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  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    Posts: 1990
    (6/22/01 8:36:57 am)

    Hello I had downloaded this a few months ago, but lost it in a hard drive crash. I just re-downloaded it and can confirm that the archive here is still intact.
    If you want to try a redownload the portion of the archive you are having trouble with, you can use the "specific file" download option and download another copy of the "corrupt" file.
    BUT before you do that, you might want to check to be sure you unpacked the archive properly. Some of these archives are picky as to how they can be unpacked and which decompression program will work with them. This may be more info than you need, yonatan, but I'll post it just encase and so that it might help out others. Give it a careful read and see if it helps.

    • Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. There should be 22 smaller .zips inside it: F2B-01.ZIP through F2B-22.ZIP. Unzip the 22 .zips into the same temporary directory. Note that these 22 have a bunch of hacker signature files that you don't really need. All you need from them are: F2binst.exe, Keys.txt, Ftb.arj, and Ftb.a01 through Ftb.a21. (24 total.)

    • Now, according to HYBRID.NFO you should unpack the ARJs with F2binst.exe, but this installer needs a copy of ARJ.EXE to work and it isn't included in the download. So download a copy of ARJ.EXE from here It's a small download and free. It'll come in handy with alot of the archives here. Download it and install it in its own directory.

    • Put a copy of the ARJ.EXE file into the temporary directory with the ARJs. Then run F2binst.exe to unpack/install the game.
      The installation program will ask you which directory you want to install the game to. The default directory is c:\f2b. Hit enter to take the default and all the game files will unpack into the c\:f2b directory.
      When installation is complete, you should have these directories with the files in them:


    • Change to the F2b directory and run SETSOUND.BAT to configure your sound card. The cut-scenes and speech files have been removed from this Rip, but there are music and sound effects.

    • Run F2b.bat to start the game. If you are in Windows, the game will inform you that it may not run well unless you are in DOS, and to use the -w parameter if you want to try to run it in Windows anyway.
      So if you want to try it in Windows, use the MS-DOS Prompt and type:

      F2b -w (enter)
      to start the game.

    It ran fine for me in both Win95 and DOS with full music and sound effects. You can toggle the Mouse off/on with CTRL-M and you will need to use the keyboard for some options/movements.
    You will want to take a look at the Keys.txt file that is in the temporary directory. It's a kind of Quick Reference Card for keystrokes. There is also a readme that Delphine originally sent with the game that has a few gameplay tips. (Ignor the section about installation in the readme, it does not apply to this Rip copy.)

    IF you should run into video problems, you can check the F2b\Univibe directory for a alternate graphics driver and thorough documentation on how to use it. It may or may not be helpful to you, depending on your graphics card and the problem you encounter.

    Hope this helps you sort things out. Let us know.



  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    Registered User
    posts: 574
    (11/25/00 5:00:06 am)

    [Edit Update: A new self-extracting archive was uploaded by Raithun so the part about unARJing the archive in the information given below no longer applies - Deb]

    The INSTALL.NFO file does give the pertainent info, but I know how frustrating it can be so here's a step-by-step--

    I was able to recreate your error. You have not finished upacking the archive and/or did not unpack it with the subdirectories intact.

    You don't run the INSTALL program, the act of unzipping everything in the right place IS the installation for this particular archive. And you were right about FakeCD: you do not use itwith this game at all.

    1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. The download has 8 zips inside it. Unzip these 8 zips into the the same temporary directory. (Note that the only files you really need from the 8 zips are Fgeneral.arj and Fgeneral.a01 through Fgeneral.a07.) All the other files in the 8 zips are just hacker signature files.

    2. Now you need to unpack ALL the ARJs with the subdirectories intact. This is a multi-ARJ archive. You can tell this because there is a "parent" .ARJ file- the Fgeneral.arj file and the multi-volumes are the files with the a01 -- a07 extentions.

      I find the easiest way to do this is to use a DOS ARJ extraction program plugged into Winzip as a helper. Once you set it up, it makes unzipping ARJs a snap, and you only have to do it once. If you want to try this, you can download the ARJ program here- It's free and a small download. Install the ARJ program into it's own directory.
      Then run Winzip > Click Options > Configuration > Program Locations > and type the path to the ARJ.EXE program in the place on the bottom right where it notes ARJs > and click Okay.
      If you do this, then all you have to do is open the Fgeneral.arj parent file with Winzip and extract it to the directory of your choice: this directory will be where the game is. A DOS box will open and Fgeneral.arj will begin unpacking. (Sometimes the DOS window isn't in view- if you don't see it, just look for it on your task bar at the bottom of the screen and click on it.) You will see all the files being unpacked.
      Then the DOS program will automatically ask if you want to unpack Volume 1. Simply press "Y" for yes. Answer yes each time until all 7 volumes are unpacked. When they are, close Winzip.

      NOTE that when you use Winzip to extract, you should always have the "Use folder names" box checked when the Winzip extraction pop-up window opens- this will ensure that any sub-directories that are in the archive will remain intact. This is very important. When you're done you should have 4 subdirectories off of your game directory-

    3. The Tech Notes on the Fantasy General page say that you must create a directory called \SAVES off of your game directory, so don't forget to do that or you won't be able to save your game.

    4. Change to the directory you unpacked the game into and if you wish, you can run the SOUND.BAT file to set up your sound card, but I think this Rip only has the sound effects- no music.
      Run FG.BAT to start the game.

    I was able to play this one in Win95, but it's possible that others may have to try it in DOS depending on their setup.




  • Default Directory

    Joan O Arc
    Registered User
    Posts: 801
    (12/30/00 8:41:36 am)

    You have already put the needed install path and DOS required in the Tech Notes for this, but for some reason, people keep thinking a command line call to fakecd is required. This comes up atleast one a week, despite there is a readme in the download that explains all.. According to the README.1ST file, you should install the game to C:\ FRAGILE
    Run the game pure DOS. You get the "insert CD" if you run it from Windows.
    Start the game with FA.BAT

  • How to Emulate/Burn

    Registered User
    Posts: 1091
    (7/2/01 5:24:33 am)

    Fragile Allegiance requires that you use the program FakeCD to start the game. FakeCD does not work in Windows, which means that Fragile Allegiance must be played in Real DOS mode.

    However, if you have the right Software / Hardware there is a way around this.

    1. Using Fragile Allegiance with a Virtual Drive: These are the steps I used to play Fragile Allegiance in Windows98 using a Virtual Drive (the Paragon Cd Emulator). It should also work with others.

      1. I created a new folder c:\fragile
      2. Put there and extracted. Kept folder structure intact.
      3. Created an .iso using Fireburner (others should also work) with only one file in the root directrory like this:
      4. Started up Paragon CD Emulator and created the image.
      5. loaded the image onto simulated cd-drive f:
      6. Changed c:\fragile\config.ini lines to read:
      7. Edited the Win95run.pif file command line to read
        FRAGILE.EXE /s
      8. DblClicked on Win95run
      9. Game runs
    2. Burning Fragile Allegiance onto a Cd-Rom: From some discussions I had on the board with "rob duff" and "ChrisOldfield" some changes had to be made to the steps above to get it working with an actual CD (I'm to cheap to use a blank unless I have to):

      Skipped steps 4,5

      What they had to change was:

      3. Create the CD with the file in a subdirectory called e:\fragile like this:


      6. Edit the file config.ini like this: instead of

      They had to put

      (I'm not quite sure why it needed these changes, but there are lots of things in this world I'm not sure of. I try not to let it bother me!)

  • Running without emulation or DOS mode

    Joe Taco
    Yorkshire Terrier
    (06 Dec 2002 07:50)

    I do believe I've figured out the easiest way to run Fragile Allegiance. The only problem is, I'm running Windows 95 and I don't know if it'll work in anything beyond that.

    1. Unzip to c:\fragile
    2. In c:\fragile, edit config.ini change the line that says: SourcePath=K:
      (In this example, D: is your CD drive. If your CD drive is in fact, say, E:, you would change it to SourcePath=E: instead.)
    3. In c:\fragile, edit fa.bat (you can just right click it and click edit from the drop down menu, or just open it in Notepad). Change the line that says:
      fakecd c:\fragile /L:K
      fakecd c:\fragile /L:D
      (Again, if your CD drive is something other than D: just change that letter)
    4. Run fa.bat and kill some aliens!

  • Multi-Player

    Registered User
    Posts: 1091
    (7/2/01 5:24:33 am)

    If you plan on using the Multi-Player option you will need to copy over the entire c:\fragile directory *not* just the one file. (I'm not absolutely sure about that so if someone wants to test it out...)

    To use Multi-Player you will also need to change a line in c:\fragile\config.ini from


    You also need to make sure that IPX/SPX support is present on your system and configured correctly. If it isn't the game will try to use Netbios and crash out.

    I think (but am not sure) that you also need to be connected to the internet before trying to start up a multi-player game.

    Good Luck!

  • Music Concerns

    Registered User
    Posts: 1093
    (7/2/01 6:24:00 am)

    This distibution of the game does not come with any music files. There is a way around this if you would like to hear music during the game.

    Fragile Allegiance looks for the following .wav files for in-game music:


    So (asuming that the game is installed to c:\fragile) Create a subdirectory called


    Take a copy of your favorite Mozart piece (mozart.wav) and copy it to c:\fragile\_music. Now rename mozart.wav to agent.wav. You will now here Mozart during the intro.

    Take a copy of your favorite Bach piece (Bach.wav) and copy it to c:\fragile\_music. Now rename bach.wav to moodnorm.wav. You will now here Bach when the game itself starts.

    Repeat this for the rest of the files that it is looking for. (If you use a long .wav when the game is looking for a short .wav you may see some problems. A little bit of trial and error is neccessary).

    You may need to open up c:\fragile\config.ini to make sure that the sound card variables are set up correctly for your card.

    Start up the game and go to "game options" and turn on the music (if it isn't already).

    Do not start the game with the /s switch. That is for silent. (If you are using a win95run.pif or fa.bat you will have to modify them to take that switch out.

    You should hear the music the next time you play.

    [Hopefully I didn't forget anything!]

    Good Luck!

    Registered User
    Posts: 1409
    (7/2/01 11:49:48 pm)

    Another old post of mine I found on my harddisk. Don�t know whether it�s still useful, but I�ll post it here just in case.


    Many SoundBlaster Clones are not working properly in DosMode without initiating them first. In this case You have to add the following line to Your Autoexec.bat:

    SET BLASTER=A[integer1] I[integer2] D[integer3] T[integer4]

    IMPORTANT: no spaces before and after "=".

    It would fill pages to explain all the parameters to You and probably You only would be bored... But You have to fill the integer-variables according to Your soundcard-settings. If You do not want to bother with Your manual, use the following Heuristics:

    A220 is almost always right
    I (the interrupt) is almost always either set to I5 or I7
    D (DMA-channel) is almost alway D1
    T is often T4 for Soundblaster Clones,

    So You will want to try

    SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T4
    SET BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 T4

    If You have an original Sound Blaster, the Parameter T is as follows:

    1 for an original (old) Sound Blaster.
    2 for an original (old) Sound Blaster Pro.
    3 for a newer Sound Blaster 2.0 (Sound Blaster deluxe edition).
    4 for a newer Sound Blaster Pro (SB Pro 2.0)
    5 for a MicroChannel Sound Blaster (IBM PS/2 MCA-bus systems only).
    6 for a Sound Blaster 16, Vibra 16, or an AWE32.

    Clone cards (cards that emulate Sound Blaster) very often have T1. If You have a AWE32, You have to add the parameter E620 at the end of the set blaster line.


  • EMM386 Troubles

    Registered User
    Posts: 8
    (7/3/01 5:46:51 am)

    It may not happen in all cases, but for me, I had to disable Emm386 in order to run Fragile Allegiance.

    Maybe you should make a note of this in the tech info


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    Posts: 1977
    (6/21/01 3:47:12 pm)

    Hello TennVols73
    Welcome. :) As Tommy says, you'll want to read the FAQ at HOTU to help give you an overview of the site.

    But this game is the exception, rather than the rule as to how games are archived here. Most games are ready to go once you fully unzip them, while others mught need a few adjustments.
    I took a look at this one, and it can be alittle confusing with all the different cracks included, and it needs special unpacking proceedures. Read carefully:

    • Create a directory to work with the files. Let's call it FPSTEMP. Unzip the download into it. You should have 4 smaller .zips: FPSB94-1.ZIP thorugh FPSB94-4.ZIP. Unzip these 4 zips into the FPSTEMP directory too. You will end up with several files including some more .zip files. Unzip the HVPS101.ZIP into FPSTEMP. DON'T unzip the others (HVFPS100 or the BASEREF zips)

    • Exit to DOS mode to perform the following steps. The crack program won't work in Windows.

    • At the DOS prompt type:

      CD \ (enter)
      MD \SIERRA (enter)
      If you are prompted the directory already exists, don't worry, it's okay. Then type:
      CD \SIERRA (enter)
      MD \SIERRA\BASEBALL (enter)
      CD \FPSTEMP (enter)
      COPY *.* C:\SIERRA\BASEBALL (enter)
      After all the files are copied into the \sierra\baseball directory, type:
      CD \SIERRA\BASEBALL (enter)

    • Now you need to unpack the Sierra resource files, but this Rip doesn't provide the Sierra installer. Fortunately, there is a Sierra readme that explains how to unpack it manually. From the readme-

      UNCHUNK RESOURCE.000 . (enter)
      NOTE: Remember to include the space and a period between 000 and (enter).
      Use UNCHUNK again on the remaining files by typing the following commands:
      UNCHUNK RESOURCE.001 . (enter)
      UNCHUNK RESOURCE.002 . (enter)
      UNCHUNK RESOURCE.003 . (enter)
      NOTE: Remember to type the space and a period between the resource extension number and (enter).
      Be sure to UNCHUNK these resource files in numerical order. If you make a mistake, or if the UNCHUNKed files are in the wrong order, you will need to erase all of the files from the \SIERRA\BASEBALL subdirectory and start again. Each command will take several minutes to complete. Wait until the computer has completed each operation before typing the next line.

      After all the resource files have been UNCHUNKed, type the following commands to complete the stock associations, one at a time:

      CD ASSN (enter)
      CD ..\STATS (enter)
      CD .. (enter)

    • Next, run the SOUNDSET utility (from the \SIERRA\BASEBALL directory) to specify your installed sound card and its settings. To do this, type:

      SOUNDSET (enter)
      Follow the instructions on screen.

    • Check the integrity of the installation, run the BBCHECK utility. To do this, type:

      BBCHECK (enter)
      BBCHECK will report any errors it finds. If there are errors -you'll have to delete the files from the \SIERRA\BASEBALL subdirectory and do the manual installation again. >>>end readme.

    • Now you need to crack this Rip. Type:

      FPSCRKFX (enter)
      The crack program will go to work and report when it's finished.
      Do Not use the program that is in the download.

    • Run PLAYBALL to start the game.
      If you play at a later date, you'll have to change to the game directory by typing:

      CD \SIERRA\BASEBALL (enter)
      before running PLAYBALL.

    • The BASEREF.ZIP has a little text file in it (LEGEND.DOC) that's like a Quick Reference Card with some hints on game play, so you may want to extract that a print it out.

    You really should play this one in DOS for the best results.
    Once you have a successful installtion, you can delete the FPSTEMP directory. You can also delete the RESOURCE files out of the \SIERRA\BASEBALL directory to save some space on your hard drive.

    Hope this helps you out. Let us know.


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