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  1. Leather Goddesses Of Phobos 2
  2. The Legacy: Realm Of Terror
  3. Legend Of Kyrandia II: Hand Of Fate
  4. Legend Of The Fall
  5. Lemmings 2: The Tribes
  6. Life & Death 2
  7. Lion
  8. Loom


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    Registered User
    posts: 446
    (11/6/00 2:18:10 am)

    There are 2 ways to install Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2:

    1. If you have an extraction program that handles both .ZIP files and .ARJ files you can extract all the files to the same directory.


    2. You can use the floppy disk method.

      1. The download has 10 .zip files inside it. Get out 10 blank floppys and number them 1-10. Unzip LGOP2-01.ZIP onto floppy #1, LGOP2-02.ZIP onto floppy #2, etc until you have the 10 floppys with the 10 zips on them.

      2. Insert disk #1, change to the floppy drive and run INSTALL.EXE. It will prompt you to insert the rest of the disks to complete the installation. Note that once installed, you may have to run this one in Pure DOS, depending on your system/setup.

      3. After you've completed installation using one of the methods, run LGOP2.EXE to start the game. Be sure to get the Copy Protection Codes from the LGoP2 review page, you'll need them later in the game.

    I like this game, but I must warn you that I have only found one other person here who did. (Hi Hartmann!) Also, the voice files may not run well on newer computers--not much you can do about that.

    Hope this helps


  • Step by Step Installation 2

    Registered User
    Posts: 3
    (8/24/01 5:52:08 pm)

    There is another way to install LGOP2 that's easier than the directions given in the HOTU list. Just do the following:

    1. Unzip the main zip file.

    2. Unzip each of the 10 disk files (don't unzip the conflicting files in zip10).

    3. copy all of the unzipped files to the root directory of the c: drive (\)

    4. run Install.exe. When it prompts you to change disks, just hit "Y" and enter to continue.

    5. After the install completes, delete the files from \ (or move them, if you want to keep them).

    That's it.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    posts: 1495
    (4/5/01 11:33:10 pm)

    Welcome to HOTU. :)
    The subst command isn't needed for The Legacy, although I admire your initiative. You obviously have read the FAQ. :) All that's needed is that you unpack the archive with the subdirectories intact, and those prompts for floppies will disappear.

    1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. You should have 8 ARJs (legacy.arj and legacy.a01 through legacy.a07). ARJs are a compression file type similar to .zip files. You will need an extraction program that can handle these file types. If you don't have one, you can find several of them on the FAQ page at HOTU. I use Winzip with ARJ.EXE plugged in as a helper, but you can use ARJ.EXE at the DOS prompt very easily too. You can find a free download of ARJ.EXE here: It's a very small download and it will come in handy with many of the archives here. Dwonload it and install it to it's own directory. Create a directory you want to put the game in. I used \Legacy and will use it in this example. Put a copy if the ARJ.EXE file in the temporary directory with the ARJs, and at the DOS prompt (MS-DOS Prompt in Windows is fine) type:

      arj x -v -y legacy.arj c:\legacy 
      All the files needed to play the game will be unARJed into the \Legacy directory. You should have 3 subdirectories off of the \Legacy directory:

    2. Change to the \Legacy game directory and run INSTALL.EXE and select "Reconfigure Hardware Options" to configure the game for your sound card and language. *Don't* select any of the "install game to hard disk" options. Unpacking the download with the directories intact is the installation for this game. It comes pre-installed.

    3. Run LEGACY.BAT to start the game. This copy is cracked, so when the copy protection comes up, just click it away. :)

    This game is a memory hog and you'll most likely have to run it in pure DOS. If you don't have your bootfiles setup for DOS memory, I suggest you try the DOS bootdisk that's on the FAQ page. It comes pre-configured and has generic drivers for your mouse and soundcard that work on most systems.

    Hope this helps you. :)




  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc
    Registered User
    Posts: 1955
    (6/19/01 3:46:11 am)

    [Edit Update - I've uploaded a new self-extracting version of Duckman, so the unpacking instructions part of the post below no longer apply. See the Read_Me.txt file included with the new archive for more details.]

    Hi mikeyboy775
    I can confirm that UD's rip of Duckman runs just fine for me and as Underdogs said, you should run this from your hard drive.

    The HYBRID.NFO file that is included in the download explains what is most likely your problem: You MUST set the speech volume to OFF or you'll get the error and the game won't run.

    If you set the speech to off and you still have problems, you may want to unpack the RARs with WinRAR. WinACE is notorious around here for incompletely unpacking archives. Seriously.

    Here's a step-by-step; read carefully to be sure all is in order. It may be more than you need, but it may help others later. :)

    1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. You should have 29 smaller .zips (HBD-DM01.ZIP through HBD-DM29.ZIP) Unzip these 29 .zips into the same temporary directory. Note that the only files you need from the 29 zips are the HYBRID.NFO file and the DUCKMAN.001 through DUCKMAN.029 files. The rest are just hacker signature files. These files are .RAR files.
    2. Unpack the .RAR files using a decompression program that can handle these files types. I used WinRAR and suggest you do the same. Run WinRAR and change to the temporary directory that has the RARs in it. Click on the DUCKMAN.001 file > Click on the "Extract To" Icon at the top of the WinRAR window. A new window will open. Type the full destination path where you want the game installed. (I used C:\DUCKMAN) > Then click OK.
      When WinRAR has finished unpacking all the RARs close it up.
    3. Change to the C:\DUCKMAN directory and run DUCKMAN.EXE. The first time you run it, registry keys will be written in for you. IMPORTANT: After the Intro the Duckman Game Menu comes up. Click on "options" and be sure to turn the speech volume OFF or you will get a drive not ready error and the game will crash. (This is explained in the HYBRID.NFO file.)
    4. Click on the New Game option to begin playing.

    During the game you can press the ESC key to access the Game Options Menu (Save, Load, Options, etc.)

    Hope this helps you. Let us know.


  • Running on a Modern Computer

    Posts: 1313
    (7/27/01 9:42:56 am)

    It worked fine on that old DOS computer you had, but now it just won't work on your new win98 machine.

    The install program hangs!
    The game crashes!

    Oh what am I to do!

    It's probably because this game doesn't like your Fat32 hard drive.

    There is an old phrase that I've just discovered applies to this particular situation.

    It's called..... "Re-inventing the wheel."

    On an obscure and badly Search Engine indexed web site: with almost no other content (and I looked around the Web some more and couldn't find it anywhere else), I have found this:

    NOTE: You can download it also here: l2_fix.rar

    And guess what it does...

    That's right, it fixes the Fat32 problem. Both with the install program and the game.

    Fixes it real good. It will even run in a Win98 DOS box.

    *But it does seem a bit -punchy- there, I think real DOS would be best.

    Just follow the instructions in the included readme file.

    Good Luck!


  • Sound Problems

    Magnificent Linnard Registered User Posts: 794 (7/12/01 2:44:42 pm)

    Setting the sound to PC SPEAKER/REALSOUND during installation alleviates the 'sticky' sound problems. However, this means you're at the beck & call of the crufy pc speaker for all your sounds (since you need it for some things like the skull drill).

    Magnificence is such a burden!

  • Step by Step Installation

    bill22 Watchdog Posts: 1294 (7/26/01 8:26:01 am)

    This one is picky, picky, picky!

    (There have been reports that the unarchiving program PowerArchiver does not work very well with this. If you encounter problems you might want to try another program).

    • In Windows:
      1. Unzip the .zip to a temporary directory. (for example c:\inttemp\brain)
      2. Unrar the .rar (keep folder structure intact)
      3. **The game must be both installed and run from real DOS mode. Do not attempt to Install or play this game from within a Windows DOS box.
        **It will not work.
        So you need to go to real DOS mode. The UD boot disk is available from the faq page here: please check out the included readme!.txt file for some setup instructions.
    • In DOS:
      1. Boot with the UD Boot Disk in Drive a:. Leave the Boot disk in drive a:.
      2. Change to drive c: and type...
        and cd to your temp directory (i.e c:\inttemp\brain). Type...
        cd c:\inttemp\brain  

        Subst a: c:\inttemp\brain  

      3. Follow the prompts and... Choose A as the "install from drive" , Choose the Sound Blaster card when asked (make sure appropriate DOS drivers and set statements are loaded)
      4. (To un-subst the drive) type...
        subst a: /D   

        Now type...

        Game should start.

    Good Luck!


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    Posts: 1912
    (6/14/01 10:16:37 am)

    Hello Jim
    Welcome to HOTU. Please read our legendary FAQ page ( It holds many secrets of the universe, including lots of important information about installing/running the oldies here.

    The CD-rip of Lion runs just fine-- in DOS. I know the information about Lions lists Win95/98, but never-the-less. Home of the Underdogs is a Museum of these games first and foremost and provides all the information about the original issue.

    The rip version will apparently occasionally run in a Windows DOS box, but if you want to play this rip without problems, you will need to run it in Pure DOS. It will usually exit out straight away, or a few minutes into the game when you try to run it VIA Windows. The version here has been ripped to get the files from the hard drive, not the CD. The errors you're getting are most likely something like "hr_flic.c" or "hr_hires.c"

    Here's my step-by-step. It is probably more information than you need, Jim, but the thread has fallen off and it may help others later. Read through it carefully to be sure you've followed *all* the steps.

    1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. You should have 21 smaller .zips (LION-01.ZIP through LION-20.ZIP and the LION-FIX.ZIP)

    2. Unzip the LION-01.ZIP through LION-20.ZIPs into the same temporary directory. Note that the only files you really need from these zips are the INSTALL.EXE and the LION.001 through LION.020 files. All the rest are just hacker signature files.

    3. Unzip the LION-FIX.ZIP into the temporary directory. You will overwrite the INSTALL.EXE file that is there. That's normal.

    4. Run the INSTALL.EXE program and leave the default install destination directory as it is- install the game to \Lion. The installation program will unpack the game into the \Lion directory. This is where the real game files are.

    5. In Pure DOS, change to the \Lion directory and run the LION.EXE program to start the game.

    Note that this Rip has all the sound files ripped out to save room, so there's nothing wrong with your copy if you get no sound. During gameplay, you can press F1 for help. Press ESC to quit the game.

    Hope this helps you.



  • Sound Problems

    Registered User
    Posts: 69
    (12/30/00 6:27:35 pm)

    My (small) contribution :-

    If sound garbled or not present, use command line

    LOOM A

    edit - I should add that that's the EGA disk version -- it is still on the site isn't it...? Oh.. I just checked, and it doesn't seem to be, oh well....oops.

  • Problems burning the CD

    Mad Librarian
    (18 Aug 2002 22:01)

    If, when trying to burn the CD version of Loom, you get the error "Can not load ASPI driver," then you'll have to download and install a small file.

    If you have Windows 95, 98, or ME, download this file: (English) (German) (French)

    It should come with instructions on how to install it.

    If you have Windows NT, 2000, or XP, download this file:

    Copy it into your C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 (for NT/2K) or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (for XP) folder.

    This shouldn't affect most people, since most CD burning programs will automatically install this driver for you.

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