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  • Runtime Error

    SoulBlazer 00  
    Registered User
    posts: 527
    (1/4/01 7:34:26 am)

    On some computers, Neverlock will strart to check the directories on your HD and then crash with a Runtime error. The problem is due to your computer having too many directories. Weird error, huh?

    To fix this, do one of either these two things:

    1. Copy Neverlock's files and the file you want to crack to a floppy and run from there.

    2. Use the SUBST command.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    Registered User
    posts: 664
    (12/10/00 4:19:31 am)

    This cute little game DOES work, you just need to get it installed properly. You'll need to create a directory for saves if you want to save them to the hard drive.

    1. Unzip the download to the default directory (\nigel).

    2. Then run INSTALL.EXE. You'll get a "drive not ready" error- just hit the "F" key (for "fail") a couple of times and the install program will begin.
      It will tell you to Insert Disk 1 into C: (heh) etc but just keep pressing enter key.

    3. Run NIGEL.EXE to start the game. Click the blue disk icon for game options (save, load , quit etc.) You can also hit CTRL-Q to quit.

    Have fun :-)


  • Saving Games

    Joan O Arc  
    posts: 1644
    (4/18/01 6:51:02 pm)
    There are 2 ways to save the game. When you click on the blue disk icon, you are taken to the SAVE/LOAD screen.
    1. To save your game on a floppy disk:
      Insert a floppy into the drive and click on the grey button that has A:\ on it. And then click on the SAVE button.

    2. To save your game on your hard drive:
      You must first create a directory off of your Nigel game directory called NWSAV before you start the game. This directory will hold all your saved games on your hard drive. Then, when you are in the SAVE/LOAD screen click on the grey button that says \..\NWSAV and then click on the SAVE button.

    When you want to reload a saved game, you need to select which drive you have saved the game on and then click the LOAD button.

NOMAD (AKA Project Nomad)

  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc  
    Registered User
    posts: 820
    (12/30/00 9:19:51 pm)

    [Edit update: A pre-installed version was uploaded by Raithun so there is no need to use the floppy method below unless you have the older copy hanging around.]

    • I tried to use the subst command, but it wouldn't work with this one. The only way I could get the install prog to work is to use the floppy method. So get out 7 floppys and number them 1-7. The download has 7 zips inside it. Unzip onto floppy #1, onto floppy #2, etc until all 7 zips are on the floppys.
    • Insert disk #1 and run INSTALL.EXE. Follow the prompts inserting the disks until installation is complete.
    • Now you have to put a copy of the crack program in the game directory, so insert disk #1 back in the drive and put a copy of CRACK.COM into the nomad game directory.
    • Run CRACK.COM and it will fix the game so the copy protection screen won't come up. You only have to do this once.
    • Start the game with NOMAD.BAT
    I was able to run it in Win95 on my computer. It ran a little fast, so you may need to use a slowdown program like Moslo.
    NOTE That when I ran the install program, it reported there was insufficent memory, but I ran it anyway and the program installed and ran okay in Windows.

    Hope this helps you

  • Sound Problems

    Joan O Arc 
    Registered User
    posts: 1011
    (2/11/01 1:38:24 am)

    Well, Scapegoat, I went to the site you posted and downloaded their copy of Nomad to take a look at their Readme. (btw, the site is the The Abandonware Dungeon. I'm not familiar with it, but I looked around and they are 100% abandonware. Nice site, too.) Here's the Readme from their download:

    This game only supports Disney Sound Source and SoundBlaster To change SoundBlaster
    settings, edit file NOMAD.CFG:
    sb25 = address 220, IRQ 5
    sb27 = address 220, IRQ 7
    Have fun!
    End Readme>>

    See that last line there in the readme? LOL! Apparently, somewhere down the line UD changed his copy here and neglected to include the readme. And I must say it's a credit to the webmaster at The Abandonware Dungeon that he did not alter the Readme as some do. Cheers!

    Anyway, your persistance has paid off. These are the settings we need. NOTE that the .cfg file you need to edit in the copy now on Underdogs' is the Space.cfg file. You can make these changes with notepad or with the edit command.
    If you aren't getting any sound with Underdog's copy, then you will want to change the line that says sb25 to sb27.
    Obviously, the default setting for UD's copy is IRQ 5, the standard for older SoundBlaster cards. After setting the interrupt request for 7, I got full sound!
    And, Skapegoat, now I know what you meant by wanting to play this "funny old game" in that other post. It's hilarious with the narration!

    Hope your card will emulate a Soundblaster, or atleast is close enough to run with one or the other IRQ settings.



  • Missing Directory, Sound Problems and Some Advices

    Magnificent Linnard
    Registered User
    posts: 571
    (5/2/01 2:39:09 pm)
    • This is missing a directory (savegame). It may be created by the INSTALL application, but since running it is optional, you may have failed to created it.

    • A SET BLASTER line will be required in DOS for sound effects/MIDI music.

    • In Windows, be careful with the arrow keys. Pressing them may cause dialogue to cycle rapidly during converations, and much of the dialogue is unrepeatable.

    • Autosaves do not appear to work (they're mentioned in the Options Screen).

    This may be an bug with the game itself. In the Ordinary Outpost, it is possible to be captured after finding Saul in the Processing Area. The issue is not, however, with escaping, but rather with getting back in. If you press M (for the Map), you are -permitted- to leave the cell, and go anywhere. However, if you return to the Ordinary Outpost, the Big Red Button will be down, and the door to the Mood Controller Room will be closed and inactive. In essence, you are stuck--you cannot return to the Blue Cell, nor can you progress in the alternate storyline. (If anyone knows otherwise, well, then tell me, cuz I'm stuck. Not only can I not get out of the Blue Cell, I can't get back IN...)

  • Problems with Files

    Registered User
    Posts: 1137
    (7/9/01 1:39:53 am)

    [Edit update: A new self-extracting copy of this game was uploaded by Raithun. It includes the savegame directory. -Deb]

    Are you seeing this error message:

    AddRothObject failed 65671): * * 3 < E Z k t � � � � � Stay Normal!

    The .arj files for this game are a bit picky.

    You didn't by any chance use a nice and popular (but almost totally useless with multi-disk .arj files) unarchiving program called PowerArchiver did you?

    I did.

    Got the very same error message as you.

    Arj.exe from Arjsoft (available on the faq page: ) worked like a charm.

    Place a copy of arj.exe in the same folder as Normalit.arj. Open a DOS box and type in the following command

    ARJ x -v -y *.arj

    This will extract everything into the current folder with the correct subfolder structure.

    (Don't forget to create the /Savegame subfolder).

    Use install.exe to setup the sound.

    DblClick on normal.bat to start the game.

    Good Luck!

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