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  • Step by Step Installation

    Registered User
    Posts: 690
    (5/23/01 10:59:59 am)

    Wow! All the way down on page 6. I guess I'll have to rescue it.

    And I just had this out, so...

    (These directions are for my extraction program, PowerArchiver 6.11, but should work with Winzip/others as well). If you are interested you can download it from here: It's fast, free, and pretty good, IMHO. And no, I don't own stock in the company.)

    1. You have 1 big .zip file. DblClick on it and select extract.

    2. You now have 19 new .zip files.

    3. DblClick on each of these and extract them. (there are faster ways, but I'm trying to keep this simple).

    4. You should now have pacgen.001 thru pacgen.019, unrar.exe and a bunch of .nfo files in that folder.These are .rar archives, so :

      • if you have an unrar program you can just use that.

        OR can try this...

      • Start your computer in Pure DOS mode and create a directory called pacgen (at c:\ type md pacgen and press enter) now go to the directory where unrar.exe and the pacgen files are located and type

        unrar x -v -y pacgen.001 C:\PACGEN

        This will extract everything to the C:\pacgen directory.

        OR you can try this...

      • Open PowerArchiver and

        • select "file", "open archive"

        • Navigate to the directory where pacgen.001 is located.

        • For file type select "all"

        • Highlight pacgen.001 and select "open"

        • After PowerArchiver opens the file select "Extract" and where you want it to extract to. PowerArc will automatically process that file as well the rest of the .00?'s


    5. Go to the directory you selected in the previous step and run Setup.exe


      Go here: and go to their download page and get and extract it into the same directory as pacgen.001

      NOTE: You can download it from here also: pgeninst.rar.

      This will give you a program called install.bat

      When you use it their special instructions still apply. You must be in DOS mode (not the run box or a normal dos box), i.e you must boot into DOS for it to work.

      So enter real DOS mode, go to the directory where pacgen.001 is located and type install.bat and press enter.

      The game itself is Windows only, so if you've gone to DOS to unpack the files you need to reboot into Windows to...

    6. Run Pacgen.exe to start the game.

      Good luck!


  • Disappearing Mouse Cursor

    Posts: 3176
    (7/10/01 10:33:40 pm)

    When I tried to play Panzer General II, the mouse cursor disappeared at the opening screen. I was able to play Panzer General II by doing the following:

    1. Click the Start button.
    2. Highlight Settings.
    3. Click on Control Panel.
    4. Click on the System icon.
    5. Select the Performance tab.
    6. Click on the Graphics button.
    7. Move the slider bar in the Advanced Graphics Settings box one notch to the right of None.
    8. Click on the OK button.
    9. Click on the Close button.
    10. Click on the Yes button to restart the computer.
    11. Play Panzer General II.


  • Text not displaying (or only arrows)

    Chocolate Jedi
    (30 Mar 2003 08:30)

    If there is no text displayed in the game, or only arrows, then the game most likely tries to use a weird font.

    Check your font directory from the Windows Explorer. Most likeley it will be here: c:\windows\fonts

    Firstly, check the number of fonts. If there are over 300, that might pose a problem.

    Secondly, check for fonts that contain only the symbols you are seeing on screen during the game. To see what a font looks like, you can double click the filename in the Explorer window. Most likely, there'll be a font called freehandsym.fon in it that will match the criteria. Delete the font. Or, if you are worried you might need it for something else, copy it (ctrl-c with the font selected) and paste it (ctrl-v) to a directory where you'll remember you put it.

    Things should work nicely now. t:)


  • "Out of heap space" Error

    Joan O Arc 
    Posts: 1887
    (6/8/01 4:58:51 am)

    As I noted in the Read_1st.txt file, Moslo *may* be needed to run this one depending on your CPU speed.

    If you recieve a "out of heap space" error near the beginning of your game (many encounter it when first seeing or talking with the Uncle in the attic); you'll need to use a CPU slowdown program to play this oldie.
    A copy of Moslo is included with the download, so all you need do is go to the DOS prompt and load the game with Moslo.

    cd \WhateverDirectoryYouUnzippedTheGameIn 

    To change to the directory you have Pepper's in.

    Then type-

    moslo /n sierra.exe 
    where n= the percentage you want to slow down your CPU.

    For example, if your CPU is running at 200mhz and you type-

    moslo /50 sierra.exe 
    then the game will be loaded running at 100mhz.

    Have fun! :-)



  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    Registered User
    posts: 953
    (2/3/01 3:26:31 am)

    Since no one's replied, I downloaded this one for a look.
    It runs for me with no problems in Windows 95 with full sounds and animations. As always, if your system balks at running PG2 in Windows, you can try it in DOS.

    FakeCD is not required for this one. Apparently the .EXE file has been hacked to redirect the game back to the Hard drive directory, and that's why you guys have run into problems.

    The Pg2up1.exe file is just an upgrade patch and during the upgrade, the .EXE file is overwritten and thus the hack is gone and you get the "insert CD prompt."
    But we can get around that.

    1. Create a directory called \Tpg2 and unARJ all 8 volumes into it, keeping the subdirectories intact. I put a copy of ARJ.EXE in the \Tpg2 directory and at the DOS prompt typed:

      arj x -v -y pg2.arj c:\tpg2 
      At this point you can run the game without the upgrade patch with TPG2.EXE if you like.

      [If you need a copy of ARJ.EXE you can download it here: It's free and a small download. Just install it to it's own directory. It will come in handy for other archives here.]

    2. If you want to apply the patch, you must put a copy of TPG2.EXE in another directory before you run the Pg2up1.exe patch. After the upgrade is finished put the original copy of TPG2.EXE back in the \tpg2 directory, overwriting the copy that's in there.


    NOTE that you can run the PGSETUP.EXE file to configure your video, sounds and game options. During the setup, you are asked to input your CD drive letter. Type in C *not* your true CD drive letter.

    I played for an hour or so, trying different options, testing "Save", etc, and encounterd no problems. But I have no idea is the modem option works in this rip.

    Have fun :)


  • Copy Protection

    Registered User
    posts: 9
    (2/8/01 1:42:35 am)

    Hopefully not a duplicate (Joan o Arch helped on this):

    Pefect General II is cracked to run from the hard drive, specifically C . Has to be put in a folder on C and if you run setup put the "C" drive as the CD ROM.


  • Lockup leaving Bert's Park

    Magnificent Linnard
    Registered User
    Posts: 636
    (6/5/01 5:43:38 pm)

    I remember this being a documented bug over at the old Sierra FAQS, so I went and investigated for you.

    Download the patch here:
    or here:

    (CD Collection version only!) Fixes lockup that occurs leaving Bert's Park after you have arrested the kid buying drugs. This problem is a system-speed related issue, and generally only happens on Pentiums and high-end 486 systems.

    There you have it. For the record, 'high end 486 systems' likely means 90s and 100s--my 66Mhz used to play it fine--but ANY modern computer is going to need this. (The text sounds odd because it's the SAME description this particular file has had since, on, 1995)


  • Missing Animation Files

    Registered User
    Posts: 700
    (5/25/01 5:02:21 am)

    [Here is my "Big Tech Thread Post of the Day"]

    Missing Anim files on Pool Champion

    I don't really know anything about this game but there are a couple of things you can try:

    1. Try to find a demo of the game and see if it includes the missing file. If it does copy it into the correct subdirectory (trial and error probably).

    2. Copy and Rename an existing animation file to the one that is missing. If it works it will of course play the wrong animation, but it should keep it from crashing.

    Good Luck!

    [I heard back from DirtyDenX that suggestion 2 does work with a little patience.]

    "Good one ! - I tried the renaming of the anim files and although it took a few tries, I think I have got all the missing anim files, and the game no longer crashes.

    Thanks for the idea!"



  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc  
    Registered User
    posts: 821
    (12/30/00 9:55:56 pm)
    • There are 3 .zip files in the download. Unzip the download to a temporary directory. Then unzip the 3 .zip files into the same temporary directory.

    • Run SETUP.EXE It will create a new directory for the game and put all the game files in it. The default is \election.

    • AFTER setup is complete, then you must put the files from the crack into the \election folder that SETUP created.
      The crack is a .RAR file, so you'll have to use a decompression program that can unpack these files types (like WinRAR). Unpack all the files from the POPPOLCRK.RAR into the \election directory. A file will be overwritten, but that's normal- the game is cracked by replacing and adding these files.

    • Change to the \election directory and start the game with ELECTION.EXE When the copy protection screen comes up just click "OK" and the game will load.

    Hope this helps you


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc  
    Posts: 2100
    (7/6/01 6:36:27 pm)

    [Edit Update: DoomAddict has recently uploaded a new archive that is a complete .zip so there are no longer the problems with the ARJs in this archive that we have run into for so long. So if your copy doesn't have the ARJs mentioned below, simply unzip the download to an empty directory and then run the configuration program as noted below. Thanks, DoomAddict.]

    Jefe, you've already posted some tips on this, but it keeps coming up (as always) so here's a more complete step-by-step.

    If you get missing files errors or your little princess is naked (heh) or has problems with schooling, it is likely due to improperly unARJed files. This archive is *very* picky. Although it may seem that is unpacked ok, sometimes it isn't. Use ARJ.EXE for this one to ensure no problems.
    You can use ARJ.EXE plugged in as a "helper" with Winzip, or you can easily use ARJ.EXE alone like this:

    1. Create a empty temporary directory and unzip the download into it. You should have 6 ARJ files: PMAKER2.ARJ and PMAKER2.A01 through PMAKER2.A05.

    2. Download a copy of ARJ.EXE here Install it in it's own directory- it will come in handy for other archives here.

    3. Create a directory to unARJ the game into. I suggest you use PM2.

    4. Put a copy of the ARJ.EXE program into the temporary directory with the ARJs and at the MS-DOS prompt type:

      cd \ TheNameOfTheTemporaryDirectory (enter)

      Then type:

      arj x -v -y pmaker2.arj c:\pm2 (enter)

      This will unpack all of the ARJs into the PM2 directory.

    5. I see Underdogs has put my bit about configuration in the Tech Notes section of the Princess Maker 2 review page. :)
      At this point is where you configure the game:

      • If you're in Windows, run PM2WINST.EXE to configure the game.
      • For DOS run DOSINST.EXE to configure.
    6. Start the game with PM2.EXE. For best results, run it in pure DOS.

    Hope this helps. :)



  • Slow down MP3 Setup

    Mr 2 u� 
    Registered User
    Posts: 83
    (8/14/01 12:05:05 am)

    Now the actual P Eye exe works fine its just the Mp3 set up exe that requires slowing down.
    I used the slow down programme called TURBO its on this site for download !!!

    I have a 600mhz Intel celeron chip and found that the Mp3 set up exe wouldnt work until I slowed my computer down to 35% using Turbo. Just click on Turbo when the screen pops up hit on Turbo on the top left there now should be a screen with 100% written on it change this to 35% and then click on the Mp3 Set up exe for private this will now unpack all the audio and you should now be on your way.


  • Missing File

    Joan O Arc
    Posts: 2232
    (7/26/01 2:17:07 pm)

    I downloaded this one for a look-see and it started up and ran in Win95 with no problems for me.

    Just unzip it into an empty directory and make sure to keep the directory structure intact.

    I was able to recreate your "missing file" problem. The archive comes with an empty subdirectory off of the main game directory called \Save.

    The first time you start the game up it writes a file into the Save subdirectory and without it you'll receive various missing file errors, even though the files are really there. (Some of the "missing" files included icon.dat or some of the .xmi files)

    Some dearchiver programs don't create empty directories like they should so all you need do is to go ahead and create a subdirectory called Save off of your Prophecy game directory and those errors will vanish.

    Then start the game with Prophecy.bat. At the copy protection screen, just hit enter.

    The first time you start the game you get to configure your sound card. If for some reason you want to change the sound card settings you can delete the Cat.cfg file and start up the game. It'll report that the game isn't configured and take you to the sound card selection routine.

    Hope this helps.

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