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  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc  
    Posts: 2167
    (7/13/01 1:55:55 pm)

    Welcome to HOTU YAY!! An actual FAQ reader! You don't know how rare you are! This calls for a party! *pops champagne cork and fills everyone's glasses*

    You *don't* need to use subst for this game or use floppy disks.

    1. Unzip the download into an empty temporary directory. You should the have 9 smaller .zips ( through Unzip these 9 .zips into the temporary directory too. You should end up with Install.exe, through and a couple of text files (trsi.nfo & file_id.diz)

    2. After you get everything unzipped ok, you can run INSTALL.EXE and it will install the game for you.

    3. After you have the game installed properly, you can change to the directory you installed the game into and run SETUP.EXE to configure your sound card.

    4. Run START.EXE to begin playing.

    Be sure to get the manual that's on the review page under Documentation/Extras. You'll need it since all the cracks we've tried for this one don't work... later in the game the copy protection kicks in again. Once you have a successful installation of Reunion in it's own folder, you can safely delete the temporary directory you used to unpack the archive.

    Hope this helps.



  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    Posts: 1910
    (6/14/01 4:26:08 am)

    I see this is your first post. Welcome to HOTU. :-) Please read our world famous FAQ page ( It has lots of important information about installing/running the oldies here. It explains the subst command method that can be used with *some* of the archives here instead of using floppies.

    If your system supports the subst command (known around here as "Hartmann's Multi-Purpose Multi-Disk Suggestion (tm)) then you can use it to install the game without floppies. If you can't use the subst command, you'll have to use floppy disks to install the game. (outlined below)

    1. Installation using the subst command:

      • Create a temporary directory to work with the files. Lets call it


      • Unzip the download into the


      • Move all the files from all the subdirectories into the \rextemp directory. You should end up with INSTALL.EXE, MPSCOPY.EXE, MPSLABS.IDX, README.TXT, and the MPSLABS.001 through MPSLABS.010 files (14 total) all in the \rextemp directory.

      • Go to the DOS prompt (MS-DOS prompt in Windows is fine) and type

        subst a: c:\rextemp (enter)
        cd \rextemp (enter)
        install (enter)

        The installation program begins. When asked which floppy drive to install from, select A:
        Next you'll be prompted for which directory to install the game. The default is C:\MPS\REX. Just hit enter to install it to this directory. The installation program will unpack all the files to C:\MPS\REX and then go into the game configuration menu. Follow the prompts, selecting your sound card, making sure to select the correct IRQ and DNA settings.

      • Important: After installation is complete, you need to remove the drive substitution by typing-

        subst a: /d (enter)
        This completes the subst command installation method.

      • Now you need put a copy of the INSTALL.EXE program that is in the \rextemp directory into the \mps\rex directory. You can then reconfigure your sound card and game options later if need be. If you're short on conventional memory, you can disable some of extra game options. Disabling "spinning inventory" frees up alot of memory.If you need to reconfigure later, just go to the \mps\rex directory, run INSTALL.EXE, and select "Reconfigure Hardware Options".

      • Before you can play this game, you will have to crack the copy protection. The Rex Nebular review page has a link to Rawcopy in the Documentation/Extras field. If you don't have a copy of Rawcopy, you'll need to download one. Run rawcopy and when prompted for the drive and directory, just type in c:\mps\rex.

      • To play, change to the \mps\rex directory and run REX.BAT. At the copy protection screen, just hit the Enter key. Press F1 to Save, Load, Restore, etc. If you encounter problems, you may need to run the install.exe program that's in the \ms\rex directory and select different settings.
        Once you've installed a working copy of Rex you can safely delete the \rextemp directory and all the files in it. Don't forget to put a copy of INSTALL.EXE into the game directory before you delete the \rewtemp directory.

    2. Installation using floppy disks:
      If your hardware/OS doesn't support the subst command, you can install Rex with floppys.

      • Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory, making sure to keep the subdirectories intact.

      • Get out 10 blank floppies and number them 1-10.

      • Put the files that are in the \1 subdirectory onto floppy #1, the files from the \2 subdirectory onto floppy #2, etc until you have all the subdirectories copied onto floppy disk.

      • Insert Floppy #1 and run INSTALL.EXE. Follow the prompts inserting floppies until the installation is complete.

      • See above for more detailed information about cracking and running the game.

    I had alot of fun playing this game. Hope this helps you get it going. :-)



  • Game Crashes

    Registered User
    posts: 227
    (1/9/01 12:22:26 pm)

    UD's copy contains an error. Right after trapping the big woman, the game crashes. you'll just have to download the game somewhere else and crack it yourself using neverlock. If this hasn't been fixed yet.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc  
    Posts: 2166
    (7/13/01 1:37:08 pm)


    Yes, this definately is a different archive; the old one had a registry problem. This one works fine- on my system anyway.

    The Technical Notes on the RoboSport review page (at the time of this writing) don't jive with this new copy so there may be a little confusion; they are leftover from the previous version & apparently UD has not had the time to change it yet. Most of what you need to do is explained in the Inc.nfo file that is included in the download.

  • Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. You should have 2 .zips (RSWINC1.ZIP and RSWINC2.ZIP) and 2 .NFO files. Unzip these 2 .zips into the temporary directory as well.

  • Run INSTALL.EXE and as the .NFO file says:
    "When install the software, click on OK for Doc check part, and enter any serial number you want in." I put in 99999. You'll also have type a name in up top in order to progress with the installation. The game installs to the default directory of ROBOWIN.

  • Then according to the .NFO:
    "After installation, copy ROBOTCRK.EXE into your ROBOWIN directory and run it once to crack the serial # check again." So just put a copy of the ROBOTCRK.EXE file that's in the temporary directory into the ROBOWIN directory and run it.

  • Start the game with ROBO.EXE.
    You'll get a nag screen telling you that if you have your resolution set for more that 16 colors (heh) Windows may run out of memory, but I had no such troubles and it's doubtful that you will. This warning probably has to do with Win 3.1's memory constraints.

    Have fun.



  • Step by Step Installation

    Posts: 1326
    (7/28/01 9:25:57 am) 

    [NOTE: I've splitted that step by step into three parts, so people that has one of those problems doesn't have to read the complete text. If you aren't an experienced user or or you don't understand the subjects when reading them alone, read the three subjects from the beginning]

    1. Extract with your Zip program of choice to a temp directory. You now have thru
    2. Extract these with your Zip program of choice to a temp directory. You now have RCKTJCKY.ARJ, RCKTJCKY.a01 thru RCKTJCKY.a25, Instpsg.exe and some other stuff.
    3. DblClick on Instpsg.exe and select the drive you want to use but leave the path field blank (just press enter). This will extract the .arj archive to its default location of C:\rocket (or whatever drive you selected:\rocket).
    4. You can now delete the .arj and .zip archives if you wish.

  • DirectX 3 Install Problem

    Registered User
    Posts: 725
    (5/28/01 2:44:41 am)

    [NOTE: that subject was in the step by step installation, but I've splitted it into pieces so people that has one of those problems doesn't have to read the complete text. If you aren't an experienced user or or you don't understand the subjects when reading them alone, read the three subjects from the beginning]

    The install program is looking for 4 directx files. If it finds them it just skips over the "you must install directx" question. The actual version doesn't seem to matter as long as it's 3+.

    The problem is that one of the files is no longer needed by the higher versions and is deleted when you upgrade.

    These files are: ddraw.dll, dsound.dll, dplayx.dll and... d3dhalf.dll

    1. Surf over to and download d3dhalf.dll (or if you have a cd with DX3 on it, like HOMM2 just use that).
      NOTE: You can download also it from here: d3dhalf.rar]
    2. Put that file into the same directory as setup.exe.
    3. DblClick on setup.exe to install and follow the prompts. (I chose c:\rj as the install directory and installed everything.

  • Lan Patch

    Registered User
    Posts: 725
    (5/28/01 2:44:41 am)

    [NOTE: that subject was in the step by step installation, but I've splitted it into pieces so people that has one of those problems doesn't have to read the complete text. If you aren't an experienced user or or you don't understand the subjects when reading them alone, read the three subjects from the beginning]

    1. Download the Lan Patch (in the game's review page)
    2. DblClick on rjlanpch.exe and extract it to a temp directory.
    3. DblClick on rjpatch.exe and extract it to c:\rj
    4. **Tweak

      1. Go back to c:\rocket and copy the files and ltsrj to c:\rj. You can now delete the c:\rocket directory if you wish.
      2. DblClick on the program c:\windows\Regedit.exe and after it opens go down to
        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Segasoft\Rocket Jockey\1.0 
      3. "Modify" the cd-rom directory key to read c:\rj . You can now close Regedit (the change will be saved automatically).
      4. These instructions are for the "Advanced Hex Editor" from Kahei Co. which you can download from here,,000RZO,.html (it's ver 2.0) or you can use your own.
        Copy the jockey.exe file someplace "safe" in case things go wrong.
        "File" and "Open" the jockey.exe file
      5. using the "edit" and then the "find" commands, search for 54 00 83 f8 05 75 and under "type" select "raw hex bytes" and hit OK (the 0's are Zero's)
      6. change the 05 to 03 (so that it looks like this)...
        54 00 83 f8 03 75 

        and then save.
      7. DblClick on jockey.exe and hopefully everything will run fine.

      Good Luck!

    5. Install on WinXP

      Kri Havoc
      Yorkshire Terrier
      (01 Mar 2003 22:33)

      Hi all,

      I have a retail copy of Rocket Jockey, that I used to have an absolute blast playing some years ago. The other day I dusted it off again with the intention of getting re-aquainted.

      I wanted to install it on my computer running Windows XP, but the installer kept crashing. I searched the web for a workaround or solution, and found some help here on the HOTU forums that got it running, but there were still unresolved problems (primarily, no sound). But I installed successfully on a Windows 95 system (the same computer that I used to play it on all those years ago), and by comparing my 'fudged' installation with the 'proper' install and generally tinkering with it, managed to figure it out.

      Rather than keep my findings to myself, I want to share them where they'll be of most use (and goodness knows when I'll want to find them again) and the Underdogs virtual museum seems the best place. So here we go...

      • Rocket Jockey's setup program will only runs on OS's it recognises, as Windows 95 (which is a bit shortsighted of a developers), but it seems that Windows 98 is close enough to fool it. If you want to install on Win95 or Win98, you shouldn't have any problems, except possibly for the DirectX issue which is already known and has a solution posted.
      • If you want to install on any other version of Windows, you're probably out of luck. I was able to use WinXP's compatibilty mode to get past the "This program requires Windows 95" prompt, but then the installer crashed on me while performing the system analysis. The setup program seems to use an utility called Winsniff/Perfman Performance Analyzer to analyse the system and write the TechSupp.dat file that the installer then uses for further configuration, and which also you could supposedly send to Segasoft's tech support if you needed technical help. Unfortunately the analyser crashes before it writes the file, and although the installer seems prepared to soldier on regardless, it then errors out since the file doesn't exist (hence the "Can't find TechSupp.dat" error message). I tried copying the TechSupp.dat file from my Windows 95 installation into RJ's install directory, and then ran the setup again, but it still said it couldn't find it.
      • So, I copied the game directly off my CD into the location I wanted the game installed - I'm guessing the download provided on HOTU is just an image of the files on the CD so it comes to the same thing. If you try to run JOCKEY.EXE, it complains about the registry not being set up and dies horribly - I used the registry information posted by Flash:
        Cocker Spaniel 
        Joined: 04 Feb 2002 
        Location: In another world, in a time to come 
        Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2003 12:53 am Post subject: 
        Rocket.reg wrote: 
        [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Segasoft\Rocket Jockey] 
        [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Segasoft\Rocket Jockey\1.0] 
        "Root directory"="d:\\Rocket Jockey" 
        "CD-ROM directory"="F:" 
        "Installation type"=dword:00000008 
        "Music volume"=hex:33,33,33,3f 
        "Sound volume"=hex:67,66,66,3f 
        "Display realism"=dword:00000009 
        "Sound realism"=dword:00000008 
        "Full screen"=dword:00000001 
        "Model detail"=dword:00000002 
        "Low resolution"=dword:00000000 
        "Floor textures"=dword:00000001 
        "Panel update"=dword:00000064 
        "Rider type"=dword:00000000 
        "Cycle type"=dword:00000003 
        "Multiplayer Name"="Flash" 
        "Multiplayer Time Limit"=dword:00000008 
        "Multiplayer Laps"=dword:00000003 
        "RAM Config"=hex:45,03,00,00 

        [Copy everything between -but not including- the lines into notepad and save the file as game.reg then RClick on game.reg and select "Merge" to enter it into your registry.] solve this. Wahey, the game runs, but there's no sound.
      • Here's how to get the sound working. If you look in the DATA folder in the game's directory, you should see, among others, folders named SOUNDS, SOUNDS8 and SOUNDS16. SOUNDS8 and SOUNDS16 contain the game sounds in 8-bit (low quality) and 16-bit (high quality) .WAV formats respectively. SOUNDS is where the game actually reads its sound files from - but at the moment, it's empty apart from four (common?) files. What you need to do is copy the contents of one of the other two folders (ideally SOUNDS16, but if it doesn't work try SOUNDS8) into the SOUNDS folder, and your game should now have sound!

        Hope that's of use to some of you, and finds its way onto HOTU's troubleshooting page for posterity.

        [Jefe Picaro's note: Yes, it did ;o) And that is a very good solution for any game that cannot be installed on any window system, just ask for the registry settings]

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