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  • Installation and Tips

    Joan O Arc
     Tech Goddess
    Joined: 05 Nov 2001
    Location: USA
    Posted: 16 Mar 2002 16:30 

    Wow! I remember feeding quarters into a arcade machine to play this years ago.

    I took a look at the version here - you'll have to run this oldie in pure DOS. Running it in a DOS box via Windows just won't do. Ran fine for me in DOS, no problems. What a blast from the past!

    Just unzip the download to an empty directory on your hard drive. Might be best to keep the directory name length to 8 characters or less, just to be safe. (I used \qix).

    *Don't* worry about unpacking the .LZH files. Just leave them be.

    Run QIX.COM to start the game.

    Here's a couple things not mentioned in the manual:

    • Run SETUP.BAT to configure graphics, sound and input devices. I chose Adlib for sound and music ran fine, but I have a "legacy" card from the Sound Blaster family so it may not work on the Adlib setting for others. You may have to set sound "off" if you encounter problems.
    • and some keys:
      • F1 = Toggles Pause off/on
      • F3 = Toggles sound
      • F9 = Back to the Title Screen
      • F10 = Quit

    Hope this helps you out.


  • Protection Codes

    Registered User
    Posts: 822
    (6/2/01 3:04:29 am)

    There was a post saying that the link to the codes was down.

    So here they are...

    I found this somewhere that I don't remember.

    "what are the names of the, "the big qwirk, the yellow qwirk, red qwirk, and any other qwirk out there. I lost the box and the manuals to my cd and in order to get into the game I have to answer the question on what the name is for one of the qwirks. Thank you, Lance"

    "red-scarlotta blue-mundi green-verdi yellow-purtill purple-hays big-biglow pet-cosmo clear-ollog there are the names of all the qwirk's hope it helps...."

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