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  1. Badmojo
  2. B-Hunter
  3. Battle Cruiser 3000 (AKA BC3K)
  4. Beneath a Steel Sky
  5. Bioforge
  6. Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter
  7. Bloodstone
  8. Blue Force
  9. Bubble Bobble
  10. Bubble Bobble featuring Rainbow Islands
  11. Bureau 13
  12. Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space (AKA B.A.R.I.S.)


  • If You Have Troubles...

    Registered User
    Posts: 24
    (8/18/01 6:14:14 am)

    I've played it almost to the end!!!!!

    • [You have to push ESC from time to time or the UP-arrow to skip over the missing movies. With spacebar or enter you get into the main menu where you can save and load saved games). It's quite simple: the movies which are missing are NOT fatal.

    • I discovered something else. You HAVE to copy the contents of map 'Scribble' to map 'Over' inside the 'Badmojo' -map. Those files are at the wrong place! Later I removed the map 'Scribble' and it appears it is not needed.

    • You also have to install an older version of QuickTime (version 2 I believe).

    • You also have to change the number of colors to 256, but the game indicates this.

    • You DON'T have to put the game in C:\badmojo, i put it in E:\badmojo and changed all relevant items in badmojo.ini (which i doubt must be copied to C:\windows); and boy, that worked fine.

    The atmosphere of this game is amazing. I can recommend it to everyone!


  • Windows Registry File

    Joan O Arc  
    Posts: 2200
    (7/18/01 2:05:30 am)

    I downloaded this one for a look; it runs fine on my system.

    Not all the games here labeled "CD-rip" require FakeCD, but I do admire your initiative. You *don't* need it at all for B-Hunter.

    • First, be sure that you have unzipped the download with the directory structure intact-- the 4 files that are in the download .zip should be in a directory called bhunter.
      If you didn't unzip them to this directory, just create it and move the 4 files into it.

    • Then all you need do is run BHUNTER.REG so that the registry files will be written and those prompts for CD will no longer come up.

    I should note that after you take care of the above, and you start the game with Bhunter.exe, the game takes a Looong time to load up & initialize. Just be patient.

    I really don't like flight sims at all, but I did fly the Viper around shooting (but mostly crashing into things.)

    Hope this helps.



  • Step by Step Installation

    Jefe Picaro 
    Registered User
    posts: 393
    (4/22/01 9:13:28 pm)

    Here is the step-by-step written in the README.TXT located into the MAKEBC3K.ZIP:

    1. After downloading all 10 files, run the MAKEBC3K.BAT which will build the BC3KD7C.ZIP file. The final file size should be 51,659,497 bytes.

      Verify that the zip file is ok BEFORE deleting the 10 files! Also, the building the files into one file requires that the files be in order on your hard drive. If they are not because you downloaded them in a different order, you need to copy them all to another directory.

    2. Once you have the zip file, create a sub-directory and unzip the file using -d option for Pkzip otherwise the sub-directories will NOT be created. If you are using a WIN95 unzip utility, be sure you set it to extract with the folders intact! You will NEED at LEAST 120 MB to install this software. Unzip this file into the same directory as well so that you have all files in the same directory. The BC3K.BAT file included in this file is required to run the game.

    3. Once you have unzipped the file, run SETUP.EXE and configure your sound card. If you are running under WIN95, you may crash your computer if you choose the auto-detect method. Be warned.

    4. Next, using a text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad, edit the BC3000AD.INI file and change the 'cd-rom=' and 'home=' parameters to match your install environment. For instance if you installed the game on your D: drive in the D:\BC3K sub-directory, you would change the lines to read as follows.

      • ! There is no : (colon) after the drive letter on the cd-rom= line above

      • ! Do NOT use your actual cd-rom letter unless you have a cd-rom in the drive

      • ! Do NOT modify any other lines

      • ! You MUST save the file in ascii text format

    5. Once you've configured your sound card, you can start the game by either running the BC3K.BAT file or typing BC3000AD /d1 /n . Those two switches disable playback of the 50MB intro (not included) and cd-rom check. Later, if you are going to be using any other switches, i.e, for video settings (see below), you should add them to this file or on the commandline.

      A DEBUG.TXT file will be created and can get quite large. Remember to delete it every now and then before starting the game.

    6. Once the games starts, immediately go to CONFIG from the MAIN MENU and change any options you'd like. Read the manual BEFORE making any changes to the system. Most of all, do NOT enable the intro sequence or the game will crash!

  • Video Problems

    Jefe Picaro 
    Registered User
    posts: 393
    (4/22/01 9:13:28 pm)
    1. If after you install the game you get a General Protection Fault or a corrupted screen when it starts, you may have to configure BC3K to use your specific video card.

      Type BC3000AD /v? from your install directory to see the list of cards that BC3K supports in their native mode. If you card is not listed, you MUST locate and use a VESA driver. You can download SCI-TECH Display Doctor from Some of the new cards entering the market have built in VESA 2.0 or 3.0 support so you may be able to run the VESA mode without need for an external VESA driver.

      If your card IS supported, start BC3K using the card's profile number by typing, BC3000AD /d1 /n /vn

      Where n is the number of your graphics card returned by /v?. For example, if your card uses the S3 chipset, you would type, BC3000AD /n /d1 /v21

    2. If your card is not supported in it's native mode, i.e, not listed when the /v? parameter is used, then you have to use VESA mode. Load the VESA driver for your card and then type BC3000AD /v1 to run in VESA mode. If your card has built in VESA support, you do NOT need to install VESA driver.

    3. You MUST add this parameter to the BC3K.BAT file if you end up using it.

    NOTE: BC3K will try to auto-detect your graphics card and will revert to VESA mode in most cases but considering the advances in graphics cards, it may fail on new cards. So, use the method described above. The performance using the cards native support is faster than VESA mode depending on the type of VESA support that the card has.


  • Codes

    Joan O Arc
    Tech Goddess
    posts: 247
    (3/5/02 13:40 pm)

    Apparently the version of Beneath A Steel Sky now up on HOTU is copy protected. Here's the codes you may need if the terminal asks for a block and area code:

    Amritah Cola Company: 704723
    Anchor Insurance: 520228
    Beaudin Beauty Salon: 293852
    Blayde�s Emporium: 293944
    Celestial Sandwich Sushi bar: 257303
    Cole Brothers Gathering: 113668
    Dreamtyme Imports: 127813
    Frank�s Fisheries: 492132
    Hammond�s Drug Store: 113322
    Hvengelmir Heating Company: 180400
    Keading Memorial Pipe Company: 520394
    Martell�s Wine & Winkle Bar: 127174
    Mudd�s meat by-products: 305662
    Nonesuch data system: 386253
    Peejays Bakery: 284764
    Richy�s Metal Heaven: 386651
    Security Services Social Club: 815931
    Sqwak Security Systems: 284291
    The Piermont foundation: 704417
    Ultars Eatery: 257925

  • Game Crashes

    Joan O Arc
    Tech Goddess
    (16 Mar 2002 18:39)

    See you're new here. Welcome to HOTU!

    Yes, this is a known problem on some newer systems that usually occurs around the furnace screen. To prevent the game from crashing you need to TAP the scroll lock key once after you start playing. (Don't hold it down.)

    I *thought* we had this listed in the Tech Notes section on the review page, but I don't see it there now. hummm

    Hope this helps.


  • Step by Step Installation

    Jefe Picaro  
    Registered User
    posts: 247
    (1/5/01 7:31:02 pm)
    MMHhhh, let's seeee...:

    1. First of all, did you renamed the ENDGAME.SHO into INTRO.SHO? I created an INTRO.SHO file and it ran nice! Think they are located in the /SHOW directory...

      TYPE: copy con intro.sho
      TYPE: [ENTER]
      TYPE: CTRL + Z (End of File mark)
      and you'll have the file created.

    2. Now open the INSTALL.OPT (take a look at it at the bottom). I installed the game in f carlos4\bioforge so you have to change the path of the first line for this where you installed the game. The others aren't important.

    3. Let's emulate the CD-DRIVE!
      Restart in dos mode (no matter if it's from a boot disk or from windous boot menu). And now just try the emulator program you used to:
      FAKECD CDEMU2 (*It worked fine for me!*) 0CD

      FAKECD and 0CD will work without DOS SUBST command. Just TYPE:

      0CD f:\carlos4\bioforge (*Well, the path where you installed it*)
      FAKECD f:\carlos4\bioforge /L:k

      CDEMU2 will need the DOS SUBST command:

      TYPE: SUBST k: f:\carlos4\bioforge
      TYPE: CDEMU2 k: 
      where k: is the name of the unit you want to assign to the emulated CD (you can choose from a: to z: , which one do you like?)

    And that's all, just take a look at my INSTALL.OPT, and thanks for reading

    language=E (*Type here an F[rench] or a G[erman]. Translated texts*)
    KeyboardExt=E (*Type here an F[rench] or a G[erman]*)
    (*From here it's the SB configuration*)


  • FIPATH.DAT Error

    Posts: 1352
    (7/31/01 6:07:34 am)

    If, after using the tdujam installer, you receive the: "FIPATH.DAT is not in your BK directory" error. The games actual install program (not the one from tdujam) is supposed to create this file but it doesn't work on large hard drives.

    So try using the games install.exe program, if that doesn't work.... You will need to make it yourself.

    Open up Notepad and create a new file. (If it doesn't start with a new one by default). Type in...

    (I'm assuming you have installed the game to C:\BKNIGHT as it states in the "Technical Notes" section on the download page).

    and then "file" then "save". Type in...
    "fipath.dat" as the file name (with the quotes).

    Make sure it ends up in c:\bknight

    That should do it.
    Good Luck!


  • Game lockup at first battle scene

    Joan O Arc 
    Registered User
    posts: 870
    (1/11/01 12:55:47 am)

    Hi Reverendo
    Bumping your thread up is a good idea, and the best method if you find it's dropped down and you still need help. I downloaded Bloodstone (The Magic Candle 3 reference was intriguing) and the first time I tried running it I got the exact same result. Everything seemed fine, music played nicely, game seemed okay, but then- Lockup right as you begin battle.

    Here's what I did, hope it works for you: I ran the SETD.EXE program and checked to be sure the right sound card and IRQs were set. I do not know what the default setting was, apparently it was close, but not close enough for digital effects) when I chose my sound card and entered the correct settings it no longer locked up. I noticed that the first sound I heard when the game continued without lockup was the "grunt" of one of the players being hit: further evidence that maybe the sound card setting is the culprit. Anyway, if you haven't yet, it's worth a try...

    Also, I suppose you've discovered the "help" program, but if not, you can run HELP.BAT and it'll give you some information about memory requirements and stuff.

    Hope this helps.



  • Install from Hard Disk

    Joan O Arc 
    posts: 1800
    (5/21/01 3:51:14 pm)

    I just downloaded UD's copy for a look and it installs/runs okay for me, but I didn't use the floppy method. Just unzipped all the zips to a temporary directory and ran 2install.exe. It did sit at 99% for 30 seconds or so, but did eventually finish the install. Played for a little while, tested save /restore. All seems well.
    I don't know if running the install from the Hard Drive instead of floppies would make a difference, but I suppose it's worth a try considering all you gone through so far. Hate to see you give up.

    Registered User
    posts: 12
    (5/21/01 10:09:25 pm)

    Thanks, Deb.
    Using your method of unzipping all the files into a directory of the HD worked fine! It is true that it sits a little on the 99%, but then finishes the installation.

  • Problems with Sound Blaster

    Registered User
    posts: 12
    (5/21/01 10:09:25 pm)

    The game is not recognizing my SB 16 however (music), but it recognizes the SB 16 for samples. (strange, ain't it?) I will keep on trying until I get all the sounds, but if you had the same problem, maybe you can give me a hint.
    Thank you very,very, very much again for your help.

    Joan O Arc 
    posts: 1804
    (5/22/01 12:51:59 am)

    Hi again.
    In that case, you're very,very, very welcome.

    I have a card from the Soundblaster family, and Blue Force couldn't detect it for music either, so I selected the Roland LAPC-1/MT-32 and got full music. Since you've already installed the game, you can change the music configuration by right clicking on the badge in your inventory and clicking that weird squiggly looking thing at the bottom to access the game options.
    The game will load up the drivers for you. If this doesn't work for your card, dunno what to tell you. Changing the interrupt didn't help to get the soundblaster/adlib option to work; and there don't appear to be any command line perimeters for this one.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that the old Roland drivers will work with your card too.

    Have fun

    Registered User
    posts: 13
    (5/22/01 1:12:17 am)

    Thank you , Deb.
    It is amazing the speed with which you have solved my "greviances" with Blue Force.

    You are right! The Roland works OK. I am really lucky that you have a similar SB and suffered the same experience. Thanks a lot.


    • Step-by-Step Installation

      Joan O Arc  
      Joined: 05 Nov 2001
      Location: USA
      Posted: 16 Mar 2002 14:42   

      (Not to be confused with 'Bubble Bobble featuring Rainbow Islands'. This is the earlier stand alone game.)

      Here are the notes I made after downloading UD's copy:

      1. The download is a simple unzip to an empty directory. It's probably best if you keep the directory name length 8 characters long or less to be on the safe side.
      2. To start the game:
        For fast computers start the game with BBFAST.EXE, otherwise start the game with BUBBLE.EXE.
      3. To Quit the game press F10.

    • Command Line Switches

      Joan O Arc  
      Joined: 05 Nov 2001
      Location: USA
      Posted: 16 Mar 2002 14:42   

      There are several command line switches you can use for both BBFAST and BUBBLE:

      /R To reconfigure all at once (sound, graphics, input device & config, and number of players.)

      To use a command line switch you need to type

      cd \NameOfTheDirectoryYouHaveBubbleIn (enter) 

      To change to the game directory.

      Then type the game .EXE followed by the switch. For example, to use the reconfigure all switch you would type:

      BUBBLE.EXE /R (enter) 

      BBFAST.EXE /R (enter) 

      Here are some other switches that are available -

      • /C CGA graphics
      • /E EGA/VGA graphics
      • /T Tandy
      • /B CNS sound
      • /A Adlib sound (will work with most Sound Blaster cards)
      • /Y Tandy sound
      • /I IBM sound
      • /N No sound
      • /1 One player
      • /2 Two players
      • /K Keyboard
      • /J Joystick
      • /G Joystick #2
      • /S Switched Joystick

      It ran for me in Windows 95. But as always, if you have troubles running it in Windows on your system, try it in pure DOS.



    • Step-by-Step Installation

      Joan O Arc  
      Posts: 2077
      (7/3/01 6:17:37 pm)


      Welcome. :)
      I dug out my copy & notes on this one. It runs fine for me in both Windows 95 and DOS. Chances are you don't have the game unzipped with all the subdirectories intact and/or don't have the path set.<(p>

      In this case, you need to ignor the bit about needing fakecd to install and run the game that is mentioned in the .NFO file.
      This copy is preinstalled and runs without the need for drive substitution. The install program that is included in the download just copies over the files that are already there, making a duplicate copy. No need to run it.

      Try this:

      1. Create a directory called c:\acclaim and unzip the download into it, making sure to leave all the subdirectories intact. You should have:

      2. Apply the crack so you won't get the "Insert CD" prompt:
        Unzip the that is in the c:\acclaim directory into the c:\acclaim\bubble\game directory. You will over-write (replace) two files, BB.EXE and RAINBOW.EXE. This is normal.

      3. Fix the path to the game:
        Look in the c:\acclaim\bubble\game\data directory for the Path.txt file. Open it with notepad or the edit command and make sure it has the drive letter the game files are in. If you have unzipped the game as above, it will say:


        Change it to say:

      4. Run SETSOUND.BAT to configure your sound card. If you know your card settings, I suggest you use the option to specify them yourself.

      5. Run JOY.BAT To calibrate your joystick.
        The joystick worked fine for me, but you can use the keyboard if you don't have one or prefer using keys.

        Player 1 keys are:

        A = left
        D = Right
        W = Up
        Spacebar = Fire

        Player 2 keys are:

        Arrow keys to move left, right and up.
        CTRL key to Fire
      6. Run BUBBLE.BAT to start the game.
        After a brief pause, the game menu will load. (Be patient.) Use the arrow keys, then Enter to select which Bubble Game you'd like to play. During game play, you can use the ESC key to quit and/or back out to previous menus.

      Game ran fine for me on my system in both Win95 and DOS with full sound. As always, if it balks for you in Windows- try Pure DOS.

      Hope this helps.


    BUREAU 13

    • Step by Step Installation

      Joan O Arc 
      Posts: 1902
      (6/13/01 9:56:57 pm)

      I can confirm that UD's copy of B13 runs just fine on my system in DOS. Chances are you haven't completely unzipped/unarjed the archive. What are you using to handle to ARJs? These old archives can be picky and don't unpack unless you use a decompression program that was in use at the time. ARJ.EXE worked for me with this one.
      The thread has fallen off, but here's my step-by-step. Give it a read through and see if it helps.

      1. Unzip the download to an empty temporary directory. You should have 6 files: B13.arj and B13.a01 through B13.a05. These are the ARJ archives.

      2. Now create a directory to put your game in. I used \B13 and will use it in this example.

      3. ARJs use a compression file format similar to .zip files. You'll need an extraction program that can handle this file format. I use Winzip with arj.exe plugged in as a "helper", but you can just use ARJ.EXE at the DOS prompt very easily too. You can download a copy of ARJ.EXE here- It's a small download and free. It'll come in handy with alot of the archives here. Download it and install it in its own directory.

      4. Put a copy of the ARJ.EXE file in the temporary directory with the ARJs, and at the DOS prompt (MS-DOS prompt in Windows is fine) type:

        cd\WhateverTheNameOfYourTemporaryDirectoryIs (enter)
        and then type:
        arj x -v -y b13.arj c:\b13 (enter)
        This will unpack all 6 of the ARJs for you into the \B13 directory.

      5. Change to the \B13 directory and run SETUP.EXE to configure the game. If you want to change the configuration later, simply run SETUP.EXE again.

      6. Run B13.COM to start the game. Press ESC to Save, Load, Restore, etc.

      You'll need to run this one in DOS and it needs 500k conventional memory.

      Hope this gets you going. Let us know.



    • Step by Step Installation

      Joan O Arc
      Posts: 1316
      (3/21/01 10:05:51 am)

      [Edit Update: A new repacked, preinstalled version was uploaded by Raithun, so unless you have a copy of the old archive, the floppy method mentioned below is no longer needed.]

      Welcome to HOTU! Please read the FAQ page. It holds many secrets of the universe, including important information about installing/running the oldies here.

      You do need to use the floppy method to install this one. Dowopman has confirmed this works. (Works for me as well.)

      Trick is to put the right files on the floppies. You'll need 7 blank floppiesData1 file on floppy disk #1, Data2 on floppy disk #2, Data3 on floppy disk #3, etc until Data1-Data6 are on floppys. Be sure to number the floppys so you'll know which one to insert when the installation program asks for them.
      Please NOTE that you only need put the Data1 through Data6 files that are inside the .zips onto the floppys. They are each about 1,367kb each and will fit on the floppys no problem.<(p>

      Put the "leftover files" that are in the download on the 7th floppy. These files are:
      INSTALL.EXE, INSTALL.DAT, READ.ME, and START. This is the floppy you insert first and run INSTALL.EXE to begin the installation.

      The review page for BARIS has the manual (highly reccomended) and the copy protection answers (needed to play.)

      Hope this helps you out


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