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  1. Caesar I
  2. Cannon Fodder 2
  3. Cartel$ And Cutthroat$
  4. Castles 2
  5. Cavewars
  6. Chaos Overlords
  7. Chex Quest 1
  8. Clash Of Steel
  9. Clockwerx
  10. The Clue!
  11. Command: Aces of the Deep
  12. Companions of Xanth
  13. Constructor
  14. Corruption
  15. Crusader No Remorse


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    Registered User
    posts: 936
    (1/29/01 11:08:34 am)

    Hello again
    Eh, well strickly speaking you downloaded Caesar from the Impressions site, UD just provides a link there. I see Impressions doesn't provide Tech support for Caesar I, but considering they provide the game free I guess we can't complain too much.

    Just need to do 4 easy steps to get this one to run:

    1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory.

    2. Run INSTALL.EXE (*not* the .BAT)
      The install prog will create a directory and unpack all the game files into it. The default directory is \Caesar.

    3. Change to the \Caesar directory (or the one you chose to install the game in) and run SETUP.EXE to configure your sound card.

    4. Run CAESAR.BAT to play the game.

    Game ran in Windows 95 for me with no problems, but as always, if you encounter problems in Windows on your system- try it in pure DOS.

    Try to rule with a fair-minded atitude, caligula, lest your suffer the same fate as your name sake.



  • Install Disc in Drive A

    Joan O Arc 
    Registered User
    posts: 889
    (1/16/01 10:19:29 am)

    Hello again
    You DO need to run the INSTALL.EXE program to configure your sound card but do not select the "install" option- this game is preinstalled. Just unzip it to your hard drive. That IS the installation for this particular game. If you try to use the install option, it'll keep asking you for the disks.

    When you run INSTALL.EXE, select the "Configure" option and select Sound Blaster and settings. Then select "Save settings." Just as the Technical Notes on the review page say, I found that you *must* select "Sound Blaster as your card, even if you don't have one." Selecting No Sound caused this cracked version to lock up.

    Game runs perfectly for me with sound in pure DOS. Guess I should mention that according to a readme included in the download, this game requires 585K of Base RAM and 4Mb of EMS. It does run in Win95 on my computer, but the sound is a bit muffled.

    Hope that helps you out



  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc 
    Registered User
    posts: 365
    (10/26/00 10:04:06 pm)
    Re: Cartel$ and Cutthroat$ Help

    Whoa!! This IS an old one. But I can remember playing games very much like this for hours on end and marveling at the graphics. Ah, Nostalgia.

    Welcome, Geo. It won't take you long to get oriented to the site here. First stop you should make is to the FAQ page. There's lots of info on getting these oldies to run and about the games here in particular.

    About Cartel$-- I think there may've been some confusion because the Manual provided here is a scan of the original and so gives you directions on how to install and run the game with the original disks.

    1. To get the copy here up and running, unzip it to a directory of your choice. (With the real old games it's best to keep the length of the directory to 8 letters or less).

    2. You probably noted that along with the game files is another .zip called This is the game crack.
      Unzip into the same directory- a program file will be overwritten, that's normal.

    3. Now run GO.BAT to start the game. (Do not run setup.bat it is not necessary with this cracked copy.) The game will tell you that you need floppys to save the game, but it's been fixed so that it will save to the directory on your hardrive.

    One more thing: when I played it, I got a "Divide by zero" error not too long after the game began. If you get this error, you'll need to slow your computer down. Check the FAQ page for programs that can take care of this for you.

    Have fun



  • Protection Questions

    Registered User
    posts: 15
    (5/4/01 9:57:17 am)

    NOTE: You can download a TXT file with those codes here:

    Hi, I had some spare time. This is the result of trial and error:

    ===== snip =====

    According to the official record of the Danes, where are the Danes located? (Page 41)

    1. south of Vikingdom
    2. east of the Empire
    3. west of Hungar
    4. north of the Empire
    5. north of Bretagne
    6. east of Flanders(*)

    From what country did the saying: 'Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse.' originate? (Page 29)

    1. England(*)
    2. France
    3. Germany
    4. Spain
    5. India
    6. Arabia

    How many English soldiers fought at the battle of Agincourt? (Page 23)

    1. 5000
    2. 8000
    3. 13000(*)
    4. 16000
    5. 22000
    6. 50000

    How many points are required before you can petition the Pope to declare you King of Bretagne? (Page 34)

    1. 6000
    2. 7000(*)
    3. 7500
    4. 8000
    5. 10000
    6. points have nothing to do with being declared king

    How many points must a castle be to keep a province from revolting? (Page 13)

    1. 50 points
    2. 75 points
    3. 100 points(*)
    4. 150 points
    5. 200 points
    6. castles don't keep provinces from revolting

    What battle saw one of the first uses of gunpowder by the English? (Page 21)

    1. Agincourt
    2. the siege of Orleans
    3. Poitiers
    4. Crecy(*)
    5. the siege of Calais
    6. Harfleur

    What French King beheaded two English knights just before an agreed truth came into effect? (Page 32)

    1. Charles III
    2. Henri II
    3. Louis Augustus
    4. Francis I
    5. Louis XI
    6. Phillip VI(*)

    What happens when you cede a territory with a castle on it to the Pope when you are not excommunicated? (Page 27)

    1. your relations improve by 2 points(*)
    2. your relations improve by 3 points
    3. the Pope will allow you to claim the throne of Bretagne
    4. the Pope auctions the territory to the highest bidder
    5. your relations with everyone improves by 2
    6. the Pope will excommunicate anyone of your choice

    What is required to be able to build a catapult? (Page 49)

    1. a Military Rating of 4, and one unit of food, iron, and timber
    2. a Military Rating of 5, and one unit of iron, timber, and gold
    3. a Military Rating of 5, one unit of iron and timber, and one Infantry unit
    4. a Military Rating of 6, and one unit of iron, timber, and gold(*)
    5. a Military Rating of 6, one unit of timber and iron, and a previously built ballista
    6. a Military Rating of 7, and one unit of food, timber, and gold

    What is the Empire's chief goal? (Page 41)

    1. to place a puppet on the throne of Bretagne
    2. to maintain control of the Mediterranean Sea
    3. to keep Constantinople from falling to the Saracens(*)
    4. to defeat Genoa and the renegade Italian states
    5. to destroy the Danish fleet
    6. to prevent quarreling princes from destroying the Empire

    What lessens your chances of being cheated on the Black Market? (Page 11)

    1. a Military Rating of at least four
    2. policing the realm(*)
    3. being blessed by the Pope
    4. an Administrative Rating of at least six
    5. a Military Rating of at least six
    6. none of the above

    What relation is Count Charles of Valois to the late King Charles? (Page 37)

    1. a nephew
    2. adopted son
    3. brother
    4. illegitimate son
    5. cousin(*)
    6. Charles claims to be related, but they were not

    What teachings of the Pope does Phillip, Duke of Burgundy, dislike? (Page 39)

    1. his teachings about kindness to peasants
    2. his teachings against greed
    3. his teachings about Papal supremacy
    4. his teachings against womanizing(*)
    5. his teachings against lying
    6. his teachings about obeying one's parents

    When was the Estates-General first called together? (Page 36)

    1. 1953
    2. 1302(*)
    3. 1313
    4. 1317
    5. 1337
    6. 1600

    Where would Edward of Albion like to place his wife? (Page 37)

    1. in a nunnery(*)
    2. in hell
    3. on the throne of Aquitaine
    4. in a kitchen
    5. in a nursery
    6. Eward has no wife

    Which was the third great victory for England in the Hundred Years War? (Page 23)

    1. Agincourt(*)
    2. the siege of Orleans
    3. Poitiers
    4. Crecy
    5. the siege of Calais
    6. Harfleur

    Who in Bretagne objects to the Bible being written in Latin instead of Aramaic? (Page 42)

    1. Father Klein
    2. Father Jenre
    3. Cardinal Velchamps
    4. Bishop Winslow(*)
    5. Pope Innocent Benedict
    6. The Archbishop of Limogenes

    Who is the Anti-Pope? (Page 40)

    1. Peter
    2. Henry Robert
    3. Innocent Benedict
    4. Pius
    5. Benedict Innocent
    6. Christopher(*)

    Who is the real power in Anjou? (Page 40)

    1. Queen Catherine
    2. Lady Marie(*)
    3. Pere Goriot
    4. Duke Henri
    5. Arinseault
    6. Count Merose

    Who would argue that the late King's claim to the throne was rather dubious? (Page 37)

    1. Aragon and Albion
    2. Valois and the Pope
    3. Albion and Burgundy
    4. Anjou and the Empire
    5. Albion and Anjou(*)
    6. Burgundy and Aragon

    ===== snap =====




  • Problems With Windows ME

    Unregistered User
    (3/3/01 9:56:07 am)


    Try the 1.20 patch from Avalon Hill: (cw_120.rar) (NOTE: You can download it from here also: http// Then you have to disable the CD-ROM check by using an hexeditor and changing the byte at 0007:3E0C from 75 to EB.

    Good Luck!

    PS: If the byte at 0007:3E0C is not 75, look for the hex string: A2 D0 C6 00 00 80 3D D0 C6 00 00 00 75 43 B8 3E and then change the 75 to EB--------^^


  • Save and "funky" error

    Cocker Spaniel
    (10 Jun 2002 21:26)

    Okay first of all install to c:\chaos like the readme file says and afterwards run the .reg file. But my guess is that you already did this correctly so let's see what else.

    I screwed around with it for a bit and think i found it. Just be sure to save your games in the c:\chaos directory and not in the "My Documents" folder that automatically gets opened in win98.

    The game only seems to check for savegames in it's own directory.

    Well anyway that seemed to work here for saving and loading the game afterwards.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Joan O Arc
    Posts: 2638 
    (10/25/01 9:37:26 pm)

    I have this one running in Win95 with no problems. You'll need to unARJ *all* the ARJs in order for it to work. It's a multi-volume archive, so you may need to re-unpack it. Here's what I did, give it a try and see if it helps-

    1. Unzip the download to an empty directory of your choice. (I used c:\chex and will use it in this example.) You should have 4 .ARJs: chexques.arj and chexques.a01 through chexques.a03.
      ARJs use a compression file format similar to .zip files. You'll need an extraction program that can handle this file format. I use Winzip with arj.exe plugged in as a "helper", but you can just use ARJ.EXE at the DOS prompt very easily too. You can download a copy of ARJ.EXE here- It's a small download and free. It'll come in handy with alot of the archives here. Download it and install it in its own directory.
    2. Put a copy of the ARJ.EXE file in the directory with the ARJs, and at the DOS prompt (MS-DOS prompt in Windows is fine) type:
      cd \chex (enter) 
      and then type:
      arj x -v -y chexques.arj c:\chex (enter)  
      This will unpack all 4 of the ARJs for you into the c:\chex directory.
    3. Run SETUP.EXE to configure the game.
    4. Run CHEX.EXE to start the game.

    Hope this helps. :) Let us know.


  • Runtime 200 Error. Slowdown CPU

    SoulBlazer 00  
    Registered User
    posts: 513
    (12/31/00 2:47:42 am)

    In order to play this game, you MUST use MoSlo or another slowdown program unless you happen to be playing it on a old 486.

  • Getting it to run

    Registered User
    Posts: 1289
    (6/27/01 3:48:46 pm)

    Okies, Jefe asked me to post this here. It�s a very old techboard comment of mine for Clash of Steel, Future Edition. I hope, after all this time it will still be of some help. :)


    Although I promised myself long ago, never again to go into that much detail, I�ll do it just one more time, because I loved Clash of Steel as much as You do). So here we go:
    1. COS doesn�t like systems running at more than 250 mhz. So get It is a little freeware program, which will slow down Your computer (temporarily) so that You may play Your old favorites. Get it here: http// .

    2. Put a copy of in Your COS-folder

    3. Right-click on

    4. Choose "properties", then "program" (actual entries may vary somewhat, as I own the german Version of Win98)

    5. On the commandline-template type "[actual path for COS-folder] /25 [actual path for COS-folder] future.exe". The parameter /25 will slow down Your computer to 25% of it�s original performance. You may experiment with this setting to find the value for best performance. (You may also want to read the helpfile which usually comes with moslo.)

    6. Now choose "advanced", "msdos-mode" "new configuration"

    7. In the config.sys template type:

      dos=high, umb
      device= C:\windows\himem.sys
      device= C:\windows\emm386.exe 1024

    8. Add the "mouse"- command within the autoexec-template (often C:\mouse\mouse - but that depends on Your driver)

    9. Within the autoexec-template add the line "SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T4" (if Your interrupt is 5, if its 7 You should type I7 of course). This will initiate Your soundcard.

    10. Confirm by clicking the "ok"-button.

    11. THERE YOU GO! From now on You can play "COS-future-edition" by simply clicking on in Your "COS-folder�. Even better: make a shortcut to Your desktop and rename it "Clash of Steel")

    P.S.: The passwords for COS Future edition are exactly the same as for COS.


  • Remove -r attribute

    Aziraphale Registered User Posts: 121 (7/9/01 6:24:54 pm)

    There's been lots of trouble with this game, and I dunno if it's already been solved, but here goes anyway

    To stop the game locking up on beginning game play, you need to select all the files in the clockwerx directory, go to Properties, and uncheck "read only".


  • Memory Configuration

    Joan O Arc
    Registered User
    Posts: 801
    (12/30/00 8:41:36 am)

    [IMPORTANT: EDIT Update to "The Clue"- I have uploaded a new self-extracting version of this game that includes Mok's excellent memory patch so that none of the unusual DOS memory configuration listed below is needed. It allows playing in a DOS box in Windows with about 580k DOS memory - Deb]

    This one requires a weird DOS memory configuration-- you have to load DOS High, but *not* into the UMB. So most people's config.sys will need to be editted to get this one to run:
    The first three lines of your config.sys need to read-

    (This assumes that himem.sys and emm386.exe are in your \windows directory. If they are in a different directory, change the path accordingly.)
    If you are trying to get the bootdisk to work, the lines should be-
    Since the files are on the bootdisk.

    Cheers to Darek who pointed this out.


  • Error: assert::err:Line 552 in "..\sim\win_snd.ccp": unable to initialize sound/fx

    Yorkshire Terrier
    Joined: 05 Mar 2005
    Posts: 5

    If you recieve the error:

    assert::err:Line 552 in "..\sim\win_snd.ccp": unable to initialize sound/fx.

    You have 2 choices to solve the problem, depending on your operating system.

    This the only way i got the game to run on win98 and win2000.

    You have to disable the sound, because your soundcard is incompatible with the needed hardware that this old game requires. Either you buy an old pc, or you play without sound.

    To disable sound:

    1. You have to make a shortcut of aodcd.exe.
    2. Put the shortcut anywhere you want.
    3. Open properties of the shortcut
    4. In the Target Field, add -s after aodcd.exe

    This will disable sound so u wont get that error.

    Thats the only way i got the game to run on win98 and win2000.

    In WinXP, you have to use the Compatibility Mode of WinXP

    1. 1. Open Startmenu > Help and Support > Search > search for "Compatibility Mode"
    2. Start the Compatibility Mode
    3. Use the Wizard to guid you through the configuration
    4. Configure to Win95 and 256 Colors, the other things can be ignored
    5. Start aodcd.exe

    I didn�t test this guide, because I don�t use WinXP. I just found it on a german website, and translated it into english. but the people on that german board told me that it works.

    Have Fun!


  • Step by Step Installation

    Registered User
    posts: 251
    (5/20/01 11:09:25 pm)

    [Edit Update: A new pre-installed, self-extracting version of this game was uploaded by Raithun so the floppy method outlined below is no longer necessary -Deb].

    One of my favourite "lite" adventures. An air of nostalgia entered the room after I began playing Xanth after i DL'ed it from HOTU.

    The game requires/ a floppy disk install.

    Here's how to arrange the files:

    1. Get four floppy disks and number them 1,2, 3, and 4 .(This is optional) Label the floppies XANTH1, XANTH2, XANTH3, and XANTH4

    2. After you unzip the zip file copy the following files to the following floppies:

      • Copy Install.exe, Xanth_11.exe, File_ID.diz, and Install.tag to the first floppy (XANTH1)

      • Copy Xanth_12.exe to the second floppy (XANTH2)

      • Copy Xanth_13.exe to the third floppy (XANTH3)

      • Copy Xanth_14.exe to the fourth floppy (XANTH4)

    3. Insert the first floppy (XANTH1) and run Install.exe from the A prompt.

    Happy gaming.

    Stay cool,


  • Univbe Problem

    posts: 1796
    (10/7/01 4:21:55 am)
    1. Download the file from here on the HOTU Community Site:
    2. Extract univbe.drv from the 53a sub-folder (if that one doesn't work, try it with the others).
    3. Copy that file to Constructors /settings subfolder.
    4. DblClick on game.exe

    The game should work.

    Good Luck!

  • Running it in Windows XP

    Yorkshire Terrier

    Ok havent tried playing it for any period of time so it might still have the crashing problems BUT at least it loads up and sound works...

    Ok so first extract all the files from the rip. Then run setsound.bat to set your sound options. I have an SB 1024 Live! and for the digital option i chose just the plain Sound Blaster and for midi i chose Ensoniq (for midi this was the only one that worked for me).

    OK next up, go to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 and make a backup copy of AUTOEXEC.NT.

    then open the original file up in notepad. Find the line
    lh %SystemRoot%\system32\redir

    and add at the start of it

    then save the file.

    Next, go to start->control panel. If the view says "pick a category" and there's about 9 icons (appearance and themes, printers and other hardware etc.) then just click the option "switch to classic view", located at the left of the control panel window. Next, double-click on "network connections", and there should be at least one icon that looks like two monitor screens and some lines going to an upside-down T. Now, at least one of these should have the monitor screens coloured blue. In all likelihood it will have the text "Local Area Connection" next to it. Right-click on this and select "properties". Click on the "install..." button. Select on the "Protocol" option, then click the "Add..." button. In the window that pops up, select each manufacturer in turn until you come across one that in the "Network Protocol:" side of the window has one with IPX somewhere in its name. Mine was in Microsoft, and called "NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol". Select the protocl that has IPX in its name and click on the "OK" button. The protocol should install.


    Download the univbe modified drivers from here:

    Extract them and go to the \53a subfolder it created and copy the univbe.drv file from there to the game's /settings subfolder.

    Download the "VESA 2.0 patch for Windows NT/2000/XP (09/21/ 2002)" ( from here: Here you have a direct link:

    Extract and place the files into the game's main folder.

    Use notepad to create a start.bat file like this:

    Finally, restart your computer, then go into the game's main folder and double click the start.bat file. *Constructor* should load. Remember to make sure in it's options that "play all videos" is set to "no".


  • File Not Found, Wrong Disk

    Joan O Arc 
    Registered User
    posts: 469
    (11/7/00 10:51:28 pm)

    Hi SAM
    Just downloaded this IF oldie. Looks like fun! :)

    Be sure to unzip the download with the subdirectory intact.
    The download here has a working copy of the program in the \corrupt subdirectory.
    So if you like, you can just move the \corrupt subdirectory and drop it on the c: drive icon so that the game files will be in the c:\corrupt directory. If you do this, you can run the CORRUPT.BAT to start the game with graphics on. (You can always turn them off during game play if you prefer text only.)

    If you prefer to install the game with a different font/graphics mode than the one that is setup for you in the \corrupt subdirectory, you can use the subst command (known around here as "Hartmann's Multi-Purpose Multi-Disk suggestion (tm)" ). The subst syntax is:

    subst a: c:\WhatEverDirectoryYouHaveTheGameFilesIn 
    Then you can run INSTALL.EXE and see all the available options open to you. Note that if you use this method, you will have to create the directory you want to install the game into before you run INSTALL.EXE with the switches you have chosen. Also, when you are finished installing it, be sure to unload the subst command with subst a: /d

    Hope this helps :)


  • General Protecion Fault

    Iori Brandford
    Yorkshire Terrier

    There are two possible solutions:

    • Tired of having that Fatal Error 286.3330 spit in your face when running this legendary action game? Try opening your case and removing all but 128MB of memory.
    • The RAMDisk Utility found in the HOTU Useful Files/pub/system section will also do it. With it you type XMSDSK followed by your total XMS in KB, minus 128000.

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