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  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc  
    Posts: 2134
    (7/10/01 6:32:04 pm)


    The Tech Notes section on the game's review page describes what needs to be done, but you're not the first to have a hard time with it, so don't feel bad.
    The thread's long gone, but here's a repost. Give it a careful read through and see if it helps.

    1. You have to use the floppy disk method to install this one. So get out 6 blank floppys and write DISK #1 - DISK #6 on them.

    2. As explained on the game's review page, you need to change the disk volume ID (label) of each floppy or the install program with not recognize the disks. There are 2 ways to do this. Insert floppy #1 into the drive and:

      • If you're in DOS:
        Make the floppy drive active by typing:

        a: (enter)

        Then type

        label (enter)

        DOS will report the volume label. At the prompt, type:

        DISK #1 (enter)

        Put in floppy #2 and change the label to DISK #2. Change the labels of 3-6 floppys accordingly.
        Please NOTE! that DISK must be in capitals and there must be a space between the DISK and # as shown above.

      • In Windows 9x:
        Insert your floppys and right click on the floppy drive icon that's in My Computer or Windows Explorer. Click on Properties > Type in the label names as outlined above > Click Apply.

    3. Unzip the download to an empty directory. You should have 6 smaller .zips. Unzip onto floppy DISK #1, onto DISK #2, etc until all 6 .zips have been unzipped to the correct floppy.

    4. Download the separate install disk that you'll find in the Documentation/Extras section on the Eagle Eye review page. (It's Unzip this .zip onto DISK #1. You will over-write (replace) the install.exe file. This is normal. If you don't replace the install.exe with this newer copy, you will get an error telling you that you don't have enough space on your HD to install the game.

    5. Insert DISK #1 and run INSTALL.EXE. The program will create a directory called \eakids and copy all the game files in to it. It will also write 2 files to the root directory- eakids.bat and eem.bat.

    6. To start the game, type

      eakids (enter)
      at the DOS prompt or in Windows 95 open DOS in a window and change to the root directory and run eakids. The sound effects and speech scenes seem to run in the window better (on my hardware, anyway.)

    Hope this helps.



  • Install the Game

    Raging Daemon 
    Registered User
    posts: 302
    (3/31/01 1:09:58 am)

    Well, downloaded the game some days ago and like some ud cd-rip big problems came with it.

    Get a error in a windows looking for a .cpp file in a src dir or sub-dir:

    Aseert error: line 49 src\fileutil.cpp:data drive.cfg

    What I need to get this good game running ?

    Some advice here......

    Raging Daemon Fate

    Registered User
    posts: 125
    (3/31/01 10:09:32 am)

    It does look like everything is there doesn't it?

    All you have to do is DblClick on es.exe and it will work.

    I tried that got the same error message you did.

    Thought a bit and decided that maybe it needed to be installed after all.

    Ran Setup.exe chose the default directory...

    And Voila! Works perfectly.

    Have fun!

    "Things are not always as they appear." -Famous quote by someone whose name I don't remember.

    Jefe Picaro 
    Registered User
    posts: 359
    (3/31/01 3:29:16 pm)

    Mmmhhh... I chose the difficult solution then:

    you also can create that file: DRIVE.CFG in the /DATA directory of the game. Then put in the first line the source path (where you uncompressed the game) and in the second line the path where the game is installed... yep, both are the same!

    I suppose that's what the SETUP.EXE makes.

    Pluvius III
    Registered User
    posts: 1
    (4/9/01 8:42:09 am)

    If you get an error message about DDRAW.DLL not being able to run, just delete that file in the game directory. You don't need it since you already have DirectX installed.



  • Put a CD-ROM

    Jefe Picaro 
    Registered User
    posts: 446
    (5/12/01 6:58:42 pm)

    OK, Donwloaded it!

    If your computer opens the CD, you're in the right way. She's asking for a CD, sooo just put a CD in the CD-ROM unit and it'll work fine.

    I ran setup95.exe and gave me also illegal operations. But I ran Setup.exe and went fine. Then ran EWJ2.EXE.



  • Problems running the game

    Registered User
    Posts: 4
    (10/7/01 4:53:20 am)

    Well, I doubted anyone was going to read that other thread, so please pardon my repitition.

    If the game doesn't work in Windows, then boot into MS-DOS mode, load your CD-ROM drivers, and put any Audio CD into your CD-ROM drive.

    I know in my case that the game only ran reliably after following those steps.


  • Rename file to run

    Registered User
    Posts: 369
    (6/19/01 10:51:27 pm)

    The elements.exe included in the zip must be renamed to setup.exe. Then run setup.exe to extract the files. Use the newly created elements.exe to run the game.

    Stay cool,


  • Step by Step Installation

    Registered User
    Posts: 824
    (6/2/01 3:15:48 am)

    [Edit update: Raithun uploaded a new repacked copy of this game that is self-extracting and comes pre-patched to version 1.40, using the patch bill22 provided below.]

    [I'd like to take credit for this wonderful solution, but I can't. You see most of it is in a little file in the archive called class.nfo]

    Though I have tried to expand/explain things a bit.

    (These directions are for the extraction program I use, PowerArchiver 6.11, but should work with Winzip/others as well).

    1. You have 1 big .zip file. Place it in a temporary directory. DblClick on it, and select extract.

    2. You now have 10 new .zip files. DblClick on each of these and extract them. (there are faster ways for PowerArchiver, but I'm trying to keep this simple).

    3. You should have suns.rar and suns.r00 thru suns.r08, install.exe plus a bunch of .nfo files in that folder.DblClick install.exe and type in the directory of your choice. It should automatically process the other .r** files as well.

    4. Go to the directory where you told install.exe to put the game.There is a file there called emporer.reg. RClick on that and select "merge"


      DblClick on emporer.reg (If the default action for .reg files on your system is set to something other that install, this way won't work).

      This makes the following entries in your registry. (If you uninstall the game you will have to delete these manually).

      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\HDI\Emperor of the Fading Suns\1.0]

      (The above values don't match my system. My CD-rom drive is not G: and the game is not installed on drive F: That is, I think, the point).

      The game works. Who am I to question why?

      --If by some chance those values *do* match your system, you will probably have to change something, either the .reg values or your system setup.

    5. DblClick on efs.exe to start the game.
      The mouse may "freeze" a bit here, hitting the enter key took me into the game.
      There is also a warning that you may need to be in a 256 color video mode. If you are having trouble try switching to that first.

  • Patch 1.40

    Registered User
    Posts: 824
    (6/2/01 3:15:48 am)

    ***Special bonus answer!***

    This is version 1.1(?) of the game. There is a version 1.40 patch here:
    NOTE: You can download it from here, efs_p140.rar, or here also,

    To use the patch: download and place in the same directory as the game, DblClick on Efs_p140.exe to extract the files (make sure you enter the correct path to your game directory). DblClick on patchrun.bat to install it. Then DblClick on dat_0527.exe to update the .dat files (make sure you enter the correct path to the current /game/dat subdirectory).

    I own this one. Try really hard to get it working, you won't regret it. IMHO this is one of the best strategy games ever made.

    So Good luck and Happy Gaming!


  • Game and Video Configuration

    Unregistered User
    (9/12/00 8:09:35 am)

    I finally checked this one. After unzippin�You have to configure the game first, because if You do not, You will receive error-messages. Click on "Econfig.exe" to configure. There will be a copy protection question. Don�t let that fool You, just click "Cancel". This will get You to the preferences-screen nevertheless. There You have to set all preferences according to Your system, of course. As I do not know Your system, I cannot help You with that. Should be no problem, though. I�ve played a testgame - everything fine.

    Hope that helped


    Registered User
    posts: 16
    (9/13/00 7:21:22 pm)

    You had the heart Hartmann, but it wasn;t your advice that got the game to work. I never realized that you needed to have your system in 256 color mode, s it kept on crashing on me. When i extracted the game again to try your advice, i saw that. So you kinda helped me, and i wasn't expecting someone to download the game just to help me. so once again thanks, and good look on those "changes of life" .



  • Step by Step Installation [OLD]

    Joan O Arc  
    Posts: 2135
    (7/10/01 7:03:10 pm)

    [EDIT update: I've uploaded a repacked/reworked version of this game, so the steps below no longer apply. The new version is a self-extracting archive. See the Read_Me.txt included in the download for more information about installing/running this game]


    This cute little game runs fine for me on my system.
    Most likely, the fault is with PowerArchiver. I know it is mentioned on the FAQ page and there are people here who praise it to heaven, but I have to tell you that it Does Not work well with the archives here, especially ARJs. With many of the games here it may *seem* that PA sucessfully unpacked the ARJs when it has not. I can't tell you how many times I've had to post about this; just trust me when I say PowerArchiver isn't the best choice to use as a de-archiver.

    For the ARJs in this particular archive, ARJ.EXE will unpack them with no problem. Promise. :)

    If you've already started an incomplete (failed) installation, I suggest you delete the \entombed directory that the install program created and start over from the beginning. Give this a try, should work fine for you:

    1. Create a temporary directory to work with the files. Let's call it tombtemp

    2. Unzip the the download into the tombtemp directory. You should have 5 smaller .zips ( through
      Unzip the 5 .zips into tombtemp directory too. There are some extra files included in these 5 .zips, the files you really need from them to install the game are: Entombed.arj and Entombed.a01 through Entombed.a04. These are multi-volume ARJ files. (Note that there is a .NFO file included in the download that explains you need to unARJ these ARJ files.}

    3. ARJs use a compression file format similar to .zip files. You'll need an extraction program that can handle this file format. I use Winzip with arj.exe plugged in as a "helper", but you can just use ARJ.EXE at the DOS prompt very easily too. You can download a copy of ARJ.EXE here- It's a small download and free. It'll come in handy with alot of the archives here.Download it and install it in its own directory.

    4. Put a copy of the ARJ.EXE file in the tombtemp directory with the ARJs, and at the DOS prompt (MS-DOS prompt in Windows is fine) type:

      cd\tombtemp (enter)

      and then type:

      arj x -v -y entombed.arj (enter)

      This will unpack all the ARJs into 5 folders off of the tombtemp directory for you. You will have:

    5. It may seem that you need to transfer these files to floppy disk to install the game, but you don't. To begin the "real" game installation, look in the \tombtemp\Disk1 directory and run Install.exe. The installation program begins and after telling you this copy belongs to "Shadow" (thanks, Shadow :-) ) It will offer to install the game into the default target destination of c:\entombed. Just hit enter and go with it. Hit "Y" to confirm.

      After install has unpacked Disk1 it will ask you to "either insert the disk containing the archive DISK2.BIN or enter a new path where it can be located." The path on screen says:


      So simply change it to say:


      So that the installation program can find the Disk2.bin file. When Disk2.bin has finished unpacking you'll be asked for Disk3.bin. Change the path again, this time to where Disk3.bin is:


      Continue on with the installation changing the path for Disk4.bin & Disk5.bin for their respective directories until the installation is complete.

    6. Look in the c:\entombed directory and run Entombed.exe.
      The first time you do this, the game prompts you that it has not been installed to Program Manager yet. Just click continue and it will put a nice little shortcut to run the game you'll find on the Start Button > Programs > Chaos Concepts > Entombed 1.5. (If running Win 3.1 it'll create a new group and icons)

    7. Now you're ready to play!-- ALMOST. You will need to change your screen resolution to 256 colors before starting the game- it won't allow you play until you do. When you're set at 256 colors, you can start the game with the Start Button shortcut or by running the entombed.exe file that is the c:\entombed directory.

    It ran just fine for me in Windows 95. There is online help available during the game, but it's pretty much standard point & click fun. :) I'll note that when you come out of the game, you'll need to give your video card a few seconds to unload the game drivers and palette to resume normal view (atleast you do on my system.) There was a little flickering, but all was well after a few seconds. Once you have a successfull installation you can safely delete the tombtemp directory and all the subdirectories off of it.

    Have fun!



  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    Posts: 1840
    (5/29/01 6:45:43 pm)

    [Edit Update: A new self-extracting version of this game has been uploaded by Binni, so the unpacking part of the post below is no longer needed unless you have the old archive hanging around. See the Readme.txt included in the new download for instructions -Deb].

    I downloaded UD's copy to take it for a test run. It runs fine for me in Win95. Just unzipped/unARJed the download and ran PLAGUE.EXE to start the game.


    Just to be sure your problem isn't other related, check to be sure you've unpacked the game ok.

    1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. You should have 23 .zips ( ENTOM-01.ZIP through ENTOM-23.ZIP). Unzip these 23 .zips into the same temporary directory. Note that these .zips have a bunch of hacker signature files that are not needed. All you really need are the ( ento.arj and ento.a01 through ento.a22) files. These are .ARJ archives.

    2. Now create a directory to put your game in. I used \ento and will use it in this example.

    3. ARJs use a compression file format similar to .zip files. You'll need an extraction program that can handle this file format. I use Winzip with arj.exe plugged in as a "helper", but you can just use ARJ.EXE at the DOS prompt very easily too. You can download a free copy of ARJ.EXE here- It's a small download and free. It'll come in handy with alot of the archives here. Download it and install it in its own directory.
      If using this stand alone ARJ.EXE, put a copy of the ARJ.EXE file in the temporary directory with the ARJs, and at the DOS prompt (MS-DOS prompt in Windows is fine) type:

      and then type:
      arj x -v -y ento.arj c:\ento 

      This will unpack all 23 of the ARJs for you into the \ento directoy.

    4. Change to the \ento directory and run Plague.exe to start the game. The game will tell you to insert the CD; just click "Cancel" and the game will load up. May take a few seconds to initialize. Be patient. :-)
      Note the the program advises you that it may not run correctly unless you set your screen resolution to 256 color 8-bit mode before you start playing. Setting it at this resolution, I had no probs.

    Once the game has been extracted and runs okay, you can safely delete the files in the temporary directory.

    To access the Game Options (Save, Load, etc) just click on the green "ball" on the lower left of the screen.

    Hope this helps. Let us know.


  • "Insert CD" message

    Joan O Arc 
    Posts: 1840
    (5/29/01 6:45:43 pm)

    You don't use FakeCD with this game. Not all CD-Rips require it, though I can understand why you thought it might be needed for this one since an "Insert CD" prompt does come up after the title screen. Simply click on "Cancel" and the game will load right up.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    Registered User
    posts: 401
    (11/26/00 2:58:57 am)

    [EDIT Update - I've uploaded a new self-extracting, pre-cracked version of this game that has been patched up to version 1.5 with Stardock's patch. So the information below about unpacking no longer applies. See the Read_Me.txt file included in the download for more information]

    If the error is a "Runtime 200" error, then you computer is running too fast. Check the FAQ page for programs to slow your computer down.
    However, it looks as though you haven't finished unzipping the download- The six .zips included in the download that you mentioned ( contain .RAR files. These are another type of compressed files that you need to unpack as well. There are compression programs to handle these types on the FAQ page. I suggest you use WinRAR.

    • Unzip the download to a directory. You'll get the Qtxent01-06 zips. Unzip these into the same directory (don't worry about overwriting files, it okay in this case.)

    • Use WinRar to unpack the Qtexent.rar file. WinRar will give you the option to unpack all the volumes in this archive. Click on the button to do this.

    • The default directory called Qtxent will be created with all the game files.

    • The 7th .zip, "" contains the game crack. The .NFO file has instructions on using the crack: Open the .zip with Winzip and extract the TDD-ENTRE.EXE file into the directory that contains the entw.exe file and run it to remove the cd check. To remove the crack after playing the game, run tdd-entre.exe again.

    • At this point you have 2 options:
      1. You can go ahead and play the game from the Qtxent directory by running the ENTW.EXE file.

      2. Or, if you prefer having the shortcut buttons on your Start Button you can run the SETUP.EXE file and it will create yet another copy of the game and put it in the \Program Files\Ent directory and create shortcut button to run/uninstall the game for you- but keep in mind you will need to run the crack first before you start playing once you reach a certain point in the game.

    One thing I should mention- this game requires Direct X. If you're using an older graphics card that can't handle it, you're out of luck. The SETUP.EXE program mentioned in option 2 above does offer to install Direct X for you. I have no idea which version of Direct X it installs, so I suggest you try running it without installing their version of Direct X first. You can always run setup again if need be.

    Now go make a million, you Capitalist Pig!

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