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  • Step by Step Installation

    Registered User
    Posts: 727
    (5/28/01 3:05:26 am)

    There have been some reports that this one is a bit "picky" about video cards.

    It has been reported by several people that this game *really* doesn't like WinME.

    (These directions are for my extraction program, PowerArchiver 6.11, but should work with Winzip/others as well). If you are interested you can download it from It's fast, free, and pretty good, IMHO. And no, I don't own stock in the company).

    OK, let's get started shall we?

    1. You have 1 big .zip file. Place it in a temporary directory. DblClick on it, and select extract, and then where you want it.

    2. You now have 41 new .zip files.DblClick on each of these and extract them. You can answer yes if it asks to overwrite any files. (there are faster ways, but I'm trying to keep this simple).

    3. You should now have magic.rar, magic.r00 thru magic.r39, and a bunch of junk in that folder.(These are .rar archives, so if you have an unrar program you can just use that).

    4. Open magic.rar in PowerArchiver and select "Extract" and the folder where you want the game to be located.

      PowerArc will automatically process that file as well the rest of the .r??'s (make sure that when you are extracting that the option to "use folder names" or "keep directory structure" or whatever the program you use calls it, is checked).

    5. Go to the directory you selected in the previous step. If you haven't already, check out the readme.txt file for late breaking information. It also has a tech notes section at the end with problems that can occur.

    6. Depending on what you want to do, run deck.exe or duel.exe or magic.exe to start playing.

  • Patch 1.25

    Registered User
    Posts: 727
    (5/28/01 3:05:26 am)

    **Bonus Info**

    UD's is version 1.1(?) and yes, there is a patch; to ver 1.25

    You can find this at "The Patches Scrolls" at under "Windows/Dos" games and then "M"

    NOTE: You can also download the patch from here: mtgv125.rar

    As far as I can see it fixes a few things and doesn't break anything else.

    This is the first run thru of this How-to, so please post back with how thing come out.

    Good luck!


  • Running the Game (Win9x/WinXP)

    Joan O Arc, Flash and Eeyore

    Inside the download .zip is a self-extracting archive, so you'll want to unzip the download to a directory on your hard drive and then run MARBLE.PART01.EXE to unpack the .RARs.

    Before starting the game you'll need to edit the MARBLE.REG file. You can use Notepad to open it to make the changes.

    Depending on which Operating System you have, follow the steps below that were kindly provided by Flash and Eeyore.

    If you are running Windows 9.x -- (Flash).

    You have to edit the marble.reg to fit the directory. E.g. if you installed the game to c:\Games\Marble then the fourth line should read

    After that save the marble.reg, close the editor double click on the file and select yes.

    Hope that helps.

    If you are running Windows XP -- (Eeyore).

    Ok, to run Marble Drop on WinXP you have to do the following:

    1. Extract the game to wherever directory you want (I Installed to c:\Program Files\Games\marble) Remember that the marble directory is created automatically from the self extracting rar.
    2. Edit MARBLE.REG and make the following changes:
      • Change the locations of the exe. I put in:
        "Exe"="c:\\Program Files\\Games\\Marble\\Marble.exe"
      • Change ALL references of "HKEY_USERS\.Default" to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER"
      NOTE: .Default is part of what has to be changed!
    3. Merge MARBLE.REG
    4. Play the game

    [...] Sound works on my computer just fine. No music though, so you have to drop a marble to actually hear anything.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc
    Posts: 1641
    (4/18/01 6:13:25 pm)

    The copy here is a pre-installed verison so all you need do is create a directory and unzip the download into it.

    You will need to run INSTALL.EXE to configure your sound card, BUT there is an old .PIF in the archive that points to the directory the last person installed the game into (c:\ warez\master) So you'll get errors if you try to run the install in Windows. Just delete the INSTALL.PIF file *not* the install.exe! Then run INSTALL.EXE to configure sound. To start the game, run MAGIC.EXE

    The game runs fine for me in Win95, but if you encounter problems try it in DOS.

    Hope this helps you :)


  • Running it under Windows XP

    Yorkshire Terrier
    Joined: 05 Nov 2001
    Location: Boston
    GO RED SOX!!!! 

    If I don't fiddle with the memory settings, I get nothing at all.

    If I go under C:prompt from windows XP without fiddling with anything, I get the message, "you need 2070k more free memory"

    Going under C:prompt again with the memory settings on Auto, I get a little further with just, "need to configure hardware settings

    I have already done the setup for sound settings so I should be all set there.

    Cocker Spaniel
    Joined: 27 Jan 2002
    Location: New
    York, USA 

    OK here is the deal...if you set all the mem setting to auto, it is going to give you plenty to run MOM, but your sound card for music and effects is simply not going to be detected by MOM in Windows XP. In my experience, the game runs if I choose "none" in the sound card options.

    But of course, that is no way to play.

    Basically, you have to do this to get MOM running smoothly in XP.

    First, download the program VDMSound from this site

    After you install it, you simply right click on the executable for the Master of Magic setup and choose "Run with VDMSound", then choose the proper settings for your sound card. Then, you right click on the executable to run the game and again choose, "Run with VDMSound".

    This will emulate SoundBlaster sound for you in XP.

    One annoying thing, however, is that you first have to edit one file of VDMSound to get the proper amount of memory for MOM. Simply go to the directory you installed VDMSound, double click on the file Autoexec.vdms so that you can edit it. The bottom line will read "lh%SystemRoot%\system32\dosx.exe". You need to type in "REM" in front of that statement.

    I know it sounds annoying, but I am now running Master of Magic in XP with sound and music, so its worth it.

    Yorkshire Terrier
    Joined: 05 Nov 2001
    Location: Boston
    GO RED SOX!!!! 

    OMG OMG hehe I'm at home and the damn thing WORKS!!!! after going to your link and following all your steps.

    Thanx once again man

    just one more thing tho, what is your settings? I chose Soundblaster (later) in the set up and the sound still runs a tad wierd while on windows xp, did you specifically choose the IRQ numbers etc.. ?

    Cocker Spaniel
    Joined: 27 Jan 2002
    Location: New
    York, USA 

    Hi! I'm glad you got it up and running! MOM is probably my favorite game, so I know how excited you must be to be playing it again.

    Sometimes the sound may sound a little off, the emulation is not perfect. If you can, try to get a DOS game that has a sound setup program that will automatically detect your sound settings, and run it with VDMSound. This will give you the optimal settings and help you in choosing the right one. Again, it may still sound a bit off, but at least the games are playable again!

    Yorkshire Terrier
    Joined: 05 Nov 2001 

    Just in case you don't find it, I'm pretty sure the default settings for VDMSound are:

    • Joystick: port 201
    • SoundBlaster: port 220, IRQ 7 and DMA 1 (5)
    • MPU-401 / MIDI: port 330

    Just copied this straight from a startup tip.

  • Running it under Windows XP with dOSBox

    Yorkshire Terrier

    Ok, after fiddling with the settings i discovered that i could get both sound a music to work well on Master of Magic with these DosBox settings:

    1. Make sure you have Master of Magic patch 1.31 and the DOSBox Boxer from
    2. Return to Default settings on DOSBox Boxer
    3. under CPU & RAM tab, change Emulated CPU cycles to 10,000
    4. Run DosBox, mount your MOM directory, and run install.exe from ur MOM directory
    5. Click [Configuration], [Not Applicable (second from top)], [Configure Card], [210 hex], [Ok], [Ok], [Sound Blaster Pro (Later)], [Configure Card], [220 hex], [IRQ 7], [DRQ 1], [Ok], [Ok], blah blah blah
    6. run Magic. the music and sounds should now be flawless. if you get breaks in the sound slow down the emulation with F11.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Registered User
    Posts: 709
    (5/26/01 5:00:04 am)

    (These directions are for my extraction program, PowerArchiver 6.11 but should work with Winzip/others as well).

    1. You have 1 big .zip file. DblClick on it, and select extract.

    2. You now have 21 new .zip files. DblClick on each of these and extract them.(there is a faster way, but I'm trying to keep this simple).

    3. You should have moo2v12.rar and moo2v12.r00 thru moo2v12.r19, plus a bunch of .nfo files in that folder.

    4. DblClick on moo2v12.rar and extract to directory of your choice. It should automatically process the other .r** files as well.(older versions of Powerarc had problems with .rar files, but the latest seems ok).

    5. DblClick on setsound.exe to configure sound and orion2.exe to play the game.

  • Step by Step Installation 2

    Joan O Arc  
    Posts: 2099
    (7/6/01 6:22:42 pm)


    This is one that has always been asked about over & over and now that the copy protection has been sorted out, I think it's time to post it for Jefe's page.

    The download here is pre-installed. There is no need to "install" it. Just unzip it to an empty directory and run Orion.exe to start the game.

    • If you receive a "need to reconfigure hardware" error, just run Install.exe to configure your sound card. (Do NOT select "install game to hard disk.")

    • Do NOT attempt to use a cracker program on this game! We had problems with this forever; no matter what crack program was used, the program detected the change- it let you in to play but soon after you'd crash and burn and were unable to proceed in the game any farther.
      Thanks to Anym and Bateau the copy protection chart and manual are available. Be sure to download it from the MOO review page. You'll find it under Documentation/Extras.

      You will find that quite a few of the archives here are pre-installed like this one, but it will vary from game to game. It runs just fine for me in Windows 95, but you may need to run it in DOS if you have troubles on your particular system.

      Have fun!


    • Patch 1.31

      Registered User
      Posts: 709
      (5/26/01 5:00:04 am)

      ***Special bonus answer!***

      This is version 1.2 of the game. There is a ver 1.31 patch on the web and I think The Patchs Scrolls at has it. (NOTE: You can find it here also: moo2v131.rar).

      To use the patch: download and place in the same directory as the game, extract the files overwriting the old versions. Ignore orion95.exe (this is the Windows version .exe and the supporting files are not present). Continue to use orion2.exe.

      It's a great game, Good luck!


    • PC Rip: Game freezes during Psycho Mantis boss fight and Prison Cell/Torture Chamber scenes (fix)

      Yorkshire Terrier
      Joined: 30 May 2005
      Posts: 8
      1. Download this file (19.6 KB), a RAR archive, to your computer.
      2. ^M
      3. Download and install WinRar or similar archiver if you don't already have the means to extract RAR files.
      4. ^M
      5. Extract the contents of the archive into your main Metal Gear Solid directory (i.e., c:\games\metal gear solid\) and overwrite if asked to; by default, the "vox" folder should be empty.
      6. ^M

      There are also instructions in the form of a "README.txt" file found in the archive.

      Hopefully The Underdogs can eventually host the game fix as this is my personal space, and it makes sense to keep everything centralized, especially should I ever change providers and lose that account as a result. I'll also see about finding some game sites which host patches and fixes to provide mirrors.


    • Step by Step Installation

      Joan O Arc 
      Registered User
      posts: 878
      (1/14/01 8:15:52 pm)

      As stated in the RAZOR.NFO file, you must install this game to your hard drive from floppys- the subst method will not work. So get out 3 blank floppys and number them 1-3. Unzip onto floppy #1, onto floppy #2 and on to #3.

      Insert floppy #1 and run INSTALL.EXE. Follow the prompts untill installation is complete.

      Then (again, according th RAZOR.NFO) put a copy of the MLF2CRK.EXE file that is on floppy #1 into the game directory and run it to crack the game.

      Start the game with MLF2.EXE.

      Hope this helps you out.



    • CD-ROM Emulation

      Registered User
      Posts: 692
      (5/24/01 12:15:29 am)

      "I put this up for someone else a while back, and it works for me, but he never replied back so it hasn't been verified." (Hopefully he's to busy playing the game!)

      [I've heard back a couple of times since that this does work like advertised]

      Here we go!

      Mil.bat is calling a program called CDEMU2 which is a network mscdex emulator. As far as I can tell it does not work in Windows. Which means mil.bat is unuseable in Windows.

      That means this is a DOS only game (unless you could find a Windows substitute, and I [still] don't think one exists). The unmodified boot disk* from the UD faq page at: works fine or you can make your own.

      The game also requires the program FakeCD, also available on the faq page. (CDEMU2 causes some strange error messages for me, and FakeCD is better anyway).

      Place a copy of FakeCD.exe into the same directory as _ech.exe


      fakecd c:\directorywhereyouinstalledthegame /L:f 
      (where f is the drive letter you want to use) 

      *Note: make sure there is at least a lastdrive=f statement in your bootdisk config.sys file.

      **Note: make sure your set blaster values are correct for your system in the bootdisks autoexec.bat file and that any necessary DOS SoundBlaster emulation TSR's are mentioned there and loaded. Be advised that the autodetect feature in the setup program locked up my machine (manual selections worked fine).


      1. Start computer with DOS Boot disk

      2. type c:

      3. type cd millenia (or where the game is)

      4. type fakecd c:\millenia /L:f

      5. type _setup.exe (sound setup)

      6. type _ech.exe (to start the game)

    • Saving Games

      Registered User
      Posts: 692
      (5/24/01 12:15:29 am)

      If you have problems saving games...

      Create a subdirection called games

      i.e. if the game is installed in c:\millenia create c:\millenia\games

      I think that should work. If it doesn't post on the forum and let me know.

      Happy gaming.


    • Step by Step Installation

      Joan O Arc  
      posts: 1643
      (4/18/01 6:30:08 pm)
      1. Create a directory and unzip the download into it making sure to leave the subdirectories intact. You should have 2 subdirectories:


      2. Run SETUP.BAT to configure your sound card. (Even though I have a Sound Blaster, I had to configure for Adlib.)

      3. Run MISSION.BAT to start the game. Press ESC to get out of the Intro, then the spacebar for options.

      Ran in Win95 for me, but some may need to run in it DOS depending on your hardware configuration/OS. The manual that's available on the game's review page has more needed details on game play.

      Have fun



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