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  1. Igor: Objective Uikokahonia
  2. I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
  3. The Immortal
  4. Imperial Conquest 2
  5. Incredible Toon Machine
  6. Incubation
  7. Innocent Until Caught
  8. Inspector Gadget
  9. Ishar 1
  10. Ishar 2
  11. Ishar 3
  12. It's a Funny Old Game (AKA IFOG)
  13. It Came From The Desert


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc� 
    Posts: 2267
    (7/30/01 11:10:04 pm)

    Those files inside the download .zip are .RAR files.
    Give this a try:

    1. Create an empty temporary directory to work with the files. Unzip the download into it. You should have 3 files (Igor.rar, Igor.r00 and Igor.r01). Those 3 files are a multi-volume .RAR archive. RAR files are kinda like .zip files, they're just a different compression format. You'll need an extraction program that can unpack them. I suggest WinRAR. It's free and you can get it from the FAQ page ( Download and install it... you'll be needing WinRAR later for other stuff anyway.

    2. Run WinRar and change to the temporary directory you have the Igor files in. Click on the Igor.rar file > Click on the "Extract To" icon at the top of the screen > A window will open up-
      You'll see the "Destination path" at the top of the window. This archive has it's own default directory included in the archive, so just type c:\ in the Destination path box. > Then click OK.
      All the .RARs will be unpacked into a directory called Igor on your C: drive for you with all the Igor games files in it. Close up WinRAR when it's done.

    3. To start the game, change to the \Igor directory and run Igor.exe. Press the Spacebar to access the Game Options (Save, Load, Sound, Quit, etc.)

    4. A note about sound:
      The version here is the English version and it looks like Mok has worked his magic on this one. When you run IGOR.EXE, you're asked to select which sound card you want to use from a list of 6 or 7. You've got to use the arrow keys to highlight your card and hit enter. (Otherwise No Sound is selected and you'll get the "Unavailable" bit when you try to turn on sound/music with the Game Options menu.)
      Most cards today can emulate the Sound Blaster family of cards, so you can try that one if you're unsure which card you have. Adlib might work too.
      This version has music and sound effects, but no "voices".

    Once you have a successful installation of the game in the Igor directory you can safely delete the temporary directory you used to unpack the game.
    Game runs fine for me in Win95. If you encounter problems on your system, you'll want to try it in Pure DOS.

    Have fun!


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc  
    Registered User
    posts: 846
    (1/4/01 3:33:39 am)

    [The instructions below apply to the old version that was originally on HOTU. A Full CD Rip version was contibuted by Mok in March 2001 that has full sound. :) See the Readme included in the download for easy installation instructions].

    Mea culpa, sorry for my original omission

    Okay, barracuda; here you go:

    • Unzip the download to a temporary directory. You should have 30 ARJs (SCREAM.A01 through SCREAM.A30.) ARJs are a compression file type similar to .zip files. You will need an extraction program that can handle these file types. If you don't have one, you can find several of them on the FAQ page at HOTU. I use Winzip with ARJ.EXE plugged in as a helper, but you can use ARJ.EXE at the DOS prompt very easily too. You can find a free download of ARJ.EXE here
      If using the stand alone ARJ.EXE, put a copy if ARJ.EXE in the temporary directory with the ARJs, and at the DOS prompt:

      ARJ x -v -y c:\
      This will auto unpack all the ARJ volumes into a directory called scream.

    • Change to the \scream directory and run INST.BAT. When it has finished running you will get a error that says "batch file missing." That's normal. Ignor it.

    • Edit the SCREAM.INI file and replace the line under [SCREAM] with CD=C (or whatever your hard drive letter is.) You can edit SCREAM.INI with notepad or with the edit command.

    • Run S.EXE to start the game.

    Imagine how huge the download would have to be if all the sound and graphics weren't ripped out! :b

    I was able to run this one in Win95 with no problems, but if you follow these steps and still have problems, try it in pure DOS.
    There is a readme.txt file in the download that says that if you experience video problems you can try running the game with the vesa parameter. In that case you would type S VESA at the DOS prompt, but newer graphics cards should be set to the vesa standard.
    Also, there is a batch file you can run instead of S.EXE to start the game if you are low on RAM. You should only use this if you have less than 8megs of RAM. The file is SCREAM.BAT

    Two more notes:

    1. There is no sound

    2. Press the "F" key if the game start with a black screen.

    Hope this helps

    Deb EDIT-- I had originally posted without the step for altering the .INI file, and advised pressing the "F" key to get past the calls to the CD drive. Upon checking the Tech Notes for this one to see if it'd been updated, I saw that UD had posted this simple step, making all that "F" key pressing unneccesary. :) Should've checked the .INI first thing, I must be loosing it! :b I'm sorry for any inconvenience, barracuda.


  • Copy Protection

    Joan O Arc
    Posts: 1635
    (4/18/01 5:12:21 pm)

    The game loads up and runs fine, but after you complete level 1, a copy protection screen will come up. You need to use the Crock cracker program to fix this. You can find a copy of Crock on the FAQ page.

    NOTE: You can download also it here:

    Watch out for that slime.



  • "Can't open files" error

    Joan O Arc  
    Posts: 2000
    (6/22/01 2:13:16 pm)

    [EDIT update: I've uploaded a fixed verison with the correct file names/lengths, so there should no longer be any problems with this one. - Deb]

    Welcome to HOTU.
    (To install the game simply unzip it into an empty directory.)

    Run Imperial Conquest 2.exe to start the game.
    The program will try to start but you will receive a "can't open Imperial Conquest 2.dat" error message and the game won't run.

    I took a look at this and it's easily fixed. When the game was zipped up, the decompression program must've been set to limit the file character length to 8 (like in the old days.) Just rename the files to there full length names:

    Imperial Conquest 2.EXE
    Imperial Conquest 2.DAT
    Imperial Conquest 2.HLP
    Imperial Conquest 2.CNT

    Be sure to leave the spaces in the names a shown.
    Have fun!



  • Step by Step Installation (old)

    Joan O Arc
    Posts: 2662
    (11/3/01 1:35:42 am)


    This is a cute little game, *not* to be confused with the "Sid & Al's" game which is different. ;)

    1. Unzip the download to a temporary directory to work with the files.
    2. Run Install.exe.
    3. The installation begins and prompts you to specify which directory you want to install the game into. The default is c:\sierra\toons. I suggest you go with the default.
    4. When installation is complete, the program prompts you that you'll need to restart Windows. Go ahead and select restart now.
    5. After your computer has restarted, you'll need to apply the crack before playing the game for the first time: Look in the temporary directory you unzipped the download into and put a copy of the file into the directory you installed the game into ( c:\sierra\toons ).
      Change to the game directory and run You only have to do this once.
    6. Run Win_toon.exe to start the game.
    7. At the copy protection screen just click on any pictures and the game will start up.

    Runs with no problems for me in Win95.

    Hope this gets you going.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Registered User
    Posts: 152
    (8/25/01 6:59:25 am)

    [Edit Update: A new pre-installed, pre-patched to version 1.03 copy of this archive was tweaked and uploaded by bill22; so the information below no longer applies to the download at HOTU. See the read1st.txt in this new download for more information -Deb].

    So you have also been one of those who simply had to get Incubation as soon as Underdogs put it up here. For that I cannot blame you at all since I was just the same. ;)

    But now after waiting a more or less long time for the download to finish, you suddenly realize that you have no idea how to actually install the game. But do not fear, Nidhogg is here! =D

    Incubation, as it is available right now (and now being late August) is indeed a real bugger, especially for users that aren't that savvy with zipped files. I will give you a step-by-step explanation though on how to do it right.

    First of all make sure that you have a lot of free space on your hard drive because you'll need it. I don't remember now how much space I needed, but I'd say you better have at least 500 MB free. Of course you can always delete the no-longer needed zips, but if something goes wrong, it might be better to have all the files available again.

    • First you have a 38.33 MB file called in the directory you usually download to. In it you find 28 smaller zips, named Unzip those into a temporary folder called c:\tempa. Of course you can pick any other name but for simplification I chose this one. And don't worry, this won't be the last temporary folder you'll need. ;)

    • Now go to the folder and open the first zip, called That one includes several files, but you only need incub.001 and UnRAR.Exe. You might want to also read the razor.nfo file, but it's not really that necessary. The other files are pretty much useless since they only include different Hacker group informations which are not needed for the installation of the game.
      This first zip also includes the, which has the cracked version of the Incubation.exe, but you will not need this one if you want to use the latest patch.

    • Unzip each zip manually (or use another program that is able to do that automatically with several zips) and extract the incub.001-028 files to c:\tempb. Depending on how you did it now you will end up with several files, but the only needed ones are the UnRAR.Exe and incub.001-028 files. The files in c:\tempa can be deleted now if you need space, but as I said, if something goes wrong...

    • Now double-click on the UnRAR.Exe file. You will be asked where to extract the files. If for some reason or another that doesn't work, use WinRAR on incub.001. It will extract all the files as well. Extract to yet another temporary folder, called c:\Inctemp. When that is done, you will find what looks like a game directory but actually it's only a CD image from which you have to do the final (yes, really the last one!) installation. The files in c:\tempb can also be deleted now if... you know what.

    • Double-click on the Incubation.exe in the Inctemp folder. A menu will appear with several options. Click on Install, then on Full Installation. This will finally (Yippee!!!) install Incubation. Now you are free to choose to which folder you want to install the game, but for simplicity again let's pick c:\Incubation. When that is done, you can get rid of the c:\Inctemp folder.

    Congratulations! You now have an uncracked version 1.0 of Incubation... which will mutter about Copy Protection.

  • Patching to Latest Version

    Registered User
    Posts: 152
    (8/25/01 6:59:25 am)

    [Edit Update: A new pre-installed, pre-patched to version 1.03 copy of this archive was tweaked and uploaded by bill22; so the information below no longer applies to the download at HOTU. See the read1st.txt in this new download for more information -Deb].

    Now would be the time to use the Incubation.exe in the, but that is also only the 1.0 version. If you're like me though, you'll want to play with the latest patch and hope it'll have less bugs. So what to do now?

    First of all you need to get the patches from Bluebyte's homepage. The URL is . But to make it easier for you I give you the links to the files:

    You MUST have both patches!!

    Download them and move them to your Incubation folder. Now first double-click on inc_102e.exe to update the version 1.0 to 1.2. When that is done, double-click on inc_103e.exe to update the version 1.2 to 1.3. Normally there shouldn't be any problems, but one user posted that he was asked for the CD during the patching of version 1.2. Since this didn't happen to me, I can only guess that you'll need to have a CD (no matter which one) in your CD-Rom drive.

    Congrats! You now have an uncracked version 1.3 of Incubation... which will also not let you play. But there's a workaround here as well. All you need is the No-CD patch for Incubation 1.03 (NOTE: You can download it here also: http//

    In this zip you'll find a file called Incubation103crk.exe. Unzip it into your Incubation folder and double-click on it. The Incubation.exe will be modified and at last you will be able to play one of the finest games Blue Byte created as of now. =)



  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    posts: 1688
    (4/23/01 10:21:27 pm)

    This is a cool old game. After you have completed all the steps to get it installed, you *must* run it in DOS. So you will need to have your bootfiles setup to load your DOS drivers for your mouse and sound card in order to play it. If you are unfamiliar with this, check the FAQ page for more information. You can always try using the DOS bootdisk available on the FAQ page if you find setting up your bootfiles daunting.

    • Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. You should have 6 ARJs (innocent.arj and innocent.a01 through innocent.a05) ARJs are a compression file type similar to .zip files. You will need an extraction program that can handle these file types. If you don't have one, you can find several of them on the FAQ page at HOTU. I use Winzip with ARJ.EXE plugged in as a helper, but you can use ARJ.EXE at the DOS prompt very easily too. You can find a free download of ARJ.EXE here: It's a very small download and it will come in handy with many of the archives here. Download it and install it in its own directory.

    • Create a directory you want to put the game in. I used \innocent and will use it in this example. Put a copy if the ARJ.EXE file in the temporary directory with the ARJs, and at the DOS prompt (MS-DOS Prompt in Windows is fine) type:

      cd \WhateverTheNameOfYourTempDirectoryIs 
      arj x -v -y innocent.arj c:\innocent 

      All the files needed to play the game will be unARJed into the \innocent directory. You should have 1 subdirectory off of the \innocent directory called \Drv.

    • This isn't mentioned in the Technical Notes on the review page, but you need to remove the read-only attributes from the files in order for this copy to work. At the DOS prompt type:

      cd \innocent 
      attrib *.* -r 
    • Then as in noted in the Technical Notes, you should run SET_IUC.EXE and set the sound to ADLIB and select XMS to on.

    • Run IUC.BAT to start the game. The copy protection screen should be by-passed altogether. Press the spacebar to get the Game Options (Save, Load, etc.)

  • Optional Patch

    Joan O Arc 
    posts: 1688
    (4/23/01 10:21:27 pm)

    Now-- installing as above (T.N.: Check Step by Step Installation), the game does run for most in DOS, but you are locked into selecting ADLIB in order to get the game to work. Also, the crack is a TSR that sometimes doesn't work well. Mok, one of Underdogs' wizards has worked up a patch that doesn't require the TSR and has a better sound card driver.
    IF you want to use his patch you can get it here: (NOTE: currently off-line)
    Unzip the patch into the game directory and get rid of the no longer needed files (, pentgram.nfo & intro.exe.)
    If you use this patch, the copy-protection screen will come up, but just click on any for digits and then the enter button on the screen.

    Hope this helps you :)



  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc  
    Registered User
    posts: 819
    (12/30/00 8:35:47 pm)

    You have to install this one using the floppy method.

    • Unzip the large .zip into a temporary directory.

    • Get out 4 blank floppys and number them 1-4. Extract the file onto Disk #1, the onto Disk #2, etc until you have the 4 smaller .zips on the 4 floppys.

    • Now you must change the disk label (or volume ID) on the floppys so that the install program will recognize them. There are 2 ways to do this. Insert floppy #1 into your floppy drive and

      • If you're in DOS, make the floppy drive active by typing-

        	Then type label 
        	DOS will report the volume label. At the prompt, type-
        Put in floppy #2 and change the label to GAD2. Change the labels for floppys 3 & 4 to GAD3 and GAD4. Note that it must be in capitals as shown.

      • In Windows 9x, insert your floppys and right click on the floppy drive icon that's in My Computer or Windows Explorer. > Click on properties > Type in the label names as outlined above > Click Apply.

    • Insert Disk #1 and run INSTALL.EXE to install the game to your hard drive. Follow the prompts to complete installation.

    • Run GADGET.EXE to start the game.

    If you want to change your sound card selection later, run SETD.EXE.
    During game play, press ESC to access the options (Save, Load, Quit, etc). I played it in Windows, but some may have to run it in pure DOS depending on your system/setup. It ran alittle fast on my P200 but OK; some may need to use Moslo to slowdown the game.

    I tried to use Hartmann's Mult-Purpose Multi-Disk Suggestion (tm) but the install program checked for each floppy....

    Have fun


    Unregistered User
    (2/16/01 10:45:33 am)

    Unzip all the files, then put then on a ZIP disk, or other large capacity removable media, then change the volume name to GADGET1 - it'll install like a charm.

    (It might be GAD1, it's mentioned in the docs anyway...)


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc
    Posts: 1636
    (4/18/01 5:23:58 pm)
    1. To install it, simply create a directory and unzip the download into it. (You may want to keep the directory name length to 8 characters or less to be on the safe side.)

    2. To Configure graphics, sound and input device, go to the DOS prompt and type:

      DESERT /I 
      This PC version can be configured to use Keyboard only or Keyboard with Joystick.

    3. To start the game run DESERT.BAT

    Use the arrow keys or the joystick to highlight your selections, then press the spacebar or joystick button 1 to select.

    To Pause the game press the "P" key or joystick button 2.

    To Save the game select "Go To Map", scroll up to the top left corner of the Map Screen and click on the word "SAVE".

    This oldie does not have a "quit" option. If you're in Windows, you can press ALT+Enter to make the window smaller and close the box up. If in pure DOS, you'll have to do a hard reset.



  • Protection Codes

    Registered User
    Posts: 8
    (11/2/01 5:43:38 pm)

    P4 L1 W7 BEGAN
    P6 L2 W7 LEFT
    P7 L1 W5 USING
    P7 L1 W4 MOVED
    P8 L1 W2 TEAM
    P9 L1 W4 PLAYED
    P9 L2 W3 COLOUR
    P10 L1 W1 RECRUIT
    P11 L1 W5 ICON
    P12 L1 W5 PARTY
    P13 L1 W5 SOME
    P13 L1 W3 OFTEN
    P13 L2 W4 PLACE
    P14 L3 W1 SPELLS
    P14 L1 W3 LAST


  • Protection Codes

    Registered User
    Posts: 8
    (11/2/01 5:43:38 pm)

    P6 L2 W2 DES
    P9 L2 W3 UNE
    P10 L2 W3 VERS
    P11 L1 W2 PEUT
    P12 L1 W6 TEMPS
    P13 L2 W1 PARTIE
    P14 L2 W3 CINQ
    P15 L1 W3 TROIS
    P16 L2 W3 SUR
    P17 L2 W1 TROUVE
    P18 L2 W1 SEUL
    P19 L3 W3 SONT
    P26 L2 W1 FOR
    P30 L1 W3 MADE
    P31 L2 W1 CLICK
    P32 L1 W2 TAKE
    P33 L1 W2 TEAM
    P34 L1 W3 OUT
    P34 L2 W2 FIVE
    P35 L1 W4 KINDS
    P36 L2 W3 NAME
    P37 L1 W3 OFTEN
    P38 L2 W3 GAME
    P39 L1 W5 SPELLS


  • Protection Codes

    Registered User
    Posts: 8
    (11/2/01 5:43:38 pm)

    P10 L1 W2 SKIP
    P11 L3 W2 GOD
    P13 L1 W2 CAN
    P13 L2 W3 SMALL
    P14 L1 W2 TAKE
    P14 L1 W5 REAL
    P14 L2 W1 FIGHT
    P15 L1 W2 TEAM
    P15 L2 W2 WILL
    P16 L1 W3 OUT
    P18 L2 W2 NAME
    P19 L1 W3 OFTEN
    P20 L1 W2 MAKE
    P21 L2 W2 FOUR


  • Missing DLLs

    Registered User
    Posts: 779
    (5/30/01 9:10:22 am)

    [Edit update: bill22 uploaded a new self-extracting copy of this game that includes the missing files, so the steps he outlines below are no longer necessary unless you have the old copy laying around. See the Read1st.txt file included in the new download for instructions -Deb].

    [The problem, from Wattieb]

    "I have downloaded IFOG (it's a funny old game) and tried to start, but it tells me that I am missing TRANSBLT.DLL on my computer, I tried searching for the file but it isn't in any of the dll archives. If any of you have the original please check if it contains this file, or if you know how to solve this problem."

    [This is me Bill22, just barely saved this from page 20 oblivion, and I hadn't saved it anywhere either. Close call. Note to self, "always save your stuff."]

    [And you might want to get a cup of coffee to go with those potato chips.]

    I must admit that Tommy is not alone, I missed the IFOG = "It's a funny old game" the first time around as well.

    Now on to your problem...

    This is one of the most interesting ones I've come across.

    And I'm going to give you the whole story, so sit back and have some potato chips or something.

    The file TRANSBLT.DLL is indeed missing. (and you can't just create an empty one either).

    The ONLY reference that I found about it was in a eng/jap translation program called Kakitori by Ken Laux which was written back in '95-96.

    After following a bunch of dead links I finally found a newer version (2.3) of it here:
    NOTE: You can download it from here also: kaki23.rar

    (You haven't fallen asleep have you?)

    Copy/Paste that ftp address into your browser's address bar and download it.

    The reference was to an older version of the program though and that .dll was not in the .zip

    (WAKE UP!)

    You need to rename kakidll.dll to Transblt.dll and place it in the same directory as ifog.exe

    Apparently the programmer had just renamed it.

    BTW, This is what it is supposed to do: "Note that at present the only function of this dll (dynamic link library) is to provide a systemwide hotkey; if you don't need such a hotkey, you can simply delete this dll, and Kakitori should function correctly so long as you don't try to set a hotkey".

    1. Don't delete it!

    2. You should probably avoid using hotkeys. kakidll.dll and Transblt.dll might have different settings, and that would probably crash the game.

      (HEY! You can leave now if you want, but it still ain't gonna work).

      That's because it now asks for a file called winnls.dll which is also missing: winnls.rar

      Download it and place it in the same directory as ifog.exe

      (If that location for these files doesn't work try placing them in the /windows and-or windows/system directories).

      DblClick on ifog.exe



      Happy gaming!

      FYI These files are apparently a standard part of the Japanese (and perhaps other) versions of Windows (3.1(?))and/or Visual basic ver 2(!), but are not, as far as I can see, included with the "Western(?) versions.

      **If someone "Important" should happen to read this: You might want to grab these files and put them someplace. They could "disappear" tommorrow.**

      PS. If there is an easier way to do this...

      I don't want to know about it!

      PSS. Wattieb, If this doesn't work for you...

      I don't want to know about that either!

      (Well, actually, I would like to know if it works for you or not).

      [Wattieb posted back that he had gotten it working.]

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