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  11. Deadlock
  12. Detroit
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  • Read only attributes

    Yorkshire Terrier
    (10/06/02 01:17 am)

    Follow the instructions found in the ReadMe to install the game.

    In addition you MUST remove the Read Only attribute of the files (you can use the attrib -R /S command from DOS) else the game will not run!


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc
    Posts: 2133
    (7/10/01 6:14:33 pm)

    3 hours and 40 megs later...
    UD's copy runs just fine if you follow the instructions in the TDU-JAM!.NFO file.

    Eddy Dean, All the audio drivers are there in the \audio subdirectory, and I see the specific drivers for SB16. So it *should* be working for you. Did you unzip the download into an empty temporary directory?

    Then, according to the TDU-JAM!.NFO file:

    1. Run TDUJAM.EXE to decompress the game.
    2. Run SETSOUND.EXE to configure your sound card.
    3. Run DRUID.EXE to play the game!

    It *does* look like fun. Let us know how it goes for you.



  • Install Process

    Registered User
    Posts: 146
    (8/24/01 10:39:15 am)

    Alright, so you downloaded the Dark Colony zip and extracted the Darkcol.001 to Darkcol.025 files, plus the Rar.exe and the Razor.nfo to a temporary folder, let's say c:\temp .

    When you double-click on the Rar.exe, it will pop up with a program being all blue and looking terribly confusing at the first glance. And it will remain terribly confusing if you really only take this first glance. If you actually take a second one, or even a third, you would probably find out how to actually use that neat little program.

    So instead of doing that, we do what it says in the Razor.nfo. We open a DOS window. You know what that is? It's that weird small window that pops up being all black (scary!!) and with grey text saying C:\WINDOWS> when you go to Start > Programs > MS-DOS Prompt . At least that's how you get it in Win98SE.

    Since you unzipped all your Darkcol.0?? files to c:\temp, type

    cd temp
    You should now be in c:\temp . Type dir and oh wonder, you'll see a list with all those Darkcol files! Now type what it says in the Razor.nfo:
    rar x -v -y darkcol.001 C:\dcolony
    (or wherever you want to install it, but make sure to install it in a folder which has no spaces and at the most 8 characters, else the prog will bark. You can later change the folder name again in Windows)

    Oh, what is this?! Suddenly there's this blue program again and there are so many file names running all over the screen!! But don't worry, that's what is meant to happen. When it's done, type exit and you're back in Windows. Now go to c:\dcolony in your Windows Explorer and unbelievable but true there is the game!!!!

    The RAR files in c:\temp are no longer needed now so you can delete them again.

    Was this clear enough now?!? :p :p :p


  • Running the Game

    Joan O Arc 
    Posts: 1830
    (5/27/01 5:07:51 pm)

    Be sure to unzip the archive with the subdirectory intact. You should have a sud-directory called

    off of the game directory.


    And, as mentioned in the Tech Notes section on the Dark Half review page: Run DH.BAT to start the game. If you want to watch the intro, run DHINTRO.EXE.

    To access the Game Options (Save, Load, Quit, Continue) click on the Menu "ribbon" on the left of the typewriter; or press the F1 key.

    Game runs fine for me in both DOS or Win95. As Underdogs says on the review page, his version was patched by Mok to run on Pentiums and indeed it does, as promised.


  • Graveyard Crash

    Joan O Arc 
    Posts: 1830
    (5/27/01 5:07:51 pm)

    Run SETSOUND.BAT to configure sound. I found that incorrect sound card settings can cause the game to get stuck in a loop when Thad leaves the graveyard at the beginning of the game and will cause the Intro to freeze. If you want to reconfigure sound later, simply run SETSOUND.BAT again.


  • Problems when running the game

    Yorkshire Terrier
    Joined: 02 Apr 2002
    Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2002 8:39 pm 

    After some debugging i've found that the game MUST be installed in the directory #:\darkseed\ where # is one of your disks. Also you have to change the contents of the file #:\darkseed\cdletter to appropriate '#' letter.

    The program tries to print error messages about not finding vital files, but since it cannot find the appropriate font file, it results in the garbled screen...

    I also had some difficulties with sound, but i switched my audigy to A220 I5 D1 and the game runs well.

    Tech Guru
    Joined: 05 Nov 2001
    Location: USA
    Posted: 16 Apr 2002 23:59 

    After executing tos.exe the screen is completely messed up with garbage and the game locks up.

    After playing it for a while, i have just two more remarks:

    1. you have to set the attributes for the files in #:\darkseed\ to none (i.e. clear the read-only and archive attributes), otherwise the game would restart after the first cutscene with the package delivery (it uses the file 1234.sav and it cannot write into it if the attributes are set in the wrong way).
    2. on my sb audigy with sb16 emulation, the game freezes if it plays a .voc file longer than 64k (e.g. after entering the wine cellar) unfortunately i think this is the driver issue and the only workaround i can do for now is to switch off the sound when such a situation occurs, which means to save and restart the game a lot...


    • Step by Step Installation

      Joan O Arc 
      Registered User
      posts: 744
      (12/19/00 6:25:04 am)

      Hi Circe
      Welcome to HOTU. Always nice to see another woman here. Please read the FAQ, it will help you get oriented to the site and has lots of info on how to download/install/run the oldies here.

      If you have unpacked the .ARJs in the download with the sub-directories intact, you should have two sub-directories off your Darkseed2 directory- \install\sndtrack

      Included in the download is a filed named Readme.!!! that you can view with notepad. It says:
      copy file INSTALL\WAVEMIX.INI to your windows directory
      copy file INSTALL\WAVMIX16.DLL to your windows\system directory

      So you should already have these files. Look in the \install folder and put a copy of each in the directories the readme says. After you've copied the files, try starting the game. You *may* get another complaint from the game asking you for a file called WING.DLL if it is not already on your system. If you do, then you can download it from here: http// Put a copy of it in your windows\system directory.
      With these 3 files properly in place, the game should run. Note that you should set your graphics resolution at 640x480, 8 bit 256 color to avoid problems. (the game will nag you about this if you try to start at a higher resolution.) It may also complain about improperly installed WING libraries- just run it anyway.

      When you read thru the FAQ at HOTU you'll see a brief discussion on CD-Rips... this game has been ripped, so whenever an .AVI (movie cut-scene) is supposed to be run, the game will say error- can't load .AVI. This is normal for this copy.
      Just click OK and continue on with the game.

      Have fun



    • Saving Games

      Joan O Arc 
      Registered User
      posts: 391
      (10/29/00 8:06:12 pm)

      If you run the INSTALL.COM file once, it will create a file called save.dir and from that point on it'll quit asking you insert a disk into drive c and go straight to the Save Game Menu. No need to run again unless you want to change the options.

      Have fun


    • Step by Step Installation

      Joan O Arc 
      Posts: 1909
      (6/14/01 4:04:13 am)

      [Edit UPDATE: I've uploaded a new self-extracting, pre-installed version of this game so there is no need to go through all the steps below to unpack the game unless you have the old archive. See the Read_Me.txt file included in the download for details on unpacking/running the new archive]

      Windows does seem to have problems with the Dark Sun installation program, and you can use the subst command for this one. Here's what i did.

      Give it a try, should work ok for you as well.

      1. Create an empty temporary directory to work with the files. Call it Darktemp.
      2. Unzip the download to the Darktemp directory. You should have 5 smaller .zips (DSUN101.ZIP through DSUN105.ZIP.)
      3. Unzip these 5 zips into the Darktemp directory too. Note that these .zips have some extra hacker "signature" files, don't worry about overwritting them, they aren't needed to install the game anyway. The only files you really need from these 5 zips are: Install.exe, Install.nfo, Dearj.exe, and the Data1.arj through Data5.arj files.
      4. Exit out to DOS. (Doing this in a DOS window won't do..) you have to exit out of Windows completely to perform to following steps for this particular archive. At the prompt type:
        subst a: c:\darktemp (enter)
        a: (enter)
        install (enter) 

        The installation program will begin, and won't ask you for floppy disks at all. The game is installed to the default directory of c:\darksun.
      5. After installation is complete the sound configuration program begins. I suggest you specify your sound card and settings if you know them. The prog didn't detect mine correctly.
        If you need to change the sound settings later, simply run the Sound.bat program that is in the c:\darksun directory.
      6. IMPORTANT!! When the installation/sound configuration are complete you need to remove the drive substitution. Type:
        subst a: /d (enter) 
      7. To play the game change to the Darksun directory and run Darksun.bat or Dsun.exe.

      Note that this game is slow to load & initialize. Just be patient.

      The game ran fine for me in Win95, but if you encounter problems on your system, you will want to run it in DOS- the enviroment it was written for. This game requires alot of conventioanl memory, and IIRC, you need EMS enabled.

      After you have a successful installation you can safely delete the darktemp directory and all the files in it.

      Hope this help you. Let us know how you make out.


    • Step by Step Installation

      Joan O Arc 
      Posts: 1909
      (6/14/01 4:04:13 am)

      [Edit UPDATE: I've uploaded a self-extracting version of this game that is already cracked and is pre-installed. So most of the information below no longer applies to the current copy. See the Read_Me.txt file that's included in the new download for details on unpacking/running the game -Deb].

      hello guderian2001

      I downloaded this one for a look, and all the files are there. It runs fine for me in Pure DOS. This is one of those oldies that just doesn't like Windows at all.

      Since you *seem* to be missing a file, most likely, you didn't completely unpack the archive or didn't run the sound configuration program, since the sound configuration program creates a file.
      Here's what I did, hope it works for you.

      1. First off, I found that the install.exe program included with the download would not work on my system at all. Wouldn't work in Windows or DOS. So I used ARJ.EXE to unpack the ARJs that were inside the .zips. More on this later...

      2. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. You should have 7 .zips (DRKSUN21.ZIP through DRKSUN27.ZIP).Unzip these 7 .zips into the same temporary directory. Note that these .zips have a bunch of hacker signature files that are not needed for the game. All you really need is CRACK.COM, and the Data.a00 through Data.a06 files. These Data.axx files are ARJ archives.

      3. Now create a directory to put your game in. I used

        and will use it in this example.

      4. ARJs use a compression file format similar to .zip files. You'll need an extraction program that can handle this file format. I use Winzip with arj.exe plugged in as a "helper", but you can just use ARJ.EXE at the DOS prompt very easily too. You can download a copy of ARJ.EXE here- It's a small download and free. It'll come in handy with alot of the archives here. Download it and install it in its own directory.

      5. Put a copy of the ARJ.EXE file in the temporary directory with the ARJs, and at the DOS prompt (MS-DOS prompt in Windows is fine) type:

        cd\WhateverTheNameOfYourTemporaryDirectoryIs (enter)
        and then type:
        arj x -v -y data.a00 c:\darksun2 (enter)
        This will unpack all 7 of the ARJs for you into the \darksun2 directory.

      6. Now you need to apply the copy protection crack. Put a copy of the file that is in the temporary directory into the

        directory. Change to the \darksun2 directory and run the program.
        You only need to do this once.

      7. Before you begin playing the game, and it must be played in Pure DOS, mind you; you need to configure your sound card.
        Run the sound.exe program (*not* the sound.bat) and select your soundcard. If you find you need to reconfigure sound later, simply run sound.exe again.

      8. Start the game with DSUN.EXE.

        I should note here that this game requires a LOT of conventional memory. Needs 605k. It also requires about 2megs of XMS and EMS, so you will need the RAM switch on the line that loads EMM386.EXE in your config.sys file.
        If you are unfamiliar with this, may I suggest you use a DOS bootdisk? There is one available on the FAQ page. If you decide to give it a try, please be sure to read the readme!!! file that is included in the download.

        Hope this helps :-) Let us know.



    • Running the Game

      Joan O Arc 
      posts: 1807
      (5/22/01 3:05:10 am)

      [The download here is one .zip file- unzip it to an empty temporary directory. You'll get a .RAR file (daughter.rar). You'll need to use a decompression program that can handle .RAR files. I used WinRAR on this archive with no problems. Download WinRAR from here:]

      Nice to know Jefe's Tech Help page is getting some use.

      I have Daughter of the Serpents running okay on my pewter, but only in Pure DOS-- that is booting straight into DOS without loading Windows at all. When I've tried running it via Windows I get a black screen and it freezes up. You mentioned DOS... did you boot straight into DOS? If not- There are a few ways to achieve this, the easiest way for you might be a bootdisk. There's one on the FAQ page that works well with most computers; if you want to give it a try be sure to read the readme!! file that's included in the download. The .zip inside the download is meant to be unzipped onto a floppy disk, not your Hard Drive.
      If you are trying it in Pure DOS and having no luck check to make sure you unRARed the archive ok. You should have 2 subdirectories off of the game directory


      Hang on to that bootdisk- you'll find that it will come in handy with quite a few of the oldies here. Some just refuse to run in Windows, and when in doubt it's always best to run these gems in the enviroment they were written for: DOS. You'll want to check the review page of the games here for any Tech Notes. You'll note that UD advises to run this one in Pure DOS only.I'm still playing this one off and on (so many games, so little time :P ) but so far it looks neat.

      There's no manual available for this one, so let me note-

      To start the game run RUN.COM (not the serpent file)

      And to access the the Inventory & Game Options, move the cursor to the bottom right and click the mouse button. Then, to get into the Game Options (SAVE, LOAD, etc) click on the cook's handbook and select "Essentials for your visit"

      Have fun! :-)



    • Step by Step Installation

      Joan O Arc
      Registered user
      Posts: 804
      (12/30/00 9:41:26 am)

      Hi again Sarge
      Have you read that FAQ page yet? :)
      This one is a little tricky, especially for newbies; so here ya go-

      1. The download here has 4 smaller .zips inside it. Unzip the download to a temporary directory. Then Unzip the 4 .zips into the same directory. (Note that the only files you really need from these 4 zips are Deadlock.001 through Deadlock.004 and the IRQ57.NFO files. The rest are just hacker signature files.)

      2. According to the IRQ57.NFO file you should "unRAR the files to the directory you want to play from." This tells you these are .RAR files. .RAR files are kinda like .zip files, they're just a different compression format. You'll need an extractor program that can unpack them. I suggest WinRAR. It's free and you can get it from the FAQ page. Download and install it... you'll be needing WinRAR later for other stuff anyway.

      3. Run WinRar and change to the temporary directory you have the deadlock files in. Click on Deadlock.001 > Click on the "Extract To" icon at the top of the screen > A window will open up- Type the destination path in there at the top (I suggest you type c:\deadlock ) > Then click OK. All the games files will be unpacked into the c:\deadlock directory for you. Close up WinRAR when it's done.

      4. Goto to the \deadlock directory and click on DEADLOCK.EXE to start the game!

      Note that the IRQ57.NFO file also says: "If you have any problems try to copy the files in the winsys dir to your windows\system dir."
      I didn't have to do it, but if have problems just look in the \winsys subfolder that is off of the \deadlock folder and copy those files as they suggest.

      Ran just fine for me. Ugh. Looks very complicated, but fortunately, there is a tutorial.
      Hope this gets you going



    • Getting it to run

      Joan O Arc  
      Posts: 2067
      (7/1/01 9:58:13 pm)

      Hello Verek

      Just unzip it to the directory of your choice.

      After you've finished unzipping, run SETUP.EXE to configure your sound card and printer port. This configuration program allows you to select the Port, IRQ and DMA settings for your soundcard. If you wish to reconfigure later, simply run SETUP.EXE again.

      Start the game with DETROIT.EXE. It runs fine for me in Win95; but as always, if it balks in Windows on your system, try DOS.

      Note that the default settings for the game have the music and sound effects turned off, so you will need to turn them on once the game has begun. To do this press F5 to go to your office. Then click on the file cabinets on the right side of the screen to access the Game Options menu. Click on configure and click the buttons next to Music and Sounds to turn them "on."
      Also, to SAVE, LOAD, or Quit a game, access this Game Options menu.

      Hope this helps you,



    • Step by Step Installation

      Joan O Arc
      Registered User
      Posts: 817
      (12/30/00 7:52:56 pm)

      The crazy thing DOES work but it is as wierd a crack as I've ever seen.

      All this must be done in DOS, mind you.

      1. Put all the files from the download in the root directory.(22 files)

      2. Change to the root directory.

      3. Run
        the DOS prompt will tell you a TSR has been loaded.

      4. Now run the dontrun.exe file. The installation process will begin. I suggest you let it install to the default directory (\dgen). It will ask you to insert disks to drive C: (heh) but just keep hitting the enter key. You will have to hit the enter key SEVERAL times until the prog tells you the installation is complete.

      5. You have to unload the TSR loaded for the crack before starting the game. Run again and DOS should tell you it's been unloaded. If not, reset your computer.

      6. Now still in DOS, change to the directory you installed the game in (\dgen is default) and run dgen.exe to start the game. If all is well, a big eye will appear after a little while and then the screen goes black. Just when you think it's taking too long and not working, the game starts.

      7. I would go back to your root directory and remove the download files out of there before you forget where they came from. After a successful installation you don't need them anymore and it's always best to keep the root dir as clean as you can.

      I chose keyboard as my input, so I don't know if the Joystick option works or not. For those of you who have not played this before: the arrows you will see on the walls indicate a way out. So in that opening screen, head to the right.

      Crazy! But works.


    • Using MAKECD.BAT in Windows XP

      Joan O Arc 
      Tech Goddess
      (20 Mar 2003 17:22)

      First, please follow the directions on the review page: Download the 'Decoder fix' file. Replace the DECODE.EXE file that is in the Discworld download with the one in the *before* you begin unpacking the download.

      Windows XP users will find that the unpacking routine freezes at 99% - please follow the directions in the and place a copy of English.idx in the game directory.

      About MAKECD.BAT -
      As explained in the Readme included with the download, after you unpack the game completely to the hard drive, if you have a CD burner you can opt to burn a copy to CD, using MAKECD.BAT.

      However, MAKECD.BAT uses a DOS command, 'Choice' that Windows XP doesn't recognize, and the .BAT will exit with an error.

      The Makecd batch file is just asking you a Y/N question: whether you want to proceed with creating directories and moving the files so they will be setup to burn to CD.

      Since your answer is obviously YES! let's just bypass this question. You can easily edit the .bat to skip the choice command.

      Open MAKECD.BAT with Notepad. Then put a REM at the front of the lines that are giving you the grief. This will cause the OS to skip over the Choice query and proceed on with the good stuff.

      Change these two lines in MAKECD.BAT:
      if errorlevel = 2 goto END

      So that they look like this:
      REM if errorlevel = 2 goto END

      Save the file with the changes. Should do the trick nicely.

      I have used Mok's wonderful makecd option, and it runs flawlessly.

      MAKECD.BAT will create a directory on your hard drive called CD with two subdirectories off of it -- Discwld and Drivers, and move all the files to the directories they should be burnt in.

      About doing the burn -
      When you go to burn the CD, first you want to make sure the CD label is Discworld, as Mok explained in his readme.

      Then, all the files in the CD directory go in the Root directory of the CD. Retain the two subdirectories off of the CD root and the files in them.

      After you've burnt the CD, just insert it and run DISC.BAT to go through the CD installation (the game's normal routine as it does with an original copy). Note that this game first checks the "D" drive for the CD, so if your CD drive letter is not D it will give a "Drive not ready" error. Just press the "F" key on your keyboard (for "fail"). You may have to press the "F" key a couple of times depending how many CD drives you have and what the CD drive letter is on your system.

      A few files needed for the game will be installed on your hard drive in a directory called

      After the files are copied to the hard drive, the program goes into the Sound Setup Menu. Select your soundcard. If you need to reconfigure sound later, run the CONFIG.BAT that is on the Hard Drive (not the one on the CD.) It will be in the directory on your hard drive.

      To play, insert the CD, change to the directory on your Hard Drive and run the DISC.BAT that is there. Again, if you get the "Drive not ready" error just press the "F" key on your keyboard, as explained above.

      Hope this helps.



    • Step by Step Installation

      Joan O Arc 
      Posts: 1917
      (6/15/01 5:19:53 pm)

      [Edit Update: A new repacked version of DW2 has been uploaded by JHunz. It's a simple .zip and includes the "null string error" fix file that Ragnarokk found and uploaded for us a while back as well as a univibe driver that some may need to use if you get the "No SuperVGA chipset detected" error. So everything you need should be included in this new package, thanks to JHunz, and the unpacking portion of my post below no longer applies to the current version of DW2 at HOTU. See the readme.txt file included with the new download for instructions. -Deb]

      Yes, Discworld 2 is now available from HOTU. :)

      Get out your copy of Winzip, it'll be smokin' by the time you're through. ;)

      1. Create an empty temporary directory to work with the files. Lets call it \disctemp. Unzip the download into \disctemp. You should have 46 smaller .zips.
        The thing to realize is that this download has 2 different sets of archives because the hackers added a whole bunch more files to fix their originally released version. The .NFO files identify them:
        HBDDWT01.ZIP through HBDDWT25.ZIP are the Main Game files they released first. HBD-DF01.ZIP through HBD-DF20.ZIP are the "fix" files they added later. Each of these archives has its own installer.
        The DW2_WP2.ZIP is an optional upgrade patch that won't work with this rip. Don't worry, game runs fine without it.

      2. First, unzip the HBDDWT01.ZIP through HBDDWT25.ZIPs into the \disctemp directory. These .zips have a bunch of hacker signature files that aren't needed. All you really need from these 25 zips are INSTALL.EXE, UNRAR.EXE, and DISCWOR2.001 through DISCWOR2.025.

      3. Run INSTALL.EXE to unpack these files. The default installation directory is c:\dw2. Just hit enter to go with the default.

      4. When the installation is complete, go to the \disctemp directory and delete the INSTALL.EXE file that's there.

      5. Now, to add the "fix". Unzip the HBD-DF01.ZIP through HBD-DF20.ZIPs into the \disctemp directory. Again, there are a bunch of extra hacker sig files you don't need. From these 20 .zips you'll need INSTALL.EXE and the DISC2FIX.001 through DISC2FIX.020 files.

      6. Run INSTALL.EXE to unpack the fix files. Be sure to keep the same default directory of c:\dw2 so that the files will be unpacked into the same directory. I noticed that this installation program's screen went white and looked a little strange during the unpacking process, but just wait patiently for the prog to do it's work. It will notify you when it's done.

      7. Run either DW2.BAT or DWB.EXE to start the game. If you recieve an "error reading drive" error, simply hit the "F" key until the screen goes black and the game begins loading. (You may have to do this 2-3 times depending on how many CD drives you have.)
        Be patient as the game takes a while to load.
        When the credits begin to flash, you'll have to hit the ESC key a few times to get to the DISCWORLD II title page. When you click "Start New Game", it'll go through the flashing credits again. Just ESC through it.

      Press F1 to get the Game Options Menu (Save. Load. Restore, etc.) You can right-click to "look" at things on screen and a double left-click on people will bring up a talk/interaction menu.

      Once the game has been successfully installed, you can safely delete the \disctemp directory and all the files in it. The game ran fine for me in both Win95 and DOS. NOTE that all the music and sounds have been removed from this Rip to save download time and space.

      Have fun with it, and don't forget to click a couple banners at HOTU to help support keeping these oldies alive. :)



    • Step by Step Installation


      Get a copy of WinRAR here, you will need it.

      Unzip the big 212 MB zip you downloaded and extract it to a temporary directory. For the sake of this excercise, we'll call the temp directory C:\GAMES.

      You should end up with a bit over 60 smaller RAR files.

      Find and right-click discnoir.rar and drag it onto the harddrive icon in my computer. Choose "extract to here." When the files are done extracting, you should end up with a folder in the root of your harddrive called discnoir. Find the discnoir directory in the root of the harddrive and rename it to Discworld Noir (i.e. C:\Discworld Noir).

      Extract the file and move the cdchange.scn file into the CD1 directory. Move the CDx directories into the root of your harddrive (i.e. C:\CD1, C:\CD2, etc.). Right click the registry entry and choose merge to add it to the registry (you may or may not get an error here (if you do, don't worry about it, the game will still run as normal).

      Run Tin3_dxd.exe to start the game and just hit enter when it asks for the next CD.

      Before starting a new game, from the main menu choose game options, choose sound/subtitle options, check subtitles and slide the subtitle speed bar all the way to the right :).


    • Step by Step Installation

      Joan O Arc
      Posts: 1629
      (4/18/01 2:18:04 pm)

      This game must be run in pure DOS; you get fatal errors when you try to run it in Windows.

      • Simply unzip the download to the directory of your choice, making sure to leave the subdirectories intact. There are 7 of them:


      • Run INSTALL.EXE to configure sound.

      • Run DOM.BAT to start the game.

      • Press ESC to Quit the game.

      Hope this helps



    • Copy files to C:\WINDOWS

      Registered User
      Posts: 37
      (6/2/01 1:56:32 pm)

      To get the game working correctly in Windows 98 you need unzip the game to a folder as usual, after unzipping you need to copy everything in the system folder in the DOONES directory to c:\Windows, and then the game should work correctly


    • Hangups with sound

      Magnificent Linnard

      There's a few underlying problems here I've noticed.

      Primarily, it may be in your best interests to run Dragon's Lair II and III with no sound. This avoids a few fixed hangups in both games (DL2 hangs during the 'Restoring Dirk' animation when restarting the game; DL3 hangs during Scene 2 on the time machine if you get killed). This is less of a problem than you'd think, since the sound randomly drops out anyways and never comes back.

      Space Ace 2, on the other hand, is a complete bust so far as I can tell--it hangs after the first bit of audio, sound or none, and requires a hard reboot to restore the system.


    • Remove -r attribute

      Registered User
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      (1/9/01 12:22:26 pm)

      In order to save your game, you must remove the read-only attributes from (just to be sure) every file in the zip. If this doesn't work, you can still save your game, but there won't be any description in the header. F/i - You save your game in slot 1, and when restarting the game, you find your saved game is gone. However, if you just click on slot 1, and then click on the restore button, it will restore your saved game anyway.


    • Step by Step Installation

      Joan O Arc 
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      (6/19/01 3:46:11 am)

      [Edit Update - I've uploaded a new self-extracting version of Duckman, so the upacking instructions part of the post below no longer apply. See the Read_Me.txt file included with the new archive for more details -Deb]

      Hi mikeyboy775
      I can confirm that UD's rip of Duckman runs just fine for me and as Underdogs said, you should run this from your hard drive. The HYBRID.NFO file that is included in the download explains what is most likely your problem: You MUST set the speech volume to OFF or you'll get the error and the game won't run.
      If you set the speech to off and you still have problems, you may want to unpack the RARs with WinRAR. WinACE is notorious around here for incompletely unpacking archives. Seriously.
      Here's a step-by-step; read carefully to be sure all is in order. It may be more than you need, but it may help others later. :)

      1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. You should have 29 smaller .zips (HBD-DM01.ZIP through HBD-DM29.ZIP) Unzip these 29 .zips into the same temporary directory. Note that the only files you need from the 29 zips are the HYBRID.NFO file and the DUCKMAN.001 through DUCKMAN.029 files. The rest are just hacker signature files. These files are .RAR files.

      2. Unpack the .RAR files using a decompression program that can handle these files types. I used WinRAR and suggest you do the same. Run WinRAR and change to the temporary directory that has the RARs in it.
        Click on the DUCKMAN.001 file > Click on the "Extract To" Icon at the top of the WinRAR window. A new window will open. Type the full destination path where you want the game installed. (I used C:\DUCKMAN) > Then click OK.
        When WinRAR has finished unpacking all the RARs close it up.

      3. Change to the C:\DUCKMAN directory and run DUCKMAN.EXE. The first time you run it, registry keys will be written in for you. IMPORTANT: After the Intro the Duckman Game Menu comes up. Click on "options" and be sure to turn the speech volume OFF or you will get a drive not ready error and the game will crash. (This is explained in the HYBRID.NFO file.)

      4. Click on the New Game option to begin playing.

      During the game you can press the ESC key to access the Game Options Menu (Save, Load, Options, etc.)

      Hope this helps you. Let us know.


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