copy of it available on the FAQ page. Other than that, it runs for me with no problems.

        You cannot get english text with the copy here.

        Hope this helps



      • Running It Under Win ME

        Registered User
        Posts: 593
        (8/8/01 6:49:58 am)

        I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but here's some info on System Shock:

        System Shock works best if you run it from pure DOS mode. But if that's not an option (for example if you're using Windows ME or your sound card's DOS support doesn't work in pure DOS mode) then there is a way to get System Shock working in a DOS box.

        Install System Shock as normal. Then right-click on CDSHOCK.BAT, and go to the memory tab. Check "protected" for Conventional Memory, and set DPMI to 16384 (setting it to "auto" does not work). Go to the Screen tab, and select "Full-Screen".

        Hopefully, System Shock should run, and you won't get any memory errors when you start the game. It works on my computer (Athlon 750 with GeForce and Santa Cruz sound card running Windows 98 SE) except that it locks up my computer when I quit -- but hey, who needs to stop playing System Shock? Of course, your mileage may vary.

        Incidentally, somebody's working on a project to reverse-engineer System Shock and get a replacement engine up and running under Linux and Windows, Exult-style. You can check it out at It's in a very early stage, and isn't playable, but hopefully someday we'll be able to run System Shock seamlessly under a modern OS.


      • Sound Problems. Random crashes

        Ian Blackwater

        "The game crashes at seemingly random intervals during play, usually a few minutes after loading or starting a new game. If the game has loaded, it will just hang and play the last sample over and over like a broken record (no error message seems to ever occur, or logged errors for that matter.) Sometimes, however, the game will crash just after loading (or at 90% loaded as some others have described.) When that happens, the screen will just stay blank for an indeterminate amount of time, again with no error messages."

        -Ian Blackwater

        -"Hmm... it seems a was a bit mistaken.
        Setting sfx_device to 0 does seem to allow the game to work so far. However, playing the game without sound isn't too enjoyable. Any advice?"

        -Ian Blackwater


        I was searching through the EXE in the off chance there were any configuration flags which may fix the problem. It so happens I found one.

        After placing sfx_no_asynch_all 1 in cam.cfg. I have not experienced a single crash! Hopefully this may be of some use to other people."

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